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Friday, August 24, 2012

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ARC_8.jpgState of Emergency Part III: Hispanics are Pushing African Americans out of the Workforce

   By: Jon Adkins

I would like to start off by saying I am thankful to the Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our ancestors to be alive to write another critical analysis report about the continuation of Black Genocide implemented by Whites “Americans”. It’s been a rough going for me this past year.  However, I am convinced that White “Americans” working in the FBI, CIA, NSA and other covert U.S. government agencies are working overtime and turning the heat up on me since I started writing the State of Emergency series.  However, no matter how much heat White “Americans” or these cyber devils in these US covert agencies throw at me, I will continue to communicate the truth because I know maximum protection comes from God, the Creator, when you convey the truth.  I will continue to write critical analysis reports that are rooted in the truth on whatever topic is at hand.  In this case, Part III of the State of Emergency Series: Hispanics are Pushing African-Americans out of the Workforce.  White “Americans” always brag about how this country is so special because it practices “freedom of speech”.  This country will let you say or write what you want at the time you say or write it.  However, Whites “Americans” in these United States government covert agencies will try to stop you from speaking the truth or communicating the truth by either: controlling, neutralizing or outright killing you to suppress the truth.  Whites who are working behind the scenes within these federal covert agencies of the FBI, CIA, and NSA and will do everything in their power to stop anyone Black from speaking the truth or communicating the truth.  Just take a look at what happened to Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all the other Black/African American freedom fighters who have spoken up against injustices and past negative actions that White “Americans” have committed against Black Americans in this country.  This country professes to practice freedom of speech.  All of our Black or African American leaders in the past were either neutralized or killed by White “Americans” working in these covert US government agencies.  So please don’t talk to me about “freedom of speech” is more like freedom of deceit.  I will go in more details about the specifics concerning the White covert community (FBI, CIA, and NSA) internal workings against Black people specifically against Black boys in the next and final State of Emergency series.  However, hopefully my critical analysis report of Part III in this series will open the eyes of some of our people who will and can help fight this highly sophisticated system of Black Genocide implemented by White “Americans”.   

This particular State of Emergency Part III report focuses on the plight of Hispanics in the last thirty years and the way White “Americans” specifically the ones who work in these US covert government agencies have set the system up for Hispanics to succeed at the detriment of Blacks or African Americans.  Whites who work in these covert US government agencies are the ones who crafted the master plan of genocide against Black/African Americans.  This effort has been led and implemented by the White “American” covert community and followed by White “Americans” in the general public who are participating in the implementation of this plan and who are fully aware of this diabolically plan against Blacks/African Americans.  This highly sophisticated and well thought out plan is for the advancement of Whites people living in the United States and for the continuation of White Supremacy or as Malcolm X called it White Nationalism.  I do, however, want to emphasize that I don’t have access to FBI, CIA, or NSA files that I could reference to prove my point.  I can only bring out factual information or circumstantial evidence that supports my logical deductions.  Again, about thirty years ago is when this plan of Genocide was put together by the Whites working in these covert US Government agencies.  Thirty years ago is when a US Presidential tradition was established with the Mexican Presidents.  In 1981, Ronald Reagan started the American Presidential tradition of meeting with the Mexican President prior to his inauguration.  The established tradition stands out as well as the historical tracking record of US presidents meeting with Mexican Presidents.  Since 1909, US Presidents met with Mexicans Presidents on the average of every other year until 1979 when Jimmy Carter met with the Mexican President Jose Lopez twice in the same year.  In 1981, US President Ronald Reagan meet with Mexican President Jose Lopez four times in one year.  In 2001, US President George W. Bush met with Mexican President Vicente Fox six times within the same year.  Mexican President Vicente was the one that made disparaging comments in 2005 about African American workers.  President Vicente said the following to Texas businessmen: “There is no doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work, are doing jobs that not even Blacks want to do there in the United States.”  The disparaging words from former President Vicente of Mexico was crafted by White “Americans” working in these covet agencies of the United States Government.  This was a scientifically constructed sentence that comes across mundane or harmful to the common man by praising Mexican workers.  However, if you take a closer look at the sentence, it is malicious in attacking African Americans by questioning our dignity and our general interest in working.  

It is clear that the purpose of these increased meeting of the US Presidents with Mexicans Presidents were designed to significantly increase the illegal Mexican and Hispanic population into the United States and at the same time find ways to integrate illegal Mexicans and Hispanics into the United States workforce.  The reason why US Presidents increased their visits significantly with Mexico is because Mexico is the conduit to not just allowing Mexicans in the United States illegally but Hispanics into the United States illegally from Latin America countries.  The last thirty years, the majority of Hispanics who entered into the United States illegally, first entered Mexico.    

ARC_GENOCIDELU.jpgThis high sophisticated plan (a resurrected Hitler’s base plan) of genocide is well organized and highly disguised to wipe out African Americans by significantly increasing the Mexicans and Hispanics into the American workforce illegally at the expense of African American workers.  Like all of my other critical analysis reports in this series or blogs, in order to truly understand any perplexed issue you must go back in history to not only truly understand the issue but to come up with some concrete workable solutions.  I also want to point out that African Americans and Hispanics have some sort of kinship.   Meaning there are some family ties between the two ethnic groups. However, when your house is burning down and your immediate family lives are in danger, you are not worried about your cousins that live across town.  The only focus should be on saving your immediate family from pending death and destruction.  That’s what we as African Americans are faced with today in the United States.  Choosing to save our immediate families instead of helping our cousins across town, should be our primary goal.  Therefore, there should not be any African Americans putting in any time fighting for immigration causes of Hispanics/Mexicans.  Also please don’t try to compare the Hispanic/Mexican situation with the African American Civil Rights causes of the past because they are two completely different situations.  

The plight of Hispanics and the acceleration of them coming to this country started thirty years ago.  Thirty years ago is when White “American” researchers made a breakthrough in cloning technology.  The cloning technology breakthrough was made by using the Black woman’s egg and part of her reproduction system to clone White people.  The goals of White “Americans” in general over the past 500 years have been to kill the Melanin molecule or specifically, Black people who carry the Melanin molecule.  The scientific breakthrough in cloning was discovered or made around 1978 time frame when the first Black woman was crowned Miss America.  Once the cloning breakthrough was discovered, White “Americans” crafted a highly sophisticated plan of genocide to aggressively eliminate Black people living in this country.  When I say White “Americans”, I mean Whites who claim to be Americans that work in these US covert government agencies of the FBI, CIA and NSA and who have historically have been the front line enemies of Black people or African Americans.  I subscribe to the “American” definition defined by brother Neely Fuller Jr.  Mr. Fuller defines an American as being a person who works for Justice for all men and women and help those you need help the most. Neely Fuller Jr. wrote the book called “A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide”.  These US covert government agencies are where this highly sophisticated plan (a resurrected Hitler’s base plan) of genocide was crafted and later followed and implemented by the White “American” general public.   White “Americans” focus and energies were first to significantly impair or totally eliminate the Black/African American male.  Once they determine that the Black African American female is not needed any more in their research labs, she will be aggressively targeted collectively for elimination also.   Black women who don’t meet the criteria to help Whites currently in their cloning research are targeted for elimination today.   Those of you who do not understand the cloning process, it’s simple in one sense and complex in another sense.  Reproductive cloning is removing the genetic ethnicity material from the original egg and replacing it with different genetic ethnicity material.  In this case, White researchers are using the Black woman’s egg and injecting their genetic ethnicity material into the Black woman’s egg to produce White cloned babies.  To get a better understanding on why cloning is used as a war tool against Black Americans, read State of Emergency II,   Black Relationships/Black Family is in Serious Jeopardy for Survival.   

I saw a product of cloned kids for the first time two years ago in Washington DC.   I see them all the time now especially in the Washington DC area where the Headquarters of the FBI, NSA, and the CIA reside.  Now, it’s not only White males married to or are sexual partners with Black females but it’s White males with Asian women, and White men with Indian women.  Kids who are from a product of a clone relationship are easy to identify.   Usually, kids who are a product of a mix relationship tend to show the dominant gene (color/melanin) more so than the recessive gene in their genetic makeup.   However, you can identify a cloned offspring when you see a lily white girl or boy from the product of an interracial couple.  The lily white girl or boy looks just like the White father with hardly any indication of being an offspring or a product of an interracial couple because of the lack of appearance of the Melanin molecule in their body.  It’s scary when you see these kids.  You can tell instantly that they are from a product of the latest cloning technology that White “American” scientists and researchers have come up with.  That’s why White males are aggressively seeking Black females to form interracial relationships because not only will their offspring from a mixed couple look more like them but they will also simultaneously block a Black man from developing a relationship with Black female that would eventually produce a strong Black family.  That’s why you have not seen and may never see a Black couple on the popular TV show, “Dancing with the Stars” yet.  White “Americans” who seek interracial relationships seek and pick the brightest of the brightest from our people.  That’s a war strategy implemented by White “Americans” and it does not have anything to do with “love” but the total destruction of the Black family.   

About thirty years ago after White “Americans” made the initial breakthrough in cloning, the implementation of Black Genocide accelerated through the implementation of various programs initiated by White “Americans”.  I may add, White “American” researchers are now in the late stages of perfecting cloning technology.  However, thirty years ago is when Whites in the FBI, NSA, and the CIA starting accelerating the highly sophisticated genocide plan in focusing on crushing and killing the Black family through various programs.  Thirty years ago is when the White “American” covet community applied pressure to the public and private sectors of the working community to collectively stop hiring Black/African American males.  Hold it, wait a minute, news flash, the Department of Labor just reported the Black unemployment rate rose to 14.4% from 13.6% in May 2012.  That’s a sharp contrast to the White unemployment rate which stayed put at 7.4%, and the Hispanic rate which held at 11%.  These latest statistics should be embarrassing to the Obama administration.  Obama does not feel any pain or have any connection to the hurt of Black/African Americans.  More on Obama later, black to the critical analysis report.  Other programs were implemented by the White “American” covert community like pushing drugs in the Black community at an alarming rate by using large amounts of money to entice young Black males to enter into the drug trade.  Along with the drugs came mass imprisonment and turf wars or massive killings of young Black males in the Black community.  Black on Black crimes accelerated.  White “American” law makers created the disproportionately small amounts of cocaine laws specifically to put a large number of young African American males in prisons.   To get a detailed understanding of the drug trade, read State of Emergency Part I, Kold Kalculated Killers (KKK), the New KKK.  The latest KKK victim that is drawing national attention is Trayvon Martin.   During this time also in the late seventies and early eighties, White law makers created the guilty by association law.  The guilty by association law is where you could be in a car with five or six of your friends and the police stops the car and finds weed or marijuana on one person in the car.  At that point, everyone in the car will be charged with the crime.  My cousin was put in jail by that specific law.  The other law that the White law makers created to imprison a large number of young African American males was the three strikes law.  With the implementation of the three strikes law, you could do a significant amount of jail time on three minor petty or non-violent offences.   All of these moves were made and led by the White “American” covert community and implemented by the general White “American” population about thirty years ago as part of the highly sophisticated plan of genocide to eliminate Black/African Americans.  Before I tackle the Hispanic issue, I want to focus on the recent past and present hatred that White “Americans” have towards Black Americans and the deception that Whites “Americans” use to cover up their main goal and objective of genocide towards Black people.  The only way you can kill a large number of people in this day and time is through deception.  Today, Whites “Americans” are using deception to the nth degree to try to wipe out Black Americans.  I may add that the devil is the master of deceit.  

White “Americans”: Masters of Deceit and their Historical Hatred towards Black Americans

For the purposes to reduce the length of this critical analysis report, I will focus only on the recent history of White “Americans” action towards Black Americans.    I will not bring up the over 500 hundred years of slavery/brutality that we as Blacks/African Americans experienced from White “Americans”.  Based on empirical historical data, White “Americans” historically are the number one enemy of the African-Americans hands down.   Not only White “Americans” are the number one haters of Black Americans, they are the masters of deceit.  Article 1, Section 2 of the US Constitution was written by the founding fathers of the United States and it states that arc_johnson_kennedy3.jpgBlacks living in this country were 3/5th of a human being.  The 14thAmendment of the US Constitution changed that characterization of Black Americans, at least on paper, by physically freeing all slaves.  That’s why the late great Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall never participated in any of the bicentennial ceremonies when he sat as a Supreme Court Justice.  Now we have a super duper slave named Clarence Thomas who participates as a Supreme Court Justice.  President Kennedy signed an Executive Order #10925 in 1961 mandating affirmative action.  The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 was the tool that helped to enforce affirmative Action.  However, I have to give credit to President Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed an Executive Order enforcing affirmative action for the very first time on September 24, 1965.  In his speech at Howard University in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson asserting that civil rights laws alone are not enough to remedy discrimination said the following: 

“Nothing is more freighted with meaning for our own destiny than the revolution of the Negro American….In far too many ways American Negros have been another nation: deprived of freedom, crippled by hatred, the doors of opportunity closed to hope….But freedom is not enough.  You do not wipe away the scars of centuries by saying: now, you are free to go where you want, do as you desire, and choose the leaders you please.  You do not take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line of a race, saying, ‘you are free to compete with all the others,’ and still justly believe you have been completely fair. . . This is the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights.  We seek not just freedom but opportunity – not just legal equality but human ability – not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and a result….To this end equal opportunity is essential, but not enough, not enough.”   

Even with President Johnson’s Executive Order #11246 which was signed on September 24, 1965, affirmative action laws were never implemented on a large scale until the early 1980’s.  I also want to note that before the Civil Rights Bill was implemented on a large scale to benefit Black Americans, it was amended on October 13, 1967 to cover discrimination on the basis of gender.  The gender change was for White women to benefit from the Civil Rights Bill.  The White woman has been discriminated by the White man for years and that situation should have been viewed as a domestic situation and not part of the Civil Rights Bill.  “American” White women are the ones who raised, shaped and mold the “American” White man for years and made him what he has developed to become.  The White woman has always been on the side of the oppressor when it came to fighting Black people.  This particular change in the Civil Rights Bill was the beginning of blocking the benefits of all Black/African Americans.   In the early eighties, Jessie Jackson and other Black leaders in the political arena pushed the affirmative action agenda as a way of correcting some of the wrongs that White “Americans” perpetuated on Black/African Americans in the past.  Again, affirmative action or the quota system was specifically designed to benefit Black Americans who have been wronged by White “Americans” for so many years living in the United States.  In the 1980’s, affirmative action was finally implemented and initially accepted and incorporated to some degree into the United States political system.  Again, the goal of affirmative action was for certain businesses in corporate America to hire enough Black/African Americans to represent or to reflect the percentage of the Black American population in the United States.  Affirmative Action was not limited just to businesses but to educational institutions also.   The quota system within the affirmative action law was the first system to address the wrongs of the past done to Black/African Americans by Whites “Americans” just like President Lyndon B. Johnson so eloquently expressed in his speech at Howard University.   Affirmative Action was the poor man’s reparations if you will.   The results of what came out of affirmative action exposed the hatred that White “Americans” have towards Black/African Americans.  White “Americans” hated the fact that some Black people were benefiting from affirmative action so much so they worked effortlessly to dismantle it.  The first significant action by White “Americans” in dismantling affirmative action was going to the Supreme Court with the Bakke case decision in 1978 where the White “American” Jew challenged the decision that University of California medical school made.  The medical school accepted a Black/African American student over a White “American” Jew student.  The school’s decision was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court.   The Supreme Court decided in favor of Bakke, the White “American” or the European Jew.  The Supreme Court outlawed inflexible quotas in the affirmative action programs.  The decision by the Supreme Court was the beginning and probably the most significant event in dismantling affirmative action that was specifically design to benefit Black/African Americans.  The decision by the Supreme Court also produced the bogus term that White “Americans” created called “reverse racism”.   Reverse racism does not apply because the quota system within affirmative action was designed specifically to address the wrongs done to Black Americans historically at the hands of White “Americans”.   However, the way that Whites methodically and collectively transformed the affirmative action to benefit everyone else but Black/African Americans is just another example of the deep hatred that White “Americans” have towards Black Americans.  Other court decisions in addition to the Bakke Supreme Court decision were created by White lawmakers to help dismantle affirmative action.  White “American” law makers demanded that the language for the implementation of affirmative action change so that Black/African Americans would not solely benefit from affirmative action.  White “American” politicians demanded that the language for the implementation of affirmative action change from “Blacks people” to “Minorities”.    

In addition to the court decisions and the language change for the implementation of affirmative action, White “Americans” worked effortlessly and collectively to prove that the quota system was “flawed” from their perspective.   While all of these laws and court changes were happening, most White American businesses intentionally hired the least qualified Black person out of a pool of highly qualified Black workers to fill these work positions that were earmarked for African American workers.   Not only did most of these businesses specifically hire the least qualified Black person, but they did not give any support to these Black workers once they were hired.  By hiring the least qualified Black person, corporate Whites would bring up one example after another of how this Black worker or that Black worker was not doing his/her job correctly.  I was working in corporate America at the time, and I remembered one news story after the other about another Black worker messed up on the job because he/she was not qualified.  All these moves by White “Americans” had a significant impact of dismantling the affirmative action to benefit Black Americans.  Again, the quota system within arc_slaveryD.jpgaffirmative action was initially intended to help African Americans who were historically wronged in the American system for so many years.  To expand or to change the language to “Minorities” from “Black Americans” in the implementation of affirmation action was a blow in helping Black people out of the slave state that White “Americans put us in.  Minorities” were not systematically and physically enslaved literally for over 250 years, Black Americans were.    “Minorities” were not lynched, brutally raped, sold as Chattel and families broken up by White “Americans” during slavery, Black Americans were.  “Minorities” were not denied the ability to read or write legally by White “Americans” during slavery, Black Americans were.  I can go on and on and on and note the empirical data of all the negatives experiences that we as Black Americans lived through during slavery from the hands of White “Americans”.   When White “American” law makers change the language for the implementation of affirmative action that opened the doors for all other ethnic groups to take advantage of what was initially designed for Black Americans.   Again, the initial intent of the quotas within the affirmative action was to help correct the wrongs that were perpetuated on Black Americans by White “Americans”.  The language change benefited all other minorities at the detriment to the advancement of Black Americans.  White women, Hispanics, Asians and Arabs benefited the most and continue to do so from the language change in the implementation of affirmative action.  White businesses and Government agencies currently hire all other ethnic groups first, before they even thinking about hiring a Black/African American.  Every other minority group other than Black Americans benefits the most from those being hired into the American workforce.   

Today White “Americans” are leading the effort to ban the implementation of affirmative action all across the country and are joined by super duper slaves like Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly.  There has been a continuation of Supreme Court decisions since the Bakke case to eliminate the implementation of affirmation action all across the United States.  Even, the so-called progressive White president for Black causes, Bill Clinton, issued the following memorandum on affirmative action, he called for the elimination of any program that: “(a) creates a quota; (b) creates preferences for unqualified individuals; (c) creates reverse discrimination (d) continues even after its equal opportunity purposes have been achieved.” 

Affirmative action has been either completely banned by states or watered down significantly so much so that they don’t help Black/African Americans any more.  Again, the initial intent of the implementation of affirmative action was to help specifically Black/African Americans from the wrongs of past action of White “Americans”. However, Hispanics benefit the most from those being hired into the American workforce today.   

Hatred, hypocrisy, and deceit are the precise words to describe White “Americans” past and present actions towards Black Americans.  White “Americans” do not want Black/African Americans to succeed at any level.  That’s why it’s easy for me to view White “Americans” as a people rooted in evil and the number one enemy of Black/African Americans.  Just based on how they flipped the scripted on the quotas system that was established by President Kennedy and implemented by President Lyndon B. Johnson and pushed by Jessie Jackson and other Black politicians to benefit African Americans from past wrongs that were done to us by White “Americans”.  Again, quotas were designed specifically to help Black Americans reverse some of the wrongs that White “Americans” have done to us in the past and now it helps everyone else but Black/African Americans.  It never stops with White “Americans” always plotting to prevent Blacks Americans from progressing period.  White “Americans” should be banned from using that word democracy.  White “Americans” should be banned as world leaders of pushing democracy in others countries until they give Black/African Americans justice in this country.  Its hypocrisy and a contradiction to the United Nations Charter to promote democracy in other countries and not give justice to your own citizens living in the United States.  Black/African Americans literally built this country.  Black Americans made this country rich and powerful by working for over 250 years from can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night on these slave plantations without getting paid.  That’s how this country became rich and powerful from our slave labor.  White “Americans “continue to treat us like nothing or “zero”, like we did not contribute anything towards making this country what it is today. 

Our current condition (physical, mental and spiritual) as African Americans in this country is horrendous and is directly tied to the past and present brutal actions of White “Americans”.  Based on their historical actions, White “Americans” have clearly sent a message to Black Americans and the world that “American democracy” only applies to White “Americans” people and every other race and not to Black/African Americans living in this country.  “American democracy” does not apply to Black America.  White “Americans” don’t hesitate to preach democracy in other foreign lands when they are not even applying democracy to Black Americans.  Based on the empirical historical data, you can only conclude that White “Americans” are evil and hypocritical to a high degree.  Even with a “Black” president, democracy is not being applied to Black Americans.  Ole Bama, oh, I meant Obama, should be ashamed of himself.  Even President Kennedy who introduced affirmative action by signing an Executive Order #10925 in 1961 and President Johnson, who signed Executive Order #11246 to enforce affirmative action, did more than Obama for Black Americans.  President Johnson understood the crippling effects of slavery had on the future development of Black/African Americans. President Kennedy and Johnson were at least proactive to some degree in trying to help solve the problem of justice for Black Americans.  Obama has not done anything to date for Black/African Americans.  Obama talks about how great this country is in fighting and standing up for democracy and he turns his back to the current and historical injustices that Black Americans continue to experience at the hands of White “Americans”.   Obama is a victim himself of being brain washed with self-hatred or the slave mind that was forced on us collectively by White “Americans” during physical slavery.  More on Ole Bama later!                                                

Thirty Years in the Making

Now it’s time to focus on the specific moves that White “Americans” made the last thirty years to empower Hispanics towards the main goal of destroying or eliminating Black/African Americans.  Let’s keep in mind, Mexico has been the country bordering the United States forever or for thousands of years.  However, not until recently or in the last thirty years that we have seen the mass importation of Hispanics and Mexicans into the United States.  Latin American has also been close proximity to the United States for thousands of years.  The White “American” covert community was thinking of ways to accelerate the importation of Hispanics, Mexicans, and other minorities to replace Black Americans once the cloning breakthrough was discovered by White “American” scientists.  Hispanics and Mexicans were chosen by the White covert community as being a “minority group” that would be easier to accelerate and integrate their population into the United States.  When the White covert community decided Mexicans and Hispanics will be the group to populate the United States they had to prepare the United States working community to receive them.   The number of yearly meetings by US Presidents with Mexicans Presidents increased significantly the last thirty years. These increased meetings are an indication that there is ongoing coordination between the US government and the Mexican government to import Hispanics and Mexicans into the United States.  The White covert community targeted the fast food restaurants, the construction industry and the maintenance Industry (cleaning and lawn services) as the main industries to integrate Hispanics/Mexicans into the workforce.  The change in the fast food industry was noticeable when they changed all fast food restaurants to accept the meal deal concept as Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 and so forth.  The Numero Uno, Numero Dos, Numero Tres change took place in all of the fast food restaurants and made it easier for non-English speaking people to work at these establishments.  I remember this change specifically happening collectively by all fast food restaurants about thirty years ago.  The same reasoning applies to the construction and maintenance industries.  The White “American” covert community specifically changed the menu structure of the fast food restaurants as a way to easily integrate Hispanics/Mexicans workers into these jobs.  Now you see today, most Hispanics and Mexicans work at these fast food restaurants.   A lot of them don’t speak fluent English if any English at all but as long as they know Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3, they manage to get by.    Other jobs were identified by the White covert community as a way to integrate Hispanics and Mexicans easier into the work force.  Other than the fast food industry, the main two core jobs you see Hispanics/Mexicans working at are in construction, cleaning, and lawn maintenance.  Construction is huge because there is very little security as far as identification.  The White covert community identified the construction industry as the major way to empower Hispanics who are not fluent in English.   Those Hispanics and Mexicans who are fluent in English are being pushed to replace Black Americans in the mass media and main stream corporate American jobs. However, the money that has been pumped into the construction industry in the United States the last thirty years is astonishing.       

Enormous amounts of Money Poured into the Construction Industry in the last Thirty Years

In 1978, there was no such thing as a federal consolidated highway Bill.  Each state had the primarily responsibility of maintaining their own local highways and roads.  Jimmy Carter was president at the time and no such federal transportation Bill existed.   The federal Highway bill was created by the Reagan Administration in 1982.  The Highway Revenue Act (HRA) was passed by congress in 1982 to specifically increase highway improvements and public transit improvements.  I also want to note that the HRA also set a goal of 10 percent for participation of disadvantaged business enterprises in federal-aid projects.  When the bill was initially passed, White law makers tailored the ten percent to go Hispanic and Mexicans owned companies.

I started driving around 1978 and never knew that there was a national problem of maintaining highways in the United States because there was not a national road or highway problem.  While I was in college, I drove from Washington DC to Missouri for a work study assignment and the roads were fine with the exception of driving through Ohio around the Cleveland area.  The Highway Revenue Act was created specifically to finance the planned importation of a large number of Hispanics and Mexicans for the main purpose to replace Black African-American workers.  The following is the chronological history of the signing of the Highway Revenue Act and the amounts of money that congress passed and the president who signed the Bill:

·       1982 – President Reagan signed the HRA for 17.7 Billion
·       1987 - President Reagan signed the HRA for  87.0 billion
·       1998 – President Clinton signed the HRA for 217 billion
·       2005 – President Bush signed the HRA for 297 billion
·       2011 – President Obama signs HRA for 235 billion 

Every HRA bill is signed to last for a six year period of time except for the extensions. Extensions are created when the initial Bill runs out of money.  These are the following words of President Obama after he signed the HRA bill in 2011:   “For construction workers and their families across the country, (this bill) represents the difference between making ends meat or not making ends meat”.   Obama also said a failure to reauthorize the legislation could cause up to one million workers to lose their jobs.  A 10-day delay will result in a loss of nearly $1 billion in highway funding, he noted.  

If you look at any construction site all across the country, you will see that most of the workers are Hispanics and Mexicans.  It is safe to estimate that 90-95% of these construction workers are Hispanics and Mexicans and most of them can’t speak fluent English or any English at all.  In the last 10 years, the proportion of workers who identified themselves as Hispanic doubled among all U.S. industries, but more than tripled in construction, according to The Center for Construction Research and Training Report in 2008.  Hispanic employment in construction has experienced considerable growth since 1990, increasing from 705,000 to nearly 3 million in 2007.  See chart of the detail numbers below.  In 2008, more than 87% of Hispanic workers were employed in construction/extraction occupations.

Source: 2008 Current Population Survey.  Note: The CPS is a monthly survey of households conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

So all of these HRA bills directly finance the importation of mainly illegal workers to replace Black American workers.  I will also add that there are very few Black African-American workers at these construction sites.  In addition, if you take a closer look at these road construction aRC_CONSTRUCTION_WORKERSY9RY.jpgprojects most of these projects are not needed.  Most of the roads and sidewalks are in near perfect condition in numerous construction projects that I have seen.   However, they still tear up these nearly perfect roads and sidewalks anyway just to employ illegal immigrants.  There have been a record number of road projects in the Washington DC area that is causing numerous traffic jams all across the DC area.  That’s another indication that Whites are financing the importation of illegal immigrants for the purpose to wipe out Black/African-Americans.  It makes sense why the White “American” covert community chose the construction industry as a way to channel money in the Hispanic community because there is little to no security.  You don’t have to show your workers ID to work at these construction sites like you would at an office building.  There is no structured security like working in an office building.  In addition, all banks now cash checks when you don’t even have to have a bank account.  In the past, you needed to have a bank account with that particular bank in order to cash a check at any bank.   All the undocumented or illegal Hispanics/Mexicans workers changed that bank requirement.      

Border Patrolling/Immigration Security

Over the last thirty years technology has increased significantly and has a direct relationship towards the increase in security in general.  Satellite technology has improved in the last thirty years so much so you can track individuals just based on their individual thermal temperature.    That’s why it is so clear that White “Americans” within these US covert Government agencies made it a point to let millions of Hispanics and Mexicans into this country.  I am convinced that instead of using the advancement of technology to keep illegal aliens out of the United States, the White “Americans” covert community is using the advance technology in security to bring them into the United States.  These specific covert US Government agencies organized and financed the continued migration of Hispanics and Mexicans into the United States.   Before White “American” science researchers made the breakthrough in cloning, there was tight security on the borders all across this country as well as tight security within the immigration process.   Again, Mexico and Latin America has not changed as far as the close proximity to the United States.  How come this constant implosion or migration of Mexicans and Hispanics did not happen 70 years ago, 100 years ago or even 150 years ago?  Again, this implosion of Hispanics and Mexicans into the United States happened as technology has been increasing and improving significantly in security over the past 30 years.   The research and development in the general growth in technology naturally would increase the security for immigration on the United States borders.  Illegal immigration should not exist just based on the increase in security technology alone over the past thirty years.  However, it is clear that the White covert community allowed and accelerated the importation of Hispanics and Mexicans for the past thirty years for the main purpose to speed up the implementation of genocide against Black Americans.   With the significant increase in security technology over the past thirty years coupled with the significant reduction in security on the US borders, definitely points towards the FBI, CIA, and NSA plan to let Hispanics and Mexicans into the United States.  The White “American” covert community (FBI, CIA, NSA) are the ones policing the US borders.  

Border Patrol/Coast Guard: Haitian People versus the Cuban People

In the early eighties it was obvious and blatant on how the US covert community treated the Haitians versus the Cubans arriving in boats to Miami.   Numerous boats from Haiti with refugees were turned away and sent back to sea by the US Border Patrol/Coast Guard in the early and mid-eighties.  The Haitian boats were full of Black African people were turned back to sea by the US Coast guard and were not allowed to enter the United States.  At the same time, every boat with refugees was accepted by the US Border Patrol/Coast Guard with open arms that came from Cuba.  The Cuban boats filled with mostly “White” Cubans, were accepted by the US Coast Guard and allowed to stay in the United States.  The way that the US government treated Black African Haitians was clearly another documented practice of genocide on Black African people.  It was clear that the US covert policy was to let Hispanics into the country and deny people of African descent to enter the country. 

Hispanic TV Shows

The most ridiculous show that I have ever seen is the Dan Le Batard show.  This Hispanic sports show has the sports writer’s father on the show making silly comments on current sporting events.  This show should have been canceled the day of the debut but since it’s a Hispanic show, its stays on the air and is given praise by White “Americans”.   Children shows are dominated by Hispanic and Mexicans kids now and Blacks kids are nowhere to be found, especially Black boys.  You don’t see any Black kids any more participating in these children shows.  All the Black kids were replaced by Hispanic kids.  Disney never developed a Black show to show the appreciation of work and family.  However, they developed numerous shows to elevate the pride of being a Hispanic or Mexican.  The handy man is a Hispanic show that shows the value of work.   There are countless shows that highlight the Hispanic culture.  The following list is some of these shows:  

1.     George Lopez show
2.  Handy Man
3.  Dan Le Batard
4.  Married to the Kellys
5.  Luis
6.  Ortegas
7.  Dora the Explorer
8.  The Brothers Garcia
9.  Mucha Lucha
10. Special Agent Oso
11. Cho Cho Soul (Hispanic woman leading a soul train?)

Just to name a few.  Ninety-nine percent of all Black shows that are currently on TV today are comedy base shows.  That’s funny, because everything is funny these days in the Black community, yet we face the extermination of our people.  Again, the only way to kill a large amount of people is through deception.  We are collectively being deceived and will be laughing all the way to the concentration camps. 

Hispanics are preferred in hiring over African-Americans for jobs in the United States

The following is a summation of factual occurrences and not opinions of specific news articles written in the past couple of years on various issues mainly on how Hispanics are being hired over qualified Black American workers: 

·       The Mississippi Press – Tentative deal in Mississippi discrimination suit over illegal workers (February 13 2012):  “A Mississippi company that was the target of the largest U.S. workplace raid on illegal immigrants has reached a tentative settlement agreement in a discrimination lawsuit by four Black women who claimed the company gave preferential treatment to Latinos, federal court records said.  The lawsuit claimed that one of the plaintiffs, Charlyn Dozier, applied for a job at the Howard Industries electrical transformer plant in Laurel every three to six months beginning in 2002, but wasn’t offered a position until after the 2008 raid.  The other plaintiffs, Veronica Cook, Yolanda Phelps and Seleatha McGee, made similar allegations.

·   City Journal – The Rainbow Coalition Evaporation (Winter 2008): “A recent study by Harvard economist George Borjas and colleagues from the University of Chicago and the University of California estimates that immigration account for a 7.4 percentage- point decline in the employment rate of unskilled Black males between 1980 and 2000.  Even for Black males with High school diplomas, immigration shrank employment by nearly 3 percentage points.  While immigration hurts Black and White low-wage workers, the authors note, the effect is three times as large on Blacks because immigrants are more likely to compete directly with them for jobs.  A case study of Los Angeles janitorial services cited in a Government Accounting Office report captures the enormity of the shift.  It began in the late 1970’s, as several small firms began hiring Mexican janitors at low pay, prompting building owners to drop contracts with the companies the employed Black in favor of the cheaper upstarts.  As the immigrant-dominated firms grabbed more business, industry wages slipped from a peak of $6.58 an hour in 1983 to $5.63 an hour in 1985.  The number of black janitors in L.A. plummeted from 2,500 in the late 1970s to only 600 by 1985.  Today, the city’s janitorial industry, like apparel manufacturing and hotel services, is almost entirely immigrant.  Says Joe Hicks, former chair of Los Angeles’s Human Relations Commission and now head of the nonprofit Community Advocates:  “It’s hard to find a black face on a construction site or in a fast-food restaurant around here any more.  People from the black community have noticed.  The battle over quotas for public-sector jobs is a glaring example of how immigration is turning the race-based policies of the last 40 years, originally designed to help blacks, against them.   For African-American leaders like Claud Anderson, head of the Harvest Institute, the turnabout represents a betrayal of the civil rights movement:  only blacks deserve quotas.  When did the government ever immigrants or deny them constitutional rights, as did African-Americans?  He asks.  The rising tensions between African-Americans and Hispanics render the old hopes of a black-brown chimerical.  In studies, says Frank Morris, former dean of graduate studies at Morgan State University, immigrants actually tend to say they think of themselves more like whites in America than like blacks, which is one reason why a black-brown political coalition has never existed anywhere except in the minds of black political leaders.  In a heavily mixed-race community of Harbor Gateway in Los Angeles, for example, Latinos now commit five times more violent crimes against blacks than vice versa.  Countrywide numbers are just startling.  Though blacks make up just 9 percent of L.A. County’s population, they were the victims of 59 percent of all racially motivated attacks in 2006, while Latinos committed 52 percent of all racially motivated attack. 

·       Wall Street Journal – Blacks vs Latinos at Work (January 24, 2006) - Donnie Gaut, an African-American with 12 years of warehouse experience, applied for a job in 2002 at Farmer John Meats, a large Los Angeles pork processor.  When he was turned down for the position, a job stocking goods that paid $7 an hour, Mr. Gaut decided the problem wasn’t his resume – it was his race.  He filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces antidiscrimination laws in the workplace.  Last October, the EEOC secured a $110,000 settlement from the company to be shared by Mr. Gaut and six other Black applicants who were rejected for production jobs at Farmer John based on their race, according to the agency.  The EEOC says it found that the pork packer, owned by Clougherty Packing Co., had almost exclusively hiring Hispanics for warehouse, packing production jobs.  Recently, the federal agency announced it also secured a $180,000 settlement from Zenith National Insurance Corp., a national workers-compensation specialist, to be divided among 10 Blacks who applied for a mailroom job at its headquarters in Woodland Hills, California.  The job was offered to a Latino man with no mailroom experience, according to the EEOC" 

· - Blacks vs Illegal Immigrants (June 9, 2006):  “Atkins said her 17-year old daughter has unsuccessfully applied for at least eights jobs in the last year at fast-food restaurants and failed to land any of them, even though most of her Latino friends have found work.  Her son, Atkins said, applied for a job at a paper goods store but was told by the Black owner that he had to speak Spanish. 

·       Washington Times – Arrival of Aliens ousts U.S. Workers (April 10, 2006):  “Linda Swope, who operates Complete Employment Services Inc. in Mobile, Alabama, told The Washington Times last week that the workers – whom she described as U.S. citizens, residents of Alabama and predominately Black – had been urgently requested by contractors hired to rebuild and clear devastated areas of the state, but were told to leave three job sites when the foreign workers showed up.  After Katrina, our company had 70 workers on the job the first day, but the companies decided they didn’t need them anymore because the Mexicans had arrived, Mrs. Swope said.  I assure you it is not true that Americans don’t want to work.   We had been told that 270 jobs might be available, and we could have filled every one of them with men from this area, most of whom lost their jobs because of the hurricane, she said.  When we told the guys they would not be needed, they actually cried…. And we cried with them.  This is a shame.   Mrs. Swope said employment agencies throughout Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi faced similar problems, when thousands of men from Mexico and several Central and South American countries – many in crowed buses and trucks – came into the three states after Katrina, looking for employment and willing to work for less money.  The number of foreign workers who flooded the area after the hurricane has been estimated at more than 30,000.  Many of them have been identified by law-enforcement authorities and others as illegal aliens.    

·       Washington Post – A Case Against Immigration (1996):  Over the long span of history from the founding of the nation in 1776 until 1965, immigration varied widely but averaged around 230,000 a year.  Suddenly in the 1970s and 1980s, at the very time that the majority of Americans were coming to the conclusion that the U.S. population had grown large enough, immigration soared above the American tradition, averaging more than 500,000 a year.  And it has been running around 1 million a year during the 1990s.    

· - Los Angeles (2008) - In a city notorious for gang violence and drive by shootings, a rash of unrelated incidents have baffled law enforcement, community leaders and even some gang intervention and prevention workers because the majority of victims were school children who have no gang affiliation and were minding their own business.   One victim was a high school football hero, another a six-year-old boy, and eight others were simply waiting at a bus stop.  Some 300 people attended a March 4 prayer vigil to celebrate the life of a young Black male who lived his life by the book. Two Latino gang members, who are still at large, arc_Blogs_hispanic_8_24_2012.jpgallegedly gunned down 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw three doors away from his home March 2, robbing his family and his Arlington Heights community of an “MVP.” Jamiel got good grades in school and attended church regularly. He was a hero to his nine-year-old brother, a leader on his football team and in his neighborhood.  According to his father, Jamiel Shaw, Sr., the two were weighing potential scholarships from Stanford and Rutgers Universities when tragedy struck.   Jamiel was talking on the phone with his girlfriend, Chrystale Miles, while walking home. The men drove up, asked if he was gang affiliated and began shooting when he did not respond, reports said.  The Shaw family is still shocked their son was murdered in cold blood, especially Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, who left her second tour of duty in Iraq to bury her son. “She couldn’t understand how it could happen and told me, ‘I’m walking around, seeing people laying in the streets with the same kind of wounds that my son had. Why am I doing this to stay alive and to help my kids, and then I get a phone call that says my son is dead?’” Mr. Shaw recalled. During the vigil, Jamiel Shaw, Sr., recalled the night when his heart nearly stopped beating. In minutes, the shooters wiped away a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and dreams, he said. At Final Call press time, Jamiel’s shooters were still at large, but police arrested two gang members who allegedly shot a six-year-old Black boy in the head as he rode in his family’s sports utility vehicle. The shooting occurred on the same day as the prayer vigil.  News spread that evening that, according to police, three adults (including the boy’s pregnant mother) and three male children were driving through Harbor Gateway, about 17 miles southwest of Los Angeles, when two Latino gang members flashed gang signs and opened fire on their SUV. The critically wounded child was taken to a nearby hospital.  Police said community cooperation aided in the arrests of the 25- and 26-year-old gang members, who are facing attempted murder charges. In Harbor Gateway, there have been widespread reports of a Latino gang ordering all Blacks out of the area. In 2006, 14-year-old Cheryl Green was murdered in the same neighborhood by Latino gangbangers because of her race.   

Trayvon Martin like tragedies will Accelerate

Hispanics in this country are working hard to be totally accepted by the general White “American” population.   A large percentage of Hispanics who live in the United States got here illegally.   Therefore, they will do anything to be accepted by White “Americans”.  I know based on my experiencestrayvon_martin.jpg that some Hispanics use the same techniques of implementing White supremacy on us in corporate America as White “Americans” do.  White “Americans” have taught some of these Hispanics who are part of the US workforce well.  All my experiences working in corporate America, I had very few good working relationships with Hispanics.  As a matter of fact, most of my experiences working with them have been terrible.  The Hispanics that I worked with tried to undermine every decision that I made regardless how many times I proved that I was right.   Some Hispanics use the same techniques that White “Americans” historically have used on us in the past and continue to use on us today.  Some Hispanics are incorporating or buying into the institutional Racism or anti-Black hatred that is part of the core structure of the American society.  The same anti-Black hatred that we were initially forced to accept during slavery.  The same anti-Black hatred White “Americans” continue to perpetuate on us each and every day.  Today we as Black/African-Americans continue to perpetuate self-hatred acts on each other through Black on Black crimes.  The same anti-Black hated that exists in the minds of Black people as a result of physical slavery in this country, now permeates in the minds of some Hispanics.  White “Americans” are responsible for these self-hatred acts that are acted out each and every day in the minds of Black people because it is still entrenched in the core structure of the United States.  White “Americans” started the anti-black hatred during slavery and has implemented it for hundreds of years and continues to perpetuate it today.  For example, just take a look at the language that most White “Americans” use as a causal form of communication.   Devil’s food cake is Black, Angel food cake is White, a White lie is considered not really a lie or a bad thing to do,  I can go on and on with these expressions that infers white is good and black is bad.  The most recognized expression that is played out in the Black community and summarizes our experiences in this country is the following saying:

“If you’re White you’re alright, if your yellow you’re mellow, if you’re brown stick around, but if you’re Black Get Back”.  

White “Americans” are responsible for the killing of Trayvon Martin and every Black on Black crime that is committed each and every day in this country because they started this anti-Black hatred hundreds of years ago and never stopped or have never worked to reverse the institutional racism that’s part of the core structure of this country.  The late great Dr. Bobby E. Wright so eloquently answered the question of Why Blacks kill other Blacks?  His answer was because we were not trained to kill Whites.  Therefore, all of the false stereotypes created about Black people by Whites are now being acted out by most Hispanics and every other minority group in this country.  If you take a look at the data in the City Journal newspaper article concerning Black and Hispanics relationship, you will find how Blacks are being attacked by Hispanics disproportionately.  The current data from the news article about the statistics on what’s happening in Los Angeles is a microcosm of what will happen nationally in this country in the next 3-7 years.   We as African Americans don’t have any friends in this American society and the only people we can rely on are ourselves.     

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Kold Kalculated killer (KKK), the New KKK.   Zimmerman is either on the pay roll of the FBI, or worked from his “White” racist mind in killing Trayvon Martin.  If Zimmerman gets away without serving any significant time in killing Trayvon Martin, he is definitely an FBI agent.  Our brightest of the brightest are either being killed by the new KKK or strategically being smothered by an interracial relationship.   Fostering interracial relationships is an aggressive strategy used by our enemies, White “Americans” living in this country, to neutralize our brightest of the brightest among our people.  Interracial relationships are detrimental to the Black family core structure.  In order for us to get out of this terrible condition as African Americans, we must rely on the help from our future bright minds among our people. The brightest minds among our people are being indentified at an early age by the White “American” covert community and are either killed or are being coerced to participate in an intimate interracial relationship.  Our brightest minds are identified at an early age and are preyed upon by aggressively being approached by a White boy or girl as early as pre-school to establish a “friendship” for the purposes of eventually establishing an interracial relationship.  There is a reason why the most talented athletes and the brightest minds of our people end of marrying White women or men when they get to adulthood.   When an interracial relationship is developed with an African American woman or a man and marriage follows, the offspring will never come out of that family structure with a Black base goal of wanting to fight causes for Black Americans against White “Americans”.  Ninety-nine percent of the offspring from these interracial couples always identify with the White culture.   Therefore, no future “bi-racial” product will come out of that family structure wanting to fight for true Black liberation.  Again, interracial relationships are detrimental to the core structure of the Black family.   “Love” is not the reason why White “Americans” participates in these interracial relationships; it’s a strategy of war against the Black family structure.    We as Black African Americans need to rebuild the Black family structure in order to survive.  In addition, we cannot rebuild the Back African family structure by participating in interracial relationships where the offspring identifies with the White oppressors agenda or any other ethnicity agenda and definitely not the Black agenda.   Interracial relationships are not just a Black and White relationship.  I just used White as an example of the most common interracial relationship and the most detrimental.  Interracial relationships mean not marrying or having any intimate relationships with Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, and Indians.  We as Black/African Americans cannot afford to participate in any type of interracial relationships because our survival is dependent upon it.  Rebuilding the Black African family must be done with a Black male and the Black female.          

Don’t Hate on Hispanics/Mexicans

Even-through Hispanics/Mexicans are pushing Black/African Americans out of the workforce and most are trying to gain respect from White “Americans” by mimicking Whites in disrespecting Black Americans in the workforce, they are not the one’s who are orchestrating these moves, the White “American” covert community is.  Like any other group, Hispanics/Mexicans are working to get ahead in this country and you can’t blame them for that.  The White “American” covert community is implementing a well organized and thought out plan of genocide on Black/African Americans and they are using Hispanics/Mexicans as a tool to implement their plan.  It’s a fact that most Hispanics/Mexicans come to the United States without the ability to speak the English language are expecting to be employed.  When I worked in corporate America, I experienced firsthand how well organized and structured the importation of Hispanics and Mexicans were to the United States.  While working as an Electrical Engineer for the National Weather Service (NWS), I had to travel a lot.  Traveling is one of the best things that you can do to expand your mind.  Nothing can replace traveling and seeing what other people do in different places on this earth.  I value my experience working on the corporate plantation in terms of traveling.  While working on the corporate plantation, I travelled to Alaska and Hawaii multiple times, South Korea, Japan, England and all over the United States.  While working for the NWS, one of my assignments was to travel to Goodland, Kansas in the fall of 1992 to test a system.  The trip was scheduled to last a week.  However, there were problems with testing in which I had to stay in Goodland, Kansas for over three weeks.   Goodland Kansas is located about a 3 ½ hours east of Denver, Colorado.   Yes, in the middle of nowhere.   I did not see one Black person living or even passing through Goodland Kansas the whole time I was there.   Only white people lived in that town.  The town was small and it seem like everyone knew each other.  It was a wonder why White people, especially little White kids would look at me funny all the time while eating out at the local restaurants in town.

I realized how well organized the effort to integrate a large number of Hispanics/Mexicans into the United States when I had to return to Goodland Kansas in the summer of 1993 for follow-up testing.  After returning to Goodland Kansas about 1 ½ years later, fifty percent of the town was Hispanics.   They built a new hotel that I stayed in and all the workers were Hispanics.   I went to the Wal-Mart store which was there when I first arrived in Goodland Kansas and eighty percent of the workers employed there were Hispanics.  I may add no Hispanics were employed there about 1 ½ years ago.  What I observed in my second visit to Goodland, Kansas was mind blowing.   I knew at that point these crackers were well organized and were dead seriously about wiping us out. I witnessed firsthand what happened in the small town of Goodland, Kansas.  How many other small towns throughout this country did this same event happened?  The answer is I am certain that this event has happened in a lot of other small towns across this country.  The event that I witnessed firsthand in Goodland, Kansas could have only been organized and coordinated by the White “American” covert community (FBI, CIA, NSA) period.   That event that I witnessed was too organized to be just a coincidence to turn out that way.  As a matter of fact, Whites in that small town would not have allowed it to turn out that way if it was a coincident.  Especially after my first visit there, when I thought I was in the Deep South in the 1960’s.  White people were looking at me like they never saw a Blackman in person or even on television.  There is no question in my mind that the importation of a large Hispanic population into this small White conservative town had to be implemented and organized by the White covert community (FBI,CIA,NSA) and allowed by the general White population of the town.  The general White population of the town had to know the reasons why this was done in order for them to cooperate. Which means the general White public is aware of the genocide plan to eliminate or exterminate Black people and they are doing their part in participating or implementing their part of the plan.        

Although Hispanics are not directly responsible for being in a position of pushing Blacks out of the workplace, some Hispanics are responsible for perpetuating and benefiting from the implementation of the system of white supremacy.   Too many times while working on the corporate plantation, I had problems with Hispanics who worked under me and being disrespectful of my authority.  Hispanics who I worked with and dealt with always would side with White people or would always try to please Whites by being disrespectful to me.  I want to warn all Hispanics and other minorities in corporate White America who participate in these unjust and unrighteous strategies, you will go down the road of death along with White “Americans” who continue to participate in unjust actions towards African Americans.  There will not be any sympathy for those Hispanics/Mexicans who participate in such actions.  Mr. Vicente, the former president of Mexico will not be spared when he stated in 2005, that most Blacks don’t have any self pride and don’t want to work.  The perpetuating of the concept that Blacks do not want to work is a fabrication of the truth and a perpetuation of white supremacy or white nationalism.   

A Large Number of White “Americans” will die in Accidents across the United States

The aggressive push of Hispanics and Mexicans into the workforce will result is an exponential increase in major accidents all across the United States.   Most of the Hispanics and Mexicans who work in the construction industry don’t speak English or very little English.   The lack of fluency in English from Hispanics and Mexicans at these construction sites has significantly increased accidents all over the United States.   These accidents will increase exponentially as time go on.   A large number of White “Americans” will die in these accidents.  The biblical verse in Galatians 6:7 “You Reap What You Sow” apply to White “Americans” who will be the ones dying at a higher rate than anyone else in these accidents because they are the ones who are responsible for the large number of Hispanics and Mexicans working at these construction sites.  A can remember attending a team building seminar while working on the corporate plantation that dealt with communication.  The communication exercise configured everyone sitting around in a circle and the first person starts off by saying something real simple and basic to the next person and the next person’s job would be to say the same thing to the person next to them and so on and so forth.  This process was repeated until the message would come back to the person who originated the message.   When the message got back to the person who started it, the message was completely different from the original message.   It is proven that this communication exercise never fails; the original message always comes back different from the one who started the message.   All of the team members who participated in this exercise spoke fluent English.  Just image how messages can get messed up with people who don’t speak English much less fluent English.   That is the communication scenario at majority all these construction sites.   Just take a look at any road construction crew in this country and you will see all across the United States the racial makeup is mostly Hispanics and Mexicans.  Again, mostly White “Americans” will be the ones who will die in most of these major accidents because of the poor communications at these construction sites all across the United States.   I have been around a few of these accidents.  I can remember while working on the corporate plantation, we had to evacuate our floor because one of the Hispanics/Mexican workers used a toxic chemical to clean the bathrooms.  So don’t think this something that I am making up.  Before the Hispanic companies took over cleaning the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) building, NOAA had a Black maintenance company cleaning the building in Silver Spring, Maryland.   When the Black maintenance company cleaned at the NOAA building, they waited until the end of the day to clean and empty the trash cans.  Now the Hispanic/Mexican companies have old ladies coming during the middle of the day to clean and empty the trash cans.   The White “American” covert collective community set it up to accommodate the Hispanic/Mexican cleaning companies.  Black maintenance companies would not have been allowed to do what Hispanics cleaning companies get away with now.  I can go on and on, however, it’s just part of the White “American” covert plan to empower Hispanics/Mexicans companies and people at the destruction of Black American workers.  Those of you who buy into the hype that Hispanics/Mexicans workers work harder than Black workers are crazy.  This notion that Hispanics are harder workers than Black people is insane.  Black Americans are scrutinized more than any group in the history of this country.  Any mistake that we make in the workforce is amplified.  We historically have worked the hardest and continue to work the hardest because we got more to lose when we make a mistake on the job.  Believe me; I have seen the drop off in cleaning at these Hotels all across this country. I’ve noticed that the bathrooms at these hotels are not consistently clean.  Sheets are not consistently washed and replaced.   Hispanics/Mexican workers sometimes cut corners in comparison to Black workers in the hotel industry.  I also saw the significant difference in the cleaning in general at the NOAA building.  Bathrooms were not consistently cleaned at the NOAA building.  Trash cans were not consistently emptied.  There was a distinct difference at the NOAA building in cleaning after the Black maintenance company was replaced by the Hispanic company.  Sometimes you could not even go to the bathroom during the day because the cleaners did not wait until the end of the day to clean the bathrooms.  The other misconception that some of our people get caught up on and believe is, Hispanics/Mexicans are taking jobs that we don’t want or Blacks do not want the certain jobs that Hispanics will take.  That’s absolutely not true.  The only industry that it may apply is picking grapes and I’m not sure about that either.  Don’t believe the hype people!       

The Current Generation of Whites Must Pay the Price for their Past and Present Actions

Again, "You Reap What You Sow” is a universal law of nature that is constantly at work.  It is well documented that White “Americans” have collectively enslaved and brutalized Black Americans for over 500 years and continue to do so today.  The physical enslavement of Blacks for over 250 years produced a mental slave Blackman of today.  The emancipation proclamation was passed in 1863 to physically “Free” the Black slave; however, nothing was done to free the Black mind from the mental enslavement. Today a large majority of Black/African Americans operate with that same slave mind that was created during the physical enslavement.  Malcolm X, who was a great thinker and warrior, once used a horse analogy to explain the African-American condition in this country.  He said to paraphrase Malcolm; You (Whiteman) broke the leg and put out the eye of a race horse.  Then you put the ailing race horse in a race with all the normal horses and expected him to keep up with the rest of the horses.  That is an excellent analogy to compare with the current slave mind of most Black Americans living in this country.  Nothing was done to repair the slave mind that most Black Americans are living with in this country.  As a matter of fact, what’s worse is that most Black Americans don’t think they are operating with a slave mind.  So if you don’t think you are sick, you will never work to become well again.  The current generation of White “Americans” knows the history of African Americans and they know that we are operating with that slave mind or with one broken leg and one good eye.  The current generation of White “Americans are fully aware of what their White slave master ancestors specifically did to the Black African slave on the plantation.  Yet the current generation of White “Americans” continues to perpetuate and maintain to keep the African/Black American in a mental slave state by collectively attacking any conscious Black person or a conscious Black organization that is working to change the mental slave state of the Black/African American.  Case in point, our web site Alkebulan Reference Center (ARC) has only collected a total of thirty dollars in donation money in five years for our efforts in helping reverse the mental slave thinking in most Black/African American people. However, Mark Zimmerman the man who murdered Trayvon Martin has received over a million dollars in donations in a matter of a couple months for killing a Black boy.  The fact that Zimmerman can raise millions of dollars for killing a Black boy and ARC can only receive pennies in five years is a guilty conviction for the general White “American” public population.  The current generations of White “Americans” are accessories to the crime of what their white slave master ancestors did by not truly helping the Black/African Americans reverse the slave thinking that affects majority of all African Americans living in America today.  The current generation of White “Americans” sees African Americans hopping around with one leg and one eye everyday without making any effort to help us out.  As a matter of fact, the current generation of White “Americans” is trying everyday to take out our good eye and our good leg every opportunity they can get.  Again, majority of African Americans are functioning with a slave mind. Which means we are hopping around with a broken leg and one eye and don’t even realize it.  The current generation of White “Americans” knows this yet they operate like the enslavement of Black people never happened or they did not have anything to do with it.  The current generation of White “Americans” would say “They were my ancestors who enslaved Blacks not me, I did not do it”.   Yet, they methodically flipped the script with the affirmative action laws.  In reality, the current generation of White “Americans” is just as guilty for participating in the continued enslavement of Black/African Americans just as their White ancestors of the past.  

Obama participating in Hitler’s resurrected Plan of Genocide by Signing the NDAA

On December 31, 2011, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This specific Act authorizes $662 billion in funding.   By Obama making the NDAA as a law, anyone anywhere including US citizens, may be indefinitely held without charge or trail, based solely on suspicions, spurious allegations or none at all.  No reasonable proof is needed with this law just suspicions that those detained pose a threat.  Henceforth, indefinite detentions can follow mere membership {past and present} or support for suspect organizations.  Presidents now have unchecked dictatorial powers to arrest, interrogate and indefinitely detain law-abiding citizens if accused of potentially posing a threat.  Constitutional, statute and international laws won’t apply.  Martial law will replace them if so ordered.  As a result, US military personnel anywhere in the world may arrest US citizens and others, throw them in military dungeons, and hold them indefinitely outside constitutionally mandated civil protections, including habeas rights, due process, and other judicial procedures.   In other words with this NDAA now in place as the law of the land, presidents may order anyone arrested and imprisoned for life without charge or trail.  The day this law was signed by Obama was the day that United States officially on paper became a Communalistic form of government.  With the NDAA law signed this country is no longer a democracy or a land of the free.  I may add that we as Black/African Americans never experienced freedom in this country even when the laws implied that all men were free regardless of race creed and color.  The implementation of general laws of the land is just as important as the law itself.  White “Americans” never implemented the law that states all men are free regardless of race, creed or color towards African Americans.  The freedom aspect of the general laws of this country never applied to us since we have been living in this country.  Obama should have vetoed this bill based on what he said after signing the bill.  Obama said the following statement after signing the bill:  “I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”  This man does not have a backbone to stand for anybody or anything.  The campaign slogan that he ran on in his last campaign of “Change yes me Can” was bogus because he did not change anything.  Especially towards Racism that is entrenched in the core structure of the United States.  The same White “American” racists who make up the US covert government agencies of the FBI, CIA, and NSA will be the ones making the decisions on who is suspicious.  Obama had a chance to select someone different to head the FBI but he did not.  He kept the same person that George Bush had selected, Robert Mueller to head the FBI.  Change, yes we can? Obama’s lack of desire towards making a constructive change in this country towards fighting racism may have helped to contribute to the environment that allowed a White motorcade bodyguard to speak out without any fear or consequences in threatening to shoot his wife, the first lady, Michelle Obama.  Now who was responsible for vetting the White bodyguard?  Let me answer that question, his White boss.  In this case Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Cathy Lanier, a White woman, who was hired as the police chief by the former Mayor of Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, is responsible for this policeman’s behavior.  I may add that they have not revealed the identity of this man.  They are keeping his identity a secret which means you know he’s White.  MPD police Chief Cathy Lanier is trying to play down the incident to suggest that the police officer may have been joking.  Joking with the first lady’s life?   The Washington Post cited anonymous police officials in reporting that the officer allegedly told colleagues over breakfast at a restaurant that he would shoot the first lady and then showed a photo on his mobile phone of a gun he would use.  He may also have used a phone application that makes the sound of gunfire, the newspaper reported.  I may also add, the man who made a joke about saying he was going to shoot everybody in the movie theater because the Batman movie did not start on time a couple of weeks ago, is currently in jail.  This man made a joking comment at a movie theater that followed after the real incident of James Holmes killing 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  How come this police officer is not in jail also?  Leadership is important. I worked for the Department of Commerce (DOC) while Ron Brown was heading it.  Ron Brown started the Diversity program at the DOC and his goal was to hire more Blacks and minorities in upper management.  Ron Brown created an environment at the DOC that scared Whites managers.  He tried to create an environment to discourage White managers from practicing racism in the workplace.  Strong leadership can create a positive environment within society and the workplace to influence and guide people.                 

By Obama signing the NDAA law, White “Americans” can’t claim that they are the leaders of the Free World any more.  White “Americans” never were leaders of the Free World due to their lack of applying the general free laws to Black Americans.  However, with the passing of the NDAA law now on paper, White “Americans” cannot even fake applying general free laws to all people.  They cannot even be the hypocritical symbol of freedom anymore with the passing of the NDAA law.  This country is officially a communistic form of government now.  NDAA legally gives this country permission to set-up concentration camps to kill a large number of Black Americans the same way Hitler did to the Europeans Jews in Germany.  The White “American” covert community will decide who are suspicious or a treat to this country.  To date the White covert community of the FBI, CIA, and NSA has never been a friend of Black/African Americans.  They have always been our enemies.   The White covert community had a hand in the deaths of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Black Panther Party, and infiltration of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed and the sudden death of Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Khalid Muhammad from brain aneurysms.  Historically, the White covert community has destroyed numerous Black based organizations, specially the FBI under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover; one of the strongest Black organizations being destroyed was the U.N.I.A. under the leadership of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.   Again, ninety-nine percent of the NDAA law will only be implemented against Black people for the purposes to kill and neutralize any revolutionary voices within the Black/African American community.  NDAA law will be used in the same way Trayvon Martin was killed, cold bloodily by Zimmerman who is hiding behind Florida’s controversial “Stand your Ground” law, which gives Floridians the right to use deadly force to defend themselves in public places without first trying to escape.    

Obama Amplifying the Black Codes Laws by signing the NDAA

Black Codes were unwritten laws enforced by the slave masters on the slave plantation to have more control over the slaves on the plantation.  Black code laws punish slaves without any reason.   Slaves were brutally beaten during the physical bondage and whipped by the slave masters without any reasons.  The slave masters whipped any slave that he suspected them of doing wrong.  The idea behind the concept was to keep the slave scared at all times so he would not even think about working to free himself/herself.  The NDAA law that Obama signed is a resurrection of the Black Codes law.  The NDAA law was design to specifically imprison and to kill Black Americans.  The NDAA law will be enforced on mainly Black/African Americans to keep us afraid or as mental slaves in this country.   Modern slavery exists in American today and it will be maintained and strengthen by the NDAA law.    

Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid! 

We as Black Americans need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to supporting Obama.   Obama action these last 3 ½ years has only supported White “Americans” and Obama has spit in the face of Black America.  Like Dr. Bobby E. Wright has stated about how our people are too much into show and not substance.   That weakness is killing us now that Obama is president.  It reminds me of what happened to me while working in corporate America.  While working in Corporate America for NWS, a US Government agency, I had to report directly to a White man who was my immediate supervisor.  However, a Black woman was over the division and my immediate supervisor had to report to her.  I knew the sister who was head of the division as well.  We both came up together career wise as engineers.  Our engineer careers at NOAA started about the same time.   I knew her for a while before she got the division job.  I was active in Blacks in Government (BIG) whiles working at NWS.  BIG is a political action organization working for the benefit of Black workers who work in the US Government.  The BIG members primarily goal is to work at addressing complaints file by Black employees at NWS.  The division head (Black woman) had a personal secretary who I also knew.  Her personal secretary was a very nice young sister who was engaged to be married.   The division head fired the young sister secretary a couple weeks before her probation period would have ended and a month before her wedding date.  For those of you who don’t know about the probation period with the government, all it means is if you just started working for the government you are in a probation period for a year before you get full benefits.  Once you worked for the government for a year, it is harder for anyone to fire you.  The young secretary had already handed her notice to leave after her probation period ended because she was moving and getting married in another state.    I was shocked and hurt when I heard the news that she was fired.  I immediately went to the division head for answers on why she fired her.   I thought it was a bogus reason that she gave me on why she got fired.   She had done something wrong with the US government mail that was minor.  She had done it only once which tells me she did not know she was doing something wrong.  I blasted the division head because of her unfair decision.   If it was a white division head that had fired her or made that decision, I would have used all of the power that I had within BIG to reverse the decision.  However, since I knew the sister division chief, I only blasted her for her decision and did not pursue any actions against her through BIG to reverse her decision because it would have looked bad in trying to bring a Black woman division chief and a long time colleague down.  NWS had very few Black division chiefs period, so I was reluctant to pursue any actions against her.   

Basically, the same scenario is playing out with Obama but on a much larger scale.   Instead of one sister’s life being effective by my lack of action against the Black division chief, you have a large number of Black people lives are in jeopardy because Obama’s decisions.   By Obama supporting and signing the National Defense Authorization Act is a legal genocidal decision that will impact the lives of Black people all across this country.  The other major decision that Obama made that showed lack of support and respect for Black people was not picking a Black woman as a Supreme Court Justice.   Therefore, we have no black representative on the Supreme Court.   Clearance Thomas represents the best interest of White people and that’s why President George H.W. Bush selected him.  Clearance Thomas has proven that he is only working for the advancement of White people based on his past court decisions.   We can’t afford to vote Obama back in office again.  Let’s not make the same mistake that I made by giving the Black woman that I knew and a long time colleague and division head, a pass.   We can’t afford to give Obama another pass.  Let’s stop drinking the Kool-Aid.  If we don’t stop drinking this deadly Kool-Aid, we will be standing in the concentration camp lines waiting to die wearing Obama “T shirts” and Obama Hats and buttons.  Some of you will be standing in these concentration camp lines knowing that your death is near and still giving Obama a pass.  Self-preservation is the first law of nature.  Self-preservation is God’s law.      

Weak Minded Ivory Leaguers

Most of our people don’t realize the mental weakness in Obama in terms of his lack of desire to fight for Black causes.   Not only is Obama a product of an interracial relationship but he also went to an Ivory league school for his undergraduate training.  I contend that most Black students who graduate from these Ivory league undergraduate schools have weak minds when it comes to a desire to fight for Black causes.  Not to mention that most Blacks who graduate from these ivory league schools, marry Whites or people of other races.   According to Dr. Bobby E. Wright, the greatest social scientist of our day, there are two schools of thought.  One Black and the other White, and he is right.   Dr. Bobby Wright always would say, you can’t use White definitions to explain a Black phenomenon.  Which means life experiences of Black African people were and are much different than White people, therefore the solutions to Black people’s problems logically must be significantly different from Whites.   So you have some of our brightest minds of our people going to these Ivory league schools to use White definitions or philosophies in their day to day lives to apply to a Black problem.  Most of these Blacks students graduate from these ivory league schools thinking that they are White and these White theories apply to them.  Dr. Bobby E. Wright did his homework and not only analyzed the different political theories of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism but he also studied Sigmund Fraud’s work.  Based on Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s analyst he determined that every political system was based on the perpetuation of White Nationalism or what we call today White Supremacy.  He studied all of the top White psychologists and determined that their studies dealt specifically with the European psyche.   Dr. Bobby Wright reveal in studying Dr. Sigmund Fraud writings that Sigmund Fraud said that Black people appeared to have a different psyche than Whites and he did not specifically study Black people.  Yet we continue to think that Fraud’s writing and research as well as all other European or White researches findings, apply to Black people.  We continue to use and live by White philosophies and White definitions to solve our problems.  These Ivory league under-graduate schools are producing super Black slaves.         

Vote for Obama or Don’t Vote at All: That’s the Decision

Voting is significantly overrated in the Black community.   The imbalance pressure applied to voting in the Black community is misguided.  Instead of Black “leaders” pressuring Black Americans to vote all the time, some of that energy should be put into a permanent solution of Nation building and how we as a people need to counter the evil nature of White “Americans”.  Countering the evil inherent nature of White “Americans” to build towards prosperity should be more of a priority than whether we vote or not.  If the constitution of the United States was justly implemented by White “Americans” towards Black people in this country, the 13th , 14th , and 15th Amendments of the Constitution would not be needed.  Additional amendments to the US Constitution would not be needed if Black Americans were treated fairly.  Like Malcolm X once said, there are already enough laws on the law books to give us justice and White people don’t need amendments to the constitution because they are treated fairly as citizens.  The implementation of the law is just as important as the law itself.  The inherent evil nature of Arc_malcolm_X_3KV.jpgWhite “Americans” prevented us to get justice.   We are still dependent on the evil nature of Whites “Americans” to implement the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments justly.  I may add, the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution was to abolish physical slavery.  Nothing was done to eliminate the mental slavery that exists in most Black/African Americans minds today.  “Double Standards” was a term used a lot in the late seventies and eighties.   We as Black people need to resurrect that term.  “Double Standards” is how White “Americans” have been implementing unjust laws against Black people even when the law specified justice for all.   

However, Yes, I think we as a people should vote for a candidate that represents the best interest of Black/African Americans.  In the upcoming election in November 2012, I don’t think that there is a candidate that represents the best interest of Black Americans.   Voting for Obama is like voting for a closet version of Clarence Thomas.  Would you vote for Clarence Thomas?  The answer is hell no!  Obama is the pimp version of Clarence Thomas.  Obama has disrespected Black Americans and is currently taking the Black vote for granted.   Obama is only about show and he is getting most Blacks to vote for him based on his showmanship.  Appearing on the major “Black” radio talk shows, Obama is all show with no substance.  Dr. Bobby E. Wright talks about how Blacks people are more concern about show than about substance and Obama is exploiting that collective concern or worried about the appearance of the man than about the substance of the man.  Obama has done nothing for Black Americans while in office.  He’s more concerned about pleasing White people and every other race than his own.  As a matter of fact, he does not even consider himself a Black man.  Multi-racial is what he identifies with.   Whenever someone who is a product of an interracial relationship refers to him or herself as multi-racial, they automatically reject the Blackness within and identify with the White side through their actions and that’s what Obama is doing.  When that mixed person identifies with the White side he/she identifies with the continued perpetuation of white supremacy or Black oppression and exploitation.  Nothing good will come out of their actions in trying to change the current horrible reality that Black people live under each and every day.  Just look at the way Obama talked to and treated the Black Caucus at the Black Caucus convention.  He talked to them like they were children and basically told them to shut the hell up and stop complaining!  In addition, I will never forget his outburst on Father’s Day specifically attacking Black men on how irresponsible we were as fathers and never mentioning the crimes that White “Americans” participated in during slavery in collectively training Black men to think irresponsible or think with a slave mind.  In addition, the current generation of Whites is guilty for perpetuating the collective slave mind that resonates in most Black men today.  The White slave master forced and trained us to think like a slave during the 362 years of physical slavery and nothing was done collectively by White “Americans” to reverse the slave thinking that still exist in majority of Black men today.  Therefore, the current generation of Whites is guilty of the current mental condition of most Black men. I always like to bring up the lion analogy of our historical condition and it goes as follows: 

A lion is pursued in its natural habitat by its captures. Once the lion is caught, he is chained up and locked up in a cell. The lion is considered by its captors to be “wild”. Over a period of time the lion is trained to do tricks. The more the lion is conditioned and trained, the more the lion can be let loose somewhat to perform tricks in the circus. However, when the lion decides he wants to go back to his natural habitat and tries to break loose, he is shot dead. That is the current condition of Black people in this country. Just like the lion, we were pursued and taken away from our natural habitat. We were captured, chained, and caged on the plantation. For about 400 years we were trained to love everything White and hate everything Black. We were trained to please and be servants of Whites. Like the lion, once we were well trained we were “let free” to perform tricks for the American White man. Currently, African-Americans are performing in a circus, doing tricks for this White man. Once we decide to or try to free ourselves from this slave mentality within the circus, we are shot down in this country like the freedom fighters or our ancestors of the past.

My conscious don’t allow me to vote for this man again.   He is more concerned about Gay Rights and the immigration issues than about the well being of African Americans who were slaves in the United States for many, many, many years and helped America to become rich and powerful.  Even President’s Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson clearly identified what was needed to be done to get Black Americans back on their feet after the physical bondage of slavery.  President Kennedy initialed affirmative action and President Johnson forced the implementation of affirmative action when he signed the Executive Order #11246 on September 24, 1965. Yet, not one Executive Order from the first African American president was signed to help Black/African Americans, the ones who need help the most.  We as African Americans continue to be the foot stool and door mat for other people.  I refuse to vote for this man again in the next presidential election, my conscious will not allow me to.  Again, Obama is a product or an offspring of an interracial relationship which means he lacks concern about African American people.  His lack of action towards addressing the needs of Black/African Americans the past four years in office proves my point about offspring from interracial relationships.  The offspring of interracial couples will never be concerned about the well being of Black African people or people of African descent.  Just like Obama, interracial babies will not see themselves as Black people or will identify with people of Black African descent.  They will identify always with the White side of their family or as a multi-cultural person which is another word for a White person.  A multi-cultural person is not going to identify with any Black liberation causes.  Malcolm X once said, if you’re not part of the solution, your part of the problem.  When a Black person identifies with multiculturalism they are part of the problem.       

Creating a Pseudo-Black Consciousness

The emergence of Soledad O’Brien as the main investigator reporter for all Black issues was one of the first major steps that the White “American” covert community took in creating a pseudo Black Consciousness.  Her investigating reporting is weak at best and it does not get to the core root of Black people’s problems and issues.  Her reporting always end up blaming the victim for their problems and never points the finger to White “Americans” as a reason for our current problems towards Black unity and progress.  She always interviews Blacks who are not qualified to answer the most serious questions.   No Black man or woman should give this woman any credibility for her so-called investigating reporting.  She of course now claims to be Black.  After all these years on national TV  before she came out and said she was Black, I never saw her being sympathetic to any Black causes or issues while she anchored the NBC national TV morning news show for many years.  Even if you give her the benefit of doubt that she is Black, she is still married to a White man and according to the late great Dr. Bobby E. Wright, no Black man or woman should be in any leadership position if he/she marries a White person.   Therefore, under no condition should any Black man or woman give Soledad O’Brien any creditability or respect for her so-called investigation reporting.  It does not stop with Soledad, these Black radio shows who are primarily there to play music are not qualified to talk about serious issues affecting the Black community.  These radio shows are given a platform to talk about serious issues that they are not even qualified to talk about.  However, I do give Michael Baisden some credit for trying to make his radio show a platform for serious Black issues.  Even his show most of the time falls short and he or his guests are not qualified to discuss these serious issues.  I do have a message for Michael that really bothers me about his show and that is please for once can you promote Black Love instead of trying to persuade Back women to date outside the race?  Is it because you are trying to cover your own interracial relationship?  Interracial relationships are not only a relationship with a White man or woman but with Hispanics, Asians, Indians and any other minority group you can think of.  We need to throw this universal stuff in the garbage.   That universal approach does not help our people, it only hurts us.  Our experiences or problems in this country are unique.  Therefore our solution has to be unique to address our unique problems.  The oppressor and the oppressed have completely opposite experiences and problems.  The solutions to our problems have to be much different than that of the oppressor’s solutions. We have to figure out how to get the White “American” foot off of our necks. Therefore, it is no way in hell that we should think about any universal solution of joining with the oppressor.  It will never work and we will never solve our unique problem!

Again, there are two schools of thought, one based on thinking like a Blackman (oppressed) and the other thinking like a Whiteman (oppressor).  Again, the historical life experiences of Black Americans are far different from the historical experiences of White people.  Blacks historically experienced and continue to experience the evil brutal actions from White “Americans” throughout the history of the United States of America.  Therefore, the problems and the solutions of Black people have to be different from that of Whites.  Therefore, when a Blackman or Woman marries or intimately gets involved with a White person or any other race, they automatically endorse the continuation of White Racism, White Supremacy or they might as well join the Klu Klux Khan; because the core solution in countering Black genocide is rebuilding the Black African family unit.  The only way to rebuild the Black African family unit is through the relationship or union of the Black male and the Black female.  If you don’t have the goal of forming and maintaining Black relationships you are part of the problem and not the solution!  

The general Black representation in the media today is very weak.  There is virtually no one that I can think of that in the national and local media today that represent the true Black perspective other than Alkebulan Reference Center web site.  The only other strong and uncompromising web sites that I can think of are The Nation of Islam’s Final Call web site, and our partners; Men of Respect, RBG Think Tank and Reality Speaks web sites. These other Black media news reporters who are visible in the media today and participates in debating very serious issues that relate towards the lives of Black people are anti-historical, anti-Theoretical, and anti-Intellectual.   White “Americans” from the US covert community hand-picked these weak-ass Negroes to work and be visible at the national and local news stations.  These hand-picked Negroes are visible at these national televised debates without having any constructive insight on very serious Black related issues.  I may add that most of these hand-picked Negroes who lead these talk shows are married or only date White folks.  As a matter of fact, that is one of the criteria’s or reasons why they were hired in the first place.  I bet anyone that ninety-nine percent of Black people who are visible in the national or local media today are married to someone other than a Black person.     

Black-Brown and the Universal Coalition does Not Exist

Just like what Frank Morris said from the Colonial News article, the Black/Brown coalition only exists in the minds of Black Politicians.  Who coined the expression Black/Brown anyway?   Most Hispanics in this country are light, bright and damn near White or what I call “White” Hispanics.   Los Angeles is a microcosm of how the United States will look like in 3-5 years from now.  Just take a look at LA and you will see how Black Americans are being attacked by Hispanics and how the White companies are hiring Hispanics unjustifiably over African Americans.   We don’t need to be suckered into any Black-Brown coalition on any level.  Most “White” Hispanics already subscribe to the propaganda and lies that White “Americans” have historically used to make it seem like Blacks don’t want to work.  Literate Hispanics or Hispanics who master the English language are replacing Black workers at a record pace in the fields of mass media; in the entertainment industry and news reporting fields and not to mention, look what happened in major league baseball the last ten years.  You can’t find hardly any Black players in major league baseball anymore.  When I was growing up there were many Black baseball players playing in the major league.  What happened in major league baseball will happen or is currently happening in every professional field in the United States.   In White corporate American, literate Hispanic workers are replacing Black workers in the areas of social services and in the technology fields.  Most “White” Hispanics identify with White “Americans” than with Black Americans anyway.  White “Americans” see Hispanics as a less of a treat.  We as Black African-Americans collectively will be forced to identify with what my sister Miss Aisha Sekhmet says in one of her songs on her music CD “a way to build a nation that’s totally Black”.  Malcolm X was asked the question about joining a coalition with Hispanics and Mexicans Americans in the quest to attained freedom for all minorities during a round table discussion with Black leaders in the 1960’s.  Malcolm X said point blank and I paraphrase, I don’t give a damn about the Hispanics or Mexican Americans, the only concern that I have is in working to attain justice for the Black man.  So please don’t give me a Cesar Chavez “T” shirt to wear.  Cesar Chavez fought for his people and not for Black people.  I respect and understand what he did for his people in standing up for the rights of his people who worked on US farms across this country.  I will note that Chavez fought only for his people and justifiable so.  I will only wear Black revolutionary “T’ shirts of those brothers and sisters who fought, died and shed blood for our freedom.  I refuse to elevate any revolutionaries above them and that also includes the great Asian leader Mao Tse-tung.  Again, we don’t need to be suckered into any Black/Brown coalition or any Universal coalition that’s led by White “Americans” like the Wall Street protest.  All that Wall Street protest is about White people fighting over money from other White people.  Please don’t put any money or time in that protest.  Our struggle and cause must be a totally black based movement.  All of the significant movements of the past have been black based movements.   Marcus Garvey led one of the most followed black based movements that yielded and generated millions of jobs within the Black community.   The honorable Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of Islam which also produced millions of jobs and created multiple black based businesses.  You can even say the civil rights movement was a black based movement that was focused on the rights of the Black collective.      

The Local Conscious Twist

Since I was born in DC and raised in the DC area, I have to say something about the Godfather of Go-Go, Chunk Brown.  Like everybody who grew up in the DC area, Go-Go was the music we grew up on.  I remember going to see Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers concerts in Arlington Virginia at Drew Elementary school when I was in the 7th grade.  I was going to these dances following with my big brothers and sisters.  Yes, as early as the 7th grade?   That just tells you how much times have changed.  Chuck Brown, rest in peace brother.  You are with the ancestors now.  After Chuck died, what was disturbing to me was how people tried to describe what Go-Go music was and everybody who they interviewed who supposed to be an expert on Go-Go kept saying that the music was African and Latin based.  Latin based?  There is no Latin in Go-Go music.  It’s strictly African based and dominated by the African drum sound.   We can’t have nothing strictly Black or African?  Come on now.  Don’t do Go-Go music like that.  I describe Go-Go music as a revolutionary sound without revolutionary lyrics.  Hopefully, we can get one of our local DC bands to step up and add some revolutionary lyrics to the Go-Go sound.  Racism creeps in on music and everything else we do even in the local political and sports seen.  Racism is not something that’s perpetuated out of the sky, White “Americans” practice it every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of the day.  Let me say something about the current local political situation. Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray continues to take unjust heat from the White racist local media outlets.  When the Mayor stated in one of his acceptance speeches after he won the mayoral election that he intends to hired people in his administration that look like and represent the true Washingtonian.  He meant he was going to hired Black people as his core administration. I knew his administration was going to catch hell after that comment made news.  Unlike his predecessor, Mayor Fenty who hired everybody but Black people for his core structure of his administration, Mayor Gray hired mostly Blacks as his core makeup of his administration.  Mayor Fenty hired the MPD police Chief (White Woman), the school Chancellor (Asia woman) and his right-hand man (Hispanic man) or second in charge of the city affairs.  The current Mayor is catching heat basically from the White racist local media because he hired mostly Black people as his core administration.  This entire nick picking situation about whether his campaign over spent this or over spent that is not the real issue.   If you look hard enough to scrutinize any campaign, you will find honest mistakes anywhere.  Basically the White racist media and the US government investigation are trying to run Mayor Gray out of office because Mayor Gray is about helping Black people.  One of the things that the mayor is fighting against or is being investigated for is awarding a Black cleaning company over and Hispanic company.  These are things that the White racists ”Americans” in the local media as well in the White covert community is working 24/7 to get him out of office for.  Whites in the general public, the local media and the covert community want him out of office because Whites are moving back into the city (DC). Whites are taking over the city again and they are taking out anyone and everyone Black who has a general feel to do good things for Black people in the local political arena.  Everyone has weakness, and the white covert community knows the weaknesses of the local politicians and they are going after everyone Black that has a political agenda to help Black people in the city.  These are the same people who went after Marion Berry.  Marin Berry helped a lot of Black people in Washington DC while he was mayor and is currently helping Black people as a councilman.                    

Let me show you how racism works in the local sports seen that’s playing out as I am writing this.  White “Americans” are using these sports talk shows as mind control tools.  Let me specifically show you how this works.  They do the same thing on the corporate plantation.     This local story centers around three Washington Wizards players, Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and Andray Blatche.  I personality don’t know any of them.  Don’t know what they do off the court or what they like or dislike.  All I know is, the White sport show hosts on these local radio and TV shows talk negatively towards them every opportunity they get.  They were crushing these brothers every time I turned on any radio talk sports station.  They were receiving mild criticism since they have been playing for the Wizards but nothing like this past season’s criticism.  This season’s criticism by the local White media was off the chart.  Andray Blatche was even booed by the White fan base during the team’s home games at the Verizon Center.  When White talk show hosts and White local media outlet shows in general started to turn up the heat in criticizing these three Black athletes, the weak ass black talk show hosts and the blacks in the local media followed the White criticism.  Let me add, none of the three brothers were in trouble with the law.  There were no off the court foolish events going on with any of these basketball players.  There was no justification for criticizing any of the three.  Nick Young was the ONLY pure shooter on the team, why was he criticized?  There were a couple of games where Nick dropped over 40 points.  Not to mention, he was a significant reason why the Clippers won their first round playoff game this year after he was traded by the Wizards.   JaVale McGee was overly criticized unjustly for the alley Oop basketball dunk that he gave to himself during one game. He also threw the basketball in the stands in another game.   Andray Blatche got hurt and never recovered and was kind of in a shooting slump.  He was booed so much by the White fan base unjustifiably.  Instead of criticizing the White fan base, you had this slave reporter suggest to get rid of Andray because the booing was so embarrassing.  I may remind you Andray was picked in the second round of the NBA Draft a few years ago.  The Wizards White fan base should have booed Jan Vesely, the White European player that they drafted in last year’s NBA draft.  It was embarrassing to see Vesely play with no offensive skills yet he was picked as high as the sixth pick in the NBA Draft.  That pick may have been a wasted pick.  The black reporter should be criticizing the Wizards management for wasting so many picks over the years on trying to draft the next great White hope or another Larry Bird.  

Let me tell you the real reason why these players were run out of town.  Most NBA teams are being run like a slave plantation. The reason why the White media has treated them unfairly is because all three prefer to date Black women instead of white women. My guess is all three were dating smart cuties from Howard University.  All three were probably in a serious relationship.  So much so, they may have been close to marrying these smart women.  When marriage is close at hand that means babies and a family will follow.  Just like on the slave plantation when the White master sensed potentially strong Black family ties forming, the slaves were sold to another plantation.  The slaves were sold to prevent a strong Black family from forming.  That was the reasons why families were broken up and sold on the plantation to prevent strong Black relationships to form.  I am confident that was the real reason why the Wizards got rid of all three players.  These three NBA players make good money.  The money will help towards forming a strong Black family unit. That’s what really the local media outlet is afraid of.  They are participating in Black genocide right in front of our eyes.  RG III is loved by Whites in the local media because he likes White women and plans to marry a White woman.  The interracial family unit is no threat to the core structure of white supremacy.  If RG III was scheduled to marry a Black woman, he would have been criticized in everything that he did and he may not have been drafted as high as the number three pick in this year’s NFL draft.  RG III has not even taken a regular season snap yet and has already been crown king in this town.  I will not criticize all black sports talk show hosts as being weak minded because there are a few who are strong and don’t gave a damm what other people think and I applause them.  However, most Black sports talk show hosts and reporters in this town follow behind the White reporters so much so that they can smell their faults when the White sports writer’s passes gas.  Enough of the local spin……  Black to the critical analyzes at hand. 

The Fighting an Historical Environment of Genocide and Neglect

Majority of the Whites in the Washington DC city council pushed and voted to build a brand new high school for primarily Hispanics in Northwest part of the city.  Yet, no new schools were built for any of the African centric based schools in the city of Washington DC.   I know personally the African based school like NationHouse does a good job in educating our youth towards helping to liberate the slave mind.  However, most of these independent African based schools are operating on a shoestring budget in order to survive. White “Americans” were the ones who created the slave mind that currently exist within majority of African Americans minds today.  Yet, they build a new high school with tax payer’s money for Hispanics.  I was also informed by a former teacher who still substitutes from time to time in the Montgomery county school system, that White administrators and teachers will bend over backwards to help Hispanics students but don’t do “a damn thing” for African American students.  The substitute teacher also stated that they let Hispanics family members come in to the schools to be feed.  I also know that in the state of Maryland, Montgomery County specifically has a bilingual high school dedicated for Hispanics.  In addition, the Maryland State legislature approved a bill to allow immigrates to pay in state college tuition rates.  The impact of this bill passing will reduce the number of African Americans being accepted at state colleges and universities.  The action of White “Americans” in helping Hispanics and simultaneously continuing their neglect and hatred towards the African American community is by far a direct indication of their participation in the genocidal plan to eliminate African Americans.  In addition, Obama has focus his attention on gay rights and the rights of immigrates, mainly the plight of Hispanics in this country instead of focusing on the over 500 hundred year old problem of Black/African Americans obtaining justice while living in this country for so long.  As the president of the United States, Obama has skated over the historical Black American issue of obtaining justice in this country.  Obama has neglected all Black/African Americans.  Even Presidents J.F. Kenney and L. B. Johnson tried to address the past injustices of Black Americans through the implementation of affirmative action.  Even after Jerry Sandusky’s conviction of 45 child sex abuse charges from what he did while at Penn State where Sandusky raped mostly young Black boys under his organization that he established, Obama still made it be known of his recent stance for gay rights in going against the Boys Scouts’ internal policy of not allowing gays to be scout coordinators.  In addition, in the next few weeks, it is rumored that Obama will make all illegal immigrates citizens if they meet a certain criteria.  If making all illegal immigrates citizens becomes a reality, African Americans will be kicked out of the job market completely.  This level of neglect of not addressing the historical issues of working to obtain justice for Black/African Americans is incomprehensible and only contributes to the genocide plan that was put in place and enforced by White “Americans”.  Historically, every other group in this country that experienced injustices received reparations except Black/African Americans.  We as Black Americans were by far more physically brutalized and mentally stripped of the knowledge of our true culture yet made significant contributions towards making this country rich and powerful than any other group living in this country.  I may add that the brutality continues today towards African Americans living in this country.  Obama, Ward Coonerly and Clearance Thomas are your modern super duper slaves or the Three Stooges.   They are hopping around with one leg and one eye, inept to address or help Black/African Americans, yet are full strength when it comes to helping White people or any other people with different agendas.  The White “American” covert community along with the White general “American” public is the source on where this genocidal plan, the implementation of the genocidal plan and the hatred of Black Americans started.  The Three Stooges are just the slaves that are implementing it.  Based on empirical data, we have been hated by the evil nature of White “Americans” since we were forced to the United States as slaves.  It’s part of the nature of White “Americans” to hate Black Americans.  However, it does not mean we should hate White “Americans” back.  It’s not in our culture as Black Africans to hate any group of people and that includes White ”Americans” or any other group of people who lives in this country.  Hatred shows a lack of understanding.  You can, however, view White “Americans” as the devil and not hated them.  Does God hate the devil? I say no. God definitely does not subscribe to the devils ways.  However, God is completely opposite of the devil.  The devil hates but not God.  We as African Americans must follow God’s lead of Not Hating White “Americans” and at the same time not subscribing to White people’s ways or the devil ways.  Dr. Martin Luther King was on point with his No Hate movement in the 1960’s.  However, MLK missed the point when it came to self-defense and self-preservation.  You should not give up your life for a man made law. You should only give your life up for fighting for God’s law of self-preservation and life continuation.  When I was a student at Tuskegee University in the late eighties, a speaker from the Civil Rights era spoke to us about the marches that he participated in.  He questioned the ultimate goal of the marches due to what he shared with us.  He brought out a significant fact that I never heard before.  He said that during these marches, ninety-nine percent of the children who were arrested in these marches and put in jails were sexually molested.  He said that there were a significant amount of children arrested and molested during every march.  He stated, young lives were destroyed at a very high rate.  When I heard him emotionally describe what he had seen and what went on that none of the Civil Rights leaders wanted to address at that time, was astonishing.  I left that lecture totally depressed.  Self-preservation is the first law of nature.  I’m not risking my life for a man made law.  Man can easily change their laws right after you fight and die for that particular law.  I will only fight for God’s law of self-preservation and the continuation of life!      

Whites working in US Government Covert Agencies to destroy Black Based Businesses

I can say with confidence from empirical data that Whites within these U.S.  Government covert agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA are working to destroy Elements 4 Nature (E4N).  E4N has a potential to be a huge company and the White covert community knows it.  E4N merges the goals and objectives of three great men, Brook T. Washington, George Washington Carver and Marcus Garvey.  Each man goals were to empower the “Furthest Man Down” or the masses of poor Black people.  E4N focus and goals are to create jobs in the Black community and to use the master scientist wonderful inventions of Dr. George Washington Carver to help heal our people.  The United States government led by White “Americans” is on record to have brutality attacked and enslaved our people for so many years.  White “Americans” have not to date given Black Americans reparations for all of the evil that they have done to us in the past.  The nerve of them to attack Elements 4 Nature by specifically interfering with potentials deals that would better position the company to achieve our goals.  There are other evil things that the White covert community is doing to prevent the company from growing which I won’t mention at this point in this article.  The attacks that the White covert community has made just against E4N are blatant.  E4N reported weak sales last year, not because of the structure of the company, not because of the labels that we use on our products, not because of the web site design and definitely not because of the wonderful products that Dr. George Washington Carver invented, it’s because of the White covert community evil actions against E4N or Black based businesses in general.   The FDA is trying to get secret formulas from our partners, Natural Health Options (NHO).  NHO is the company who manufacture the Carver products.  They are trying to get NHO to reveal the specific formulas of Dr. Carver products so they can pass it on to the big business to neutralize the impact of our products.  Our resellers are getting influence by these government covert tactics.  Case in point, no business in their right mind would buy a wholesale product and all of a sudden stop displaying the product in their store unless that business is getting paid by another source not to display the product.  That tells me someone else is paying more to that particular business not to display the product in their store than they would make selling the product at a retail price in your store.  I’m not mentioning any of my resellers’ names.  However, all you have to do is add one plus one to know that the White “Americans” in these government covert agencies are active in trying to stop me from making Elements 4 Nature the company it needs to be to create jobs in our communities.      

Black Survival: Supporting Black own Businesses and growing Strong Black Families

Even through the White “American” covert community is working overtime in preventing Black based businesses to succeed; we have to continue to work hard to build and maintain Black based businesses.  The only way we will survive as a Black collective is through the implementation of Black Nationalism.   Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Amos Wilson, and Booker T. Washington, all endorsed  the “Do for self” or Nation building philosophy.  We need to follow these great men again collectively in order to survive.  Instead of the civil rights movement, we need a Black conscious or a Black Nationalist movement for survival of Black people across the United States.  By maintaining Black relationships in order to re-establish strong Black families is the only way we will survive.   We are constantly being attacked by Whites who are perpetuating interracial relationships in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Our best of our best are being drowned by Whites women, men, boys and girls on all levels starting from elementary schools to colleges.   The brightest of the brightest from future scientists to athletes who have the potential to be financially secured to developed strong Black families are marrying White men and women.  This is a strategic move by Whites “Americans” that we as Black Americans have not figured out yet.     

The Forces of Nature is the key to our Survival as Black/African Americans

Our survival in this country is not dependent on White “Americans” to change the way they treat arc_elijah_muhammad28.jpgand view us, It’s been over 500 years and nothing positive has come from White “Americans” on how they have treated  Black Americans. The evil nature of Whites “Americans” continues to do harm to us.  Our survival will come down to us supporting each other.  By supporting totally Black run based businesses and making a concerted effort to form strong Black relationships to eventually produce strong Black families, will be the reasons for our survival.  Continue to form strong Black families and fight off the trap to form interracial relationships as a way to develop “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.  As we work towards those goals, we also have to work to become more in tune with the Forces of Nature.  Black African people are an extension of the Forces of Nature.  God and the forces of nature are one.  The honorable Elijah Muhammad with his infinite wisdom said the following:  

“We cannot deal with the American Whiteman’s army and his science of modern warfare.  We can’t compete with it.  So, therefore, if we are dissatisfied, we have to take our dissatisfaction to one who can deal with him effectively and that’s God”.  

The Forces of Nature is God’s way of expressing himself/herself.  Our ancient Black African ancestors of ancient Egypt or Nubian used the forces of nature in their daily lives.  The forces of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire are going to help us get out of this situation of death and destruction here in America.  We need to recognize what our ancestors we able to do in the past.  In the past, our ancient African ancestors mastered the ability to utilize the forces of nature to benefit and strengthen the Black African family and community.  George GM James wrote one of the most important books in reconnecting Black people to our ancient Black Egyptians ancestors.  The Stolen Legacy was written by George GM James and published in 1932.  The Stolen Legacy book written by George G.M James states the following: 

“According to Herodotus, the Egyptians Priests possessed super-natural powers, for they had been trained in the esoteric philosophical of the Greater Mysteries, and were experts in Magic.  They had the powers of controlling the minds of men (hypnosis), the power of predicting the future (prophecy) and the power over nature.  (i.e. , the power of Gods) by giving commands in the name of Divinity and accomplishing great deeds.  Here it might be well to mention that the Egyptian Priests were the first genuine Priests of history, who exercised control over the laws of nature”.

There is no power stronger than that of the Forces of Nature.  The White “American” covertarc_forces_of_Nature333.jpg community controls and has access to all the other resources.  However, they don’t control nature and will never control nature.  My mistake, they are controlling nature to some degree through their control over us.  We as the Black Conscious Community needs to turn up the heat and do what our ancestors in the past has done in utilizing nature for the self-preservation and continuation of our race!  Earthquakes, Tornados, Snowstorms, Rainstorms, Thunderstorms, Thunder and Lightning, Hurricanes, and volcano eruptions are products of the forces of nature.  The forces of the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are the core elements that make up the forces of nature. 
I try to say my prayers at least every night or sometimes three or four times a day.  The prayer that I use, I would like to share with the conscious Black Nation because it incorporates the forces of nature.  The prayer goes as follows:

                                                      Blackman’s Prayer of Resurrection
Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the natural forces of the Earth (Geb) within me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the natural forces of the Water (Tefnu) within me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the natural forces of the Air (Shu) within me. 

So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to utilize the natural forces of the Earth (Geb) within me to heal and strengthen my body.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to utilize the natural forces of the Water (Tefnu) within me, to heal and strengthen my Soul.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to utilize the natural forces of the Air (Shu) within me to heal and strengthen my Spirit.

So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun and destroy those who are trying to destroy me and my family.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural Forces of the Earth (Geb) on those who are trying to destroy me. 

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural Forces of the Water (Tefnu) on those who are trying to destroy me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural Forces of the Air (Shu) on those who are trying to destroy me.
So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun, and destroy those who are trying to destroy me, my family and my community. 

                                                                           Amen RA!
                                                                           Amen RA!
                                                                           Amen RA!

There are more prayers that I used.  However, that is a shorten version that I used a lot.  I am working on a current project to explain in detail what I mean in all of my prayers that I used.  Praying is powerful and will be a significant tool to make our connection stronger with the Forces of Nature.  However, the most significant tool to increase the strength of the connection with the Forces of Nature is following Maat or the 42 Declarations of Innocence. Maat is the Black African code of conduct that our ancient Black Nubians ancestors followed for thousands of years.  The building of the great pyramids of Giza and most of the significant scientific arc_forces_nature_tstorm3a.jpgadvancements that came out of ancient Egypt or Nubian came as a result of our ancient Black African ancestors diligently following Maat.  We as Black African people are already connected to the Forces of Nature; however, the power is dormant or asleep in most Black African people.  The proper utilization of the Forces of Nature is the only thing that will only get us out of the mess that we are currently in.  Just like the honorable Elijah Muhammad has so correctly stated.  Once we increase our power or become more in tune with the Forces of Nature collectively, we as a people will be in a better position to defend ourselves.  It will get to a point collectively that every time a White “American” does something terrible against a Black/African American who is strongly connected to the Forces of Nature, it will trigger a tornado or a thunderstorm that would either destroy that White person instantly or destroy one of his/her family members.  You might say isn’t the White person’s family member innocent of the crime that was done?  Yes, his family member is innocent.  However, that does not protect his innocent family member from the forces of nature or the wrath of God.  We as Black Americans were also innocently born into slavery continuously for hundreds of years, but that did not protect our innocent babies from being brutalized by the physical slave system of yesterday and the mental slave system of today.  Currently, we as Black/African Americans are innocently born every day into this American racist society and are systematically and unjustly judged and hated towards a path that leads to death and destruction. Therefore, the innocent seeds of White “Americans” cannot and will not escape from the forces of nature or the wrath of God.  Nor will the Black woman/man be saved who is secretly or openly intimately involved with a White man/woman or any other man or woman and not diligently working to rekindle the Black Love that we once collectively had and must collectively re-establish in order to survive.  The forces of nature are real and powerful.  All the resources that the US White “American” covert community has access to cannot stop the Forces of Nature from doing harm to White “Americans” for their past and present negative actions against Black /African Americans.  Really, we as Black African people who are strongly in tune and connected with the Forces of Nature are unstoppable.

The State of Emergency is a four part series highlighting the real time Genocide of Black African people living in the United States.
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