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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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ARC_8.jpgState of Emergency Part II: 
Black Relationships/Black Family is in Serious Jeopardy for Survival 

   By: Jon Adkins


I want to start off by thanking all of my Black sisters and brothers who currently have Black husbands or wives and are blessed to have children from that union.  Our Black children/seeds are truly our future. 


I want to emphasize that since I was trained at Tuskegee to be a scientist, specifically an electrical engineer, I will take a scientific approach in writing about this topic.  The scientific approach combined with the historical perspective is what I will use to shed light on this serious topic of the survival of Black male/female relationships.  Out of all of the blogs written in the State of Emergency Blog series, the survival of the union of the Black male/female is by far the most important.  Although I will shed light on the structure of Black male/female relationship during our glory days in ancient Egypt, most of the focus will be on the peripheral historical negative impacts on Black male/female relationships, as in for instance, the breaking up of our families during physical slavery, inter-racial marriages and courtships, AIDS, homosexuality/lesbianism, bisexuality and the Prison Industrial Complex.  These are very serious and crucial topics towards our survival as a Black family and/or community.  I tried to keep this blog as short as I could, but it ended up much longer than I anticipated.  I could have published this as a scientific research paper or a book.  However, these issues that negatively impact on Black male/female relationships must be addressed and exposed to the world. Ninety percent of this information presented in this blog is based on facts and the other ten percent is logically deduced from those facts.  There are sensitive issues discussed in this blog that will offend a lot of people, especially people who currently are involved in an inter-racial relationship.  It's not my intent to upset anyone. There is no hatred in my heart towards any individual or a particular ethnic group, however, the truth must be told and the survival of our people is beyond any individual or a particular ethnic group personal feelings or beliefs.     


We are at a time in history where the Black family is being viciously attacked by Whites living in America.  Whites are using highly sophisticated war tools of deceit to implement genocide on our race, the Black race.  The use of these high sophisticated war tools of deceit is being implemented through mentacide under the title names of diversity, multi-culturalism, and the colorless movement or what Dr. Amos Wilson calls a "universal" movement.  Mentacide is defined as the destruction of a groups mind with the total goal of destroying that particular group.  One of the leaders by example of the colorless movement is "King Colorless", President Obama.  Obama should have appointed a Black woman to the Supreme Court.   I am convinced that the reason he did not appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court is because he does not view himself as a Black man.  Oh yes, he uses all of the Black lingo like most White people do these days to make it appear that he's down for Black causes and Black people, however, his perception of himself is colorless or bi-racial.  Colorless and bi-racial are one of the same.  To think colorlessly is to be blind towards the past and present injustices imposed on Black people by Whites.  To think colorlessly is to be also blind to the racist system (White supremacy) in which Whites operate under to continue their injustice against Black people. White supremacy is the foundation, root and core of what is called America.  Out of all the minority groups of women, Black women are the most qualified to be a Supreme Court justice because our women have experienced more discrimination than any other female group in the history of this country.  This colorless agenda is killing our people and is being used as a major tool by Whites in America for genocidal purposes against our race.  Now I have a better understanding of why Whites in America pushed to get Obama elected as president of the United States.  Whites in America are participating in the greatest plan of deceit and murder in the history of mankind. Again, Whites are implementing a highly sophisticated plan of mentacide/genocide on our people.  Other names for the genocidal actions from Whites towards us include White supremacy, institutional racism, and White nationalism.  The mentacide/genocide actions by Whites in this country toward the Black family have been devastating because their actions of genocide are so well disguised.  For the purposes of this blog, I will focus only on Whites' genocidal activities as they relates to Black male/female relationships.  The colorless movement in America helps to conceal the genocide or what I call "targeted" genocidal activities that were created and engineered by Whites in America for the purposes of destroying the Black family.  One intricate war strategy that Whites in this country use as part of the colorless movement that is destroying the Black family structure is inter-racial marriages and relationships.  One of the greatest obstacles in re-uniting the Black male and female together again and thus re-developing a strong Black family is inter-racial relationships.  Dr. Bobby E. Wright stated in one of his speeches, "Sanction (socially ostracize) completely and refuse to support those Blacks who marry and cohabit with Whites and members of other races". Which means a Black person should not have inter-racial relationships with any of the following races; Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, Indians (from India), Mexicans and Europeans (Whites).  The most deadly, however, out of all inter-racial relationships that a Black person can get involved with is with a European or a White person.  Our people don't realize the magnitude of what's happening to our Black families.  We as Black people don't realize that when Black relationships are in jeopardy, the Black family, Black culture and the Black nation are also in jeopardy.  Our whole existence is in jeopardy.  The culture that we produce is in jeopardy.  For instance, Black Love music is a direct product of the love experiences between the Black man and the Black woman.  You would not have the beautiful passionate love songs/music if it were not for the love shared between the Black man and woman. Get rid of Black relationships, you will eliminate the deep and passionate love songs/music that we all grew up on and some of us currently listen to.  If you take a closer look at today's music, you can see the connection between the current status of the Black male/female relationships and the current state of Black music.  The love songs and the people who sing them have significantly been reduced from past years solely because of the current weak state of Black male/female relationships.  The created force which produced strong Black music in the past is directly related to the state of Black male/female relationships. 


It's no secret why the 1960's produced so many strong and powerful love songs.  Blackwoman_Blackman2.jpgDuring the sixties and early seventies, the collective Black consciousness was at the highest level since we have lived in this country.  Those love songs written in the sixties and early seventies without any question was due to the higher collective conscious levels or stronger love experiences between Black men and women.  From the deep pulsating music of the old school groups like the O'Jays, Isley Brothers, Chi-Lites, Delfonics, Stylistics, Blue Magic and the Temptations to the solo performers like Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin, these artists and groups produced strong and powerful Black love songs.  These love songs are directly related to the unity between the Black man and woman.  The music from the sixties time frame produced more creative songs from the soul. That's why it was called soul music for a long period of time until it was replaced by rhythm & blues and hip hop.  Again, during the sixties time frame, our collective consciousness as black people was at the highest level in this country.  Black pride was high: "Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud".  Self-love was high: "the bigger the Afro the better".  The love between the Black man and woman was the strongest during any other period of the 1900's. Again, that high collective consciousness and love for each other led to more powerful and a creative Black love songs.  The love that was shared between the Black man and woman during the sixties was much stronger than it is today. However, we are nowhere near in strength levels of the Black Love in ancient times experienced between Rameses II (Black man) and Nefertari II (Black woman).  That's the love we need to return back to.  Black love is real and powerful.  Black love is that natural harmonic melanin chemical reaction shared between the Black man and woman that cannot be replaced or substituted by any other racial group of people, especially not White people.  The melanin molecule is the core or the root chemical that naturally ties the Black man and woman together through the body, soul, and spirit.  There is more melanin in the brain than in any part of the body including our skin.   The love shared between Nefartari II and Ramases II is an example of how powerful love between the Black man and woman can become again.  The Black Love shared between Nefartari II and Rameses II is the same love currently within us that produced advance scientific discoveries which resulted in the design and building of many pyramids including the Great Pyramids of Giza.   Get rid of Black male/female relationships and you will eliminate Black Culture and that true and special Black music or soul music that we produce.   You will only be left with fake-ass music and songs by White boys like Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Eminem.  Foolish Black artists continue to support, collaborate and tour with these fake ass White artists.  These foolish Black artists still collaborate with Justin Timberlake who ripped Janet Jackson's top off and exposed her breast on national and international TV.  That act alone by Justin Timberlake was a continued perpetuation of giving any or all White men the green light in disrespecting and literally raping any sister at any time of day, even in broad daylight without any negative repercussions toward that White man or the modern slave master.  Instead of "Black" radio focusing on not playing Chris Brown's music, "Black" radio should be focused on not playing any of Justin Timberlake's music and any music by Black artists who collaborate with Justin Timberlake.  "Black" radio, what's your reality?  Whites who imitate Black music are nothing but copy cats.  They spend years and years practicing to sound like us.  This is just fake-ass or artificial music from White boys/girls who don't possess the "Souls of Black Folks".  


Whites want to destroy or control Black singers who focus on singing love songs that unite the Black man and woman.  As a matter of fact, there is a "colorless music movement" solely designed to kill true Black music and the artists that produce true Black music. They want to destroy any music that would create an environment that naturally re-unites the Black man and woman.  Baby-making music is what Whites want to eliminate or significantly reduce.  Just take a look at some of the recent activities among the past and present "love song" performers who have either died all of a sudden or have been locked up or almost locked up.  Most of the following singers who focused on what is called "baby-making music" died suddenly:


1. Luther Vandross

2. Barry White

3. Gerald Levert 

4. Isaac Hayes 


Ernie Isley was locked up for the past three years.  "R" Kelly avoided jail time, possibly by agreeing to include more Hispanics in his music and videos.  There is a move by the enemy to coerce Black singers to move towards the "colorless music movement" by having Black song writers to include White and Hispanics performers on collaboration projects which would include them participating in songs and videos.                 


As mentioned before, Black male and female relationships are currently under attack through the significant increase of inter-racial relationships.  This is a strategic war strategy to destroy what's left of our identity as a race and to eventually wipe out our race. It's basically the implementation of mentacide.  This is what Dr. Bobby E. Wright, the greatest social scientist of our time, warned us about 30 years ago.  Again, mentacide is defined as the total destruction of a group's mind for the purposes of the elimination of that group.  This inter-racial attack is targeted at destroying our Black race through primarily the path of exploiting our Black women.  White men are aggressively going after our women, the most fertile of our women I may add, primarily for cloning and experimentation purposes and to block us (Black men) from uniting with the most fertile of our women or "the cream of the crop".  This is war, people, specifically a race war!  We are not just under attack.  We are being ambushed!   We are being ambushed because the average Black brother or sister is not aware of the fact that we are even under attack.  We have not collectively identified Whites who live and work in America as being the ones who constructed a well-disguised attack on us as a people.  We don't realize the significance of their raid on our people specifically White men towards our Black sisters.   Most of our people take a kindergarten perspective on inter-racial relationships.  The reactions from most of our people after seeing a Black sister with a White boy is and I paraphrase "If you love somebody, color should not matter".   This is a kindergarten analysis and the thinking of a slave.  A slave thinker thinks for the benefit of White people (slave master) and not for the benefit of self.  The results from inter-racial relationships/marriages only benefit White people or White supremacy.  Inter-racial relationships/marriages destroy Black identity and any hope of re-developing or re-constructing the Black family.  I will go into more details later in this blog on the negative impacts of inter-racial relationships.  However, in order to fully understand the current state of the Black male/female relationships, we must go back in history to find out what happened to the unity and strong relationship between the Black male and female, the Black Family and the Black Nation.  We must go back in history in order to fully understand our current situation as it relates to the Black male/female relationships. 


Our history trail starts off with the greatest Black love story in history, Nefartari II and Rameses II.  During the 19th dynasty or the 19th dynastic period, Rameses II and Nefartari II were the greatest king and queen to ever rule ancient Egypt (Kemet). Rameses II and Nefartari II, the Black PictureKemet_ARC_2007_Nefertari_II.jpgcouple ruled Egypt for 66 years, longer than any king and queen in history.  The union of Rameses II and Nefartari II produced over 200 children.  In the 19th dynasty, there were much cultural and scientific advancement, consistent with previous ancient Egyptian dynasties.  Let me say something about culture.  Culture is basically whatever principles, concepts and/or beliefs a specific group of people and/or society choses to live by.  Those principles, concepts and/or beliefs are a reflection of the nature of that group or personality of that group.  Which means that collective group will only utilize certain principles, concepts and/or beliefs that will make that particular group grow stronger. PictureARC_Kemet.jpgTherefore, living the true and natural culture of that group will make that individual, family, community and/or society grow and become stronger.  The true and natural culture of that group is continued on and is passed down from one generation to the next.  Each generation will get stronger by practicing their true and natural culture that was defined and passed down by their ancestors or the previous generation.  The African/Black culture in ancient Egypt during the rule of Nefartari II and Rameses II was consistent with all ancient African/Black cultures used and practiced before them.  The ruleships of Nefartari II and Rameses II was consistent with previous African/Black rulerships in Egypt by using Maatas the culture or the cultural code of conduct to live by.  Based on historical records from research conducted by Dr. Yoself ben-Jochannan, who is by far the greatest historian of our time, we know that the rulership of Nefartari II and Rameses II was during the 19th dynasty.  Maat, which is the cultural code of conduct for all Black/African people in the past and now in the present, produced 42 laws or 42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative of Confessions.  The core foundation of Maat is defined as TruthJustice, and Righteousness.  However, there are seven principles of Maat.  Maat was religiously practiced by our Black ancient Egyptian ancestors starting at least before the 3rd dynasty and well after the 19th dynasty.  If you do the math and calculate the years of practicing or implementingMaat from the 3rd dynasty to the 19th dynasty, we as Black/African people have been living by or following Maat religiously for over 2,000 years.  Maat, the 42 laws or 42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative Confessions was and still is the code of conduct for Black/African culture.  The current generation of Black Africans needs to return to Maat as our true culture or the cultural code of conduct to live by and practice it religiously like our ancient ancestors did in the past.  The 42 laws were so important to our ancient Black/African ancestors that each major law was established as a city or a province.  The God-King divided Egypt/Kemet land into 42 different provinces or states and each province was named as one of the 42 major laws.  The landmass was divided up the same way as the United States in naming the 50 different states.  Maat was embedded as the core code of conduct within our true culture.  Maat was and still is our core culture.  Our ancestors followed Maat religiously for thousands of years so much so we can safely conclude that Maat is currently part of the Blackman's DNA.  The following is a list of the 42 major laws: 


42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative Confessions


I have not done wrong to people


 I have not committed acts of impurity or sodomy

  2 I have not committed robbery with violence


I have not terrorized anyone


I have not stolen


I have not transgressed


I have done no murder; I have done no harm


I have not been hot-tempered


I have not done evil


I have not been deaf to the words of truth


I have not begun the day by demanding more work than is due me


I have not eaten my heart (done anything to my regret)


I have not stolen God's property


I have not been violent


I have not spoken lies


I have not caused strife


I have not stolen food


I have not been impatient


I have not caused anyone pain


I have not eavesdropped


I have not committed fornication


I have not been talkative


I have not caused anyone hunger


I have not done evil


I have not caused anyone to weep


I have not cursed or opposed the King


I have not killed anyone


I have never fouled the water


I have not commanded anyone to kill


I have not raised my voice


I have not caused anyone to suffer


I have not cursed or opposed God


I have not discussed secrets


I have not exalted myself


I have not set my lips in motion (against any man)


I have not stolen [destroyed] divine offerings


I have not been angry and wrathful except for a just cause


I have not stolen the offerings of the departed ones


I have not had intercourse with a married woman


I have not taken bread from a child or blasphemed the God of my city


I have not had intercourse with a married woman  (twice)


42 I have not killed sacred cattle

Let's look at the application of Maat as it relates to the Black male/female relationship.  Maat, the code of conduct numbers eleven, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two specifically tells us that we as Black Africans should not fornicate, commit adultery, interfere with another's man wife and commit sodomy.  These identified numbers of Maat specifically deals with procreation.   Our ancestors emphasized and understood that there is nothing more sacred or significant than the perpetuation of creation through procreation.  The original concepts of the Immaculate Conception and/or the Virgin Birth started in the ancient Black African Culture and were practiced by a number of generations of Black African people.  The Virgin Birth concept was practiced by numerous generations of African/Black people.  The implementation of the Virgin Birth concept was as follows: 
  • The female (wife) had to be a virgin (pure) and the male (husband) had to be a virgin (pure)
  • The conception of a child from both the pure wife and the pure husband produced a pure child or a Virgin Birth
  • The Virgin Birth, Immaculate Conception and the Holy Trinity are one of the same.  The Immaculate Conception and/or Holy Trinity were defined as the following:

              o Father (pure)
              o Mother (pure)
              o Child (pure)

This Immaculate Conception concept was practiced throughout ancient African/Black Culture during the time of Christ.  The Holy Trinity is also another name for the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth.  The original Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept was iBlack_love_5_Arc_blogs.jpgmplemented by our ancient Black ancestors by using Osiris (father), Isis (mother) and Horus (Child).  Christianity was started and implemented by our ancient Black ancestors using the Virgin Birth concept which was practiced and implemented by the North African Church.  Christianity was started by two Black Africans named Pantheous and Botheous.  These two Black Africans started the Christianity that was implemented by the North African Church.  (Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan writes and talks about this in many of his books and speeches.  Dr. Yoself ben-Jochannan again is the greatest historian and egyptologist of the 21st century).  No one compares to this man in the knowledge of Black African history world-wide.   The North African Church existed for a few hundred years and practiced the Virgin Birth concept until the Roman Empire invaded Egypt and changed the original implementation of the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept during the Nicene Conference in 325 AD.  During the Nicene Conference, Whites/Europeans changed most of the significant Black African concepts within Christianity to European concepts.  They changed Christianity that was founded by Pantheous and Botheus and practiced by the North African Church to reflect their White/European culture.  During the Nicene Conference they took out all the dates of the Bible and they removed 18 books out of the Bible, one being the book of Mary.  The Nicene Conference also changed the birth place of Jesus from Ethiopia to Jerusalem.


Our history trail points us back to what we need to do to strengthen our Black male/female relationships and reconstruct the black family.  To strengthen the Black male/female relationships, we must return to practicing our moral or cultural code of conduct as defined by our ancient and wise ancestors as being Maat.  Maat is what made us great and Maat will return us to greatness.   We have to implement the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept once again within the structure of all of our relationships.  However, even if you missed that opportunity of producing a Virgin Birth you still need to follow Maat and not fornicate and commit adultery.  You still can produce powerful offspring if you pattern your life afterMaat.  Living a righteous life is the key to self-preservation for our people.  We as Black males and females must to remain pure (virgins) before we get married.  That is how geniuses are born or produced.  That is how God-like children are born or produced. That's how the exceptional scientists, leaders, and athletes of our race are born.  Just check out what the Black star football, basketball or track athletes are saying in their interviews.  Mostly all of them say, "I was blessed with God-given talent."  Well, the god and the goddess were his/her parents who practiced and implemented the Virgin Birth concept during the time of his/her birth.  This was a practiced that was mastered by our ancient ancestors for over 2,000 years and carried on from one generation to next generation until we were enslaved as a people by Whites.  Maat was and still is the core haile_selassie_ARC_Blogs.jpgessence of our culture.  Based on the implementation of Maat, we produced great people of vast intelligence through the Virgin Birth concept. Now, we produce gods/goddesses on a hit or miss basis.  Mostly misses, I may add.  Even-though the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept  was mastered and perfected in ancient Egypt, it was practiced all throughout the continent of Africa up until the time the White man conquered, colonized and enslaved us globally.  The strong conviction to remain pure before marriage is still practiced by our Black African sisters and brothers of Ethiopia.  To remain a virgin (pure) before marriage is practiced religiously by our beautiful Black sisters of Ethiopia whom I call, "Zion Daughters".  It makes sense because thanks to Emperor Haile Selassie who fought against the Italians, Ethiopia was the only country on the African continent that was not colonized by the Europeans.  That explains why the Virgin Birth concept is still practiced religiously in Ethiopia.  However, this modern day devil, the White man, is working overnight to destroy the strong moral convictions that still exist within our Black African sisters and brothers of Ethiopia.  Maat was and still is the core foundation of all African/Black Culture.  When you go against Maat, specifically laws number eleven, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two, you reduce your ability to produce exceptional children. 


Let's continue on our history trail as it relates to the Black male/female relationships, the following events occurred: 

  • The White man or European forced us out of our homeland through the destructive use of gun-powder.  Gun-powder was discovered by us for peaceful purposes and Whites used it to kill and enslave us.
  • Through the African Slave Trade or the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade or Maafa (Black Holocaust) from the period of 1501 to 1866, Whites or Europeans transported us from Africa to North America and South America via the Caribbean.  Whites killed millions of Black lives during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  Some estimations are between 50 - 100 million Black lives were lost during the transport. Once in North America, Whites brought us through a systematic process in order to make us a slave.
To summarize the process which converted the once proud and strong Black man and his family to physical slaves and currently to mental slaves, the following actions took place on the physical plantation between the years of approximately 1555-1886: 

According to the Whitman’s history books, the first slaves arrived in America in 1607.  However, our African ancestors were brought over to North America and the Caribbean’s long before 1607. Whites tortured us on the physical slave plantation in America.  Once on the the physical slave plantation, Whites forced us to forget our culture (Maat) and to live under the White European Culture.  What suffered significantly on the physical plantation was Black male/female relationships.  Whites knew what made us strong (Maat).  Therefore, they also knew what made us weak (not following Maat).  In order to increase the labor force (which would increase his profit), the White slave master forced the Black man to procreate.  However, the slave master wanted the Black man to reproduce or make babies on the plantation without any love, commitment or attachment to the Black mother-to-be.  Therefore, in order to please the slave master you had to produce many babies under the parameters that he set.  This meant that the Black man hardly knew the Black women he was impregnating on the physical plantation.  This was the way of life on the plantation that went on for several hundred years.  Close to 400 years of conditioning that produced the mental slave state of most Black males today.  This mental slave state is entrenched in over 90% of Black males living in America today.  Manhood for the Black man was redefined on the physical plantation by Whites or the White slave master.  We as Black men today continue to live by that definition of manhood as defined by the White slave master on the physical plantation.  We as Black men continue to measured manhood by how many women you can fornicate with.  Most young Black males grow up with this enormous pressure to get as much "pussy" as they can in order to be respected and considered ”men”.  Fornication, which is contrary to Maat or how our great ancient ancestors lived in the past, is now the measurement of manhood for Black males.  The goal of Whites or the slave master on the physical plantation was to make sure we as Black people did not follow or live by our natural culture (Maat) that was laid down by our ancient ancestors. Therefore, the slave master made it a goal to rape the bride-to-be before every marriage (that he was aware of on the physical plantation).  Which meant the husband-to-be did not have a chance to consummate the marriage with the woman that he loved.  By raping the future wife, the White slave master would eliminate any true union (Virgin Birth/Holy Trinity) or balanced love between a Black man and woman.  This consistently wicked act of raping the wife to be by the slave master would significantly reduce the chance of true and lasting love shared between the Black man and woman.  In addition, it would also significantly reduce the chance of any Black couple producing Black geniuses or exceptional children.  The White slave master's focus on the physical plantation was to prevent the production of any Black geniuses/children or virgin births produced by a pure union between the Black man and woman.  If the slave master suspected any pure unions between the Black man and woman that would produce a Virgin Birth or a child of genius potential, he would either sell the woman or the man and would castrate the child if he was a male.  That was the sole reason why families were broken up on the physical plantation, to prevent the production of virgin births.  Case in point, I can say with confidence that Dr. George Washington Carver was born of a pure union from his mother Mary and his father.  The story is told that baby Carver and his mother and father were kidnapped by slave kidnappers.  The slave kidnappers killed his father and castrated baby Carver.  His mother Mary was never found again.  The White slave master knew baby Carver was a gifted child born from a Virgin Birth union and that's why he was castrated.  That's also why Dr. George Washington Carver never married and while he was working on the plantation as a slave, he worked with and around White women which is definitely an indication that he was castrated.  Mostly all if not all Black males who worked around White women on the physical plantation were castrated.  Whites looked to castrate all gifted Black children on the plantation and prevented virgin births from happening.  Whites continue to work on the modern plantation to prevent virgin births to be produced.  According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing as part of the requirement for young White males to reach manhood, they must have sex with a Black female.  I will take that a step further and say as part of White boy's requirement to reach manhood they must have sex with a Black virgin female.  This requirement also applies for young White females to reach womanhood is to have sex with a Black virgin male.  Most exceptional or gifted Black children are neutralized by young White kids starting as early as elementary schools and continued in middle schools, high schools and colleges.  Currently, the brightest of the brightest of our kids are targeted.  This is consistent from what happened on the physical plantation.  The slave master raped the wife-to-be before consummation of the marriage occurred with the man she truly loved.  In addition, once a gifted or Virgin Birth Black child is produced on the modern plantation, Whites work 24/7 to castrate them all.  Castration today of the Black gifted males/females is done by the Kold Kalculated Killers (KKK), the new KKK who targets gifted Black youth by either outright murdering them through the Prison Industrial Complex or by the Modern Drug Trade System. 


The making of a slave was a scientific process conducted in America by Whites or the White slave master.  This scientific process was to make us a slave and to keep us a slave.  The Willie Lynch letter to keep us a slave is well known within the Black Conscious Community.  However, what is not well known is the scientific process that was used to seriously impair two of our five senses.  Our five senses consist of the ability to hear, see, smell, feel, and taste.  The effective ability to listen and see (understand) was seriously systematically impaired on the physical plantation.   This was done systematically in America on the plantation so much so that Whites produced legislation to deem us 3/5ths of a human being.  Three fifths was not a random number that they just pulled out of the sky, but it was a number based from a scientific systematic process that they practiced on us while on the plantation to make us slaves and to currently keep us as slaves. It is clear that our ability to listen was significantly impaired on the physical plantation.  For instance, how can a Black man or woman learn and/or excel "educationally” in these colleges and universities and attain many degrees (BS, MS, and PhD) yet not be at all conscious of the reality that we are currently mental slaves and still in captivity in North America?  When debating someone with a majority slave mind and who has advance degrees, you can clearly make a point to him or her;  However, instead of them ingesting the knowledge and learning from the information, they will cut off all communication and shut down mentally. As mentioned earlier, 90% of this information presented in this blog or scientific research paper is based on facts and the other 10% is logically deduced from those facts.  I'm sure that most of our people reading this blog may have stopped and started several times before getting to this point. Most of our people still think with that slave mind and a small percent of our people think with a conscious mind.  So it is obvious that some of us are still operating with only 3 of their 5 senses.  The Black, conscious-minded people will lead some of our people out of this mess that were in.  However, just like all of the stories in the Bible dealing with transitioning from a wicked world to a righteous world, the small minority who were conscious of the Biblical messages were saved.  The large majority who were not conscious of the Biblical messages were destroyed with the devil. 


I used the Lion analogy to simplify or summarize us (Blacks) in becoming a slave and remaining a slave in my blog "Obama: President or Puppet," and it goes like this:

A lion is pursued in its natural habitat by its captoures.  Once the lion is caught, he is chained up and locked up in a cell.  The lion is considered by its captors to be “wild”.  Over a period of time the lion is trained to do tricks.  The more the lion is conditioned and trained, the more the lion can be let loose somewhat to perform tricks in the circus.   However, when the lion decides he wants to go back to his natural habitat and tries to break loose, he is shot dead.  That is the current condition of Black people in this country.  Just like the lion, we were pursued and taken away from our natural habitat.  We were captured, chained, and caged on the plantation.  For about 400 years we were trained to love everything White and hate everything Black.  We were trained to please and be servants of Whites.  Like the lion, once we were well trained we were “let free” to perform tricks for the American White man.  Currently, African-Americans are performing in a circus, doing tricks for this White man.  Once we decide to or try to free ourselves from this slave mentality within the circus, we are shot down in this country like the freedom fighters or our ancestors of the past.  

I am convinced that something systematically was done to us collectively on the physical plantation to significantly impair our ability to effectively listen to the right things we need to hear, in order to free ourselves from this psychological slavery.  If your ability to listen was significantly impaired it automatically impairs your ability to see or to understand at a higher level.  The "Blacks are 3/5th of a Human Being" legislation that Whites wrote in America was based on what was done systematically to us on the physical plantation.  Whites know why we as Black people are not collectively making the progress at the rate we need to overcome what Dr. Na'im Akbar calls, the psychological effects of slavery.  In addition to overcoming the psychological effects of slavery, we have to deal with the traps and tricks from Whites in this country on a daily basis that keeps us down.  That's why it's easy for me to conclude that Whites in America are devils.  Whites are the devils that the Bible talks about in the book of revelations.  It's easy to make that conclusion because Whites know all the negative things that they forced on us on the physical plantation that became a way of life or part of our collective thinking today.  Whites have not helped us collectively get out of this situation.  To date, Whites in America have never acknowledged what they did to us systematically on the physical plantation and they never made an attempt over the past 500 years to alter, correct or change what they did to us in the past and what they are currently doing to us today.  In addition, Whites are currently implementing the same tactics in different ways from their ancestors on us today.   Whites continue to work towards keeping us down by using different methods from what their ancestors on the physical plantation used.   The knowledge of their ancestors was passed down from one generation to the next generation of Whites without any discontinuity or interruption of their knowledge.  On the other hand, our knowledge or Black people's knowledge base has been discontinued and interrupted starting with the institution of slavery.  There are over 500 years of interruption of our knowledge base and an injection of false knowledge about our history, culture and traditions of the past.  Our discontinuity of true knowledge about our history has been replaced with a false knowledge and self-hate that Whites forced on us in the past and continue to perpetuate that false knowledge about ourselves today.  The White slave master started the system of White supremacy and the current generation of Whites, maintain and refine that same system of White supremacy.  That's why I can safely conclude, the current generation of Whites is just as bad as their ancestors, if not worse. 


The history trails continues: however, I want to deviate a little and summarize the history trail of Whites living in America.  The White man from England, better known as the British, colonized America during the 1600’s and displaced and killed most of the American Indians.  They set-up 13 colonies.  The 13 Colonies included Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhone Island.  A third of the 13 colonies were identified as "New" England.  During the 1600's, the British or English government needed people to populate and work in the new formed government.  The British government's first action to populate this new formed government was to empty all of the Britain prisons population to work in this new formed government.  I'm saying that to say this: the core or foundation group of White people that currently live in this country are descendants of prisoners, the worst that Europe had to offer.  From the murderers or Kold Kalculated Killers (KKK), the new KKK to the con artist, thieves, child abusers, sex offenders, and dope dealers, these were the lowest form of life that Europe had to offer.  I lived in New England, specifically in the Boston area for a couple of years.  I was fortunate to visit England in the early 1990's around the time I was living in the Boston area. While visiting England, I could really see the connection from England to "'New" England.  All of little towns named in England were the same exact names in the New England or specifically the Boston area.  It was just like I never left the Boston area in terms of names of cities and towns.  The most significant part of my trip to England, however, was visiting the British Museum where I saw and witnessed all of the African artifacts that were stolen by Europeans.  The second most significance part of my trip was my conversation with an English cab driver.  All English cab drivers must have a college degree in order to drive a cab.  I specifically asked the English cab driver what he thought of White Americans.   His response was... and I quote because I will never forget what he exactly said.  "They are all barbarians.   They still are not civilized people over there".  He went on in details with examples of why that was so.  Our people must understand that Whites in America constructed and produced the most brutal and inhuman slave system on the planet and they continue to maintain, refine and implement genocide/mentacide on our people on a daily basis.   Whites living in America as "Americans" have not changed from their origins from coming out of the prison system of Britain.  Whites in America are the number one murderers, deceiver, liars, child abusers, and thieves to Black people since we were kidnapped and held hostage in this country.  Blood is on their hands for the past evil deeds and their continued evil work against us.  The current generation of Whites living in America continues to brutalize us on a daily basis.  Over 550 years of torture were endured at the hands of White "Americans".  To show that they are the masters of deceit, Whites "Americans" are the first in line to volunteer for causes that don't significantly impact Black people long term.  They volunteer for peripheral causes like feeding the homeless, clean-up DC day and they may even donate a kidney to a Black person.  However, I guarantee you most White "Americans" will NOT donate to a strong revolutionary cause or organization that's truly about changing the condition mentally or physically of Black brothers or sisters.  The little donations that Whites give to Black causes or what I call "bandage causes" are meant to deceive most Blacks people so they will think "not all White people are bad".  They donate or participate in these bandage causes instead of backing true revolutionary Black causes that are about helping to free our people or to make a significantly change towards the lives of our people.  We have not received any significant donations from White people at Alkebulan Reference Center and we don't anticipate any donations from them in the near future because they only participate in destroying strong positive Black organizations.  In addition, they also participate in destroying strong Black men and women who are behind true Black causes and movements.  The nerve of any White "American" to talk about terrorism when they have inflicted terrorism on us as Black people in this country for over 500 years and continue to do so on a daily basis!  White "Americans" should not be allow to use that word terrorism until they start to sincerely work towards helping us get out of this situation that they put us in this country.  They continue to act like they never did anything bad to us.  On the contrary, they continue to work 24/7 towards genocide or "targeted genocide" of our people.  Blood debt is on their hands of the current White "American" generation and the American Government in general for over 500 years of Black suffering and torture.  Why would a Black woman marry or have any "intimate" relationship with this wicked man who has not changed his ways?  This White man has only cleverly disguised his wickedness.  My beautiful Black sister, it comes down to your choice to either follow or worship God or this Goddamn Devil!      


To reassure we are on the same page, let me define a conscious thinking Black person and a slave thinking Black person.  You can go to the Conscious Thoughts Page at Alkebulan Reference Center ( and get the definition of Black Consciousness.   Although, we all have been impacted by being enslaved there is a difference between conscious thinking brother/sister and a slave thinking sister/brother. 


Black Conscious Mind - The majority of a conscious thinking person's activity is engaged in self-preservation of the Black family and community.  A conscious Black mind knows that Whites and the System of White Supremacy is the enemy, especially after over 500 years of empirical data showing White "Americans" using all of their resources to kill us.  A conscious Black brother/sister will never marry the enemy (a White person) or any other race.  A conscious brother/sister will have some slave characteristics that he or she is aware of within and is consistently working to eliminate them.  He/she knows that they are not completely free of all the psychological effects of physical slavery on their minds.  He/she knows that modern slavery exist through the psychological effects of physical slavery.  


Black Slave Mind - A slave thinking brother/sister engages majority of his/her actions or time towards pleasing Whites or the modern slave master.  He/she wants to please everyone else, specifically White people before attempting to please themselves.  This is the type of modern slave that doesn't have a problem with inter-racial relationships and marriages.  He/she thinks that their mind was not effected by slavery.  He/she thinks that slavery is something in the past that they want to forget.  He/she thinks that they are completely free of any psychological effects of slavery on their mind.  He/she is incapable of thinking outside of the box or outside of the White European way of thinking.  

I know I strayed a little from the Black male/female relationship topic:  However, I thought it was important at this stage of the blog to defined both because the slave mind has a significant negative impact on us re-establishing strong black relationships and maintaining strong black families.  


To continue on our history trail specifically focusing on the Black male/female relationships, when physical slavery ended in 1868, "education" was the first priority among our people.  Soon after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed and we were freed from bondage on the physical plantation, education was the first priority for our race.  Black schools and colleges were started and established all across this country.  Two of my favorite schools, Hampton and Tuskegee Universities were founded during this time in history.  I attended both schools.  I always bring out the fact that I literally followed Booker T. Washington footsteps because after Booker T. Washington graduated from Hampton Institute he went on and founded Tuskegee Institute.  I was in the 100th graduating class and the last class to graduate from Tuskegee Institute before the name was changed to Tuskegee University.  What was so significant about this time concerning Black male/female relationships was that Black women were pushed to pursue education while Black males were Black_college_ARC_Blogs5.jpgpushed not to pursue education.  A Black male with education was viewed as more dangerous to the White man than the Black woman.  Therefore, acquiring education for the Black man during that period of time was equivalent to death.  This was the beginning of the serious formal educational divide between the Black male and the Black female.  That explains why there is a vast difference in educational levels between the Black male and the Black female today.  That's why you see today a disproportionate number of Black women than Black men at these universities especially at Black colleges. Therefore, it's up to the so-called educated sisters to help and support the black man in everything we do.  There should not be any superiority mentality in the minds of any Black women towards Black men.  The decision to discourage Black men and boys to pursue education was a collective decision within our race for self-preservation purposes.  Black men and boys were sacrificed in terms of the advancement in education for the continuation of our race.  This idea was perpetuated in mostly every Black family household and the psychological effect of this practice still has a devastating impact on the advancement of Black men and boys in education today.  Therefore, no sister should feel above any brother.  As a matter of fact, just based on this historical factual data, Black women should be required to do the following:

  • As a DUTY and OBLIGATION to marry and support only Black men
  • Marry and support any brother regardless of his formal educational level
  • Volunteer to tutor Black men and boys in all levels of education, elementary, middle school, high school and college 

Sisters should be willing to marry any brother regardless of whether that brother had any success in advancing in the area of formal "education".  Based on the historical facts of Black families discouraging Black men and boys to pursue education and encouraging Black women to purse education, it should be every sisters DUTY and OBLIGATION based on the historical evidence to reach out of all brothers and be ready to marry any brother regardless of his formal "educational" background status.  It really should be the DUTY and OBLIGATION of every sister to marry no one other than a brother because all of their educational advancements were from the sacrifice of Black men and boys.  Black girls and women educational success came on the backs of Black boys and men who were collectively sacrifice for the continuation of our race.  Therefore it's every sisters DUTY and OBLIGATION to sacrifice and give back in return towards the continuation of our race.   


Our history trail brings us to today, the current Black male/female relationship state is in a dire state like no other time in history.  Black male/female relationships have been significantly deteriorating for the past 30-40 years.  Nothing in the last 30-40 years has been done positively towards solving our collective problem.  The only proactive strategy we used collectively in the past 40 years to counter these racist tactics by Whites has been protests and marches.  In the meantime, the White man has been working 24/7 in the research labs for the last 30-40 years against our people.  White behavioral scientists like B.F. Skinner have laid the foundation in disguising genocidal activities against our people.   B.F. Skinner wrote the book "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" where he talks about giving Blacks a concept of freedom and dignity and at the same time still controling and exploiting us.  White social scientists have successfully implemented B.F. Skinner's methods on us by skillfully using Dr. King's, let's-all-live-together-as- one philosophy, against us through inter-racial marriages and relationships.  We as Black people are the first to accept inter-racial marriages and relationships.  Inter-racial relationships and marriages have a significant negative impact towards re-establishing Black male/female relationships and more importantly reconstructing the Black family.  None of our current established Blacks leaders in the field of science or social science have figured this out.  We missed the penetrating analysis of Dr. Bobby E. Wright and Dr. Amos Wilson.  Both were strong smart scientists who correctly diagnosed and defined what we needed to do to resurrect the Black family and eliminate White supremacy.  Dr. Francis Cress Welsing along with Neely Fuller has continued Dr. Bobby Wright's and Dr. Amos Wilson's work in the scientific field.  However, all of these so-called "Black leaders" or social scientists either don't have the insight/understanding to address this serious issue or are afraid to speak the truth.  Minister Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam, is one of the few visible established Black leaders or social scientists who is not afraid to speak the truth about the White man and our current situation here in North America.  It's not a surprise to me to see young Black males express themselves allegorically by wearing their pants almost down to their knees and showing their ass.  I think that's their way of saying indirectly or metaphorically "Kiss my Ass!" to the White racist system and Whites who continue to implement White supremacy and genocide on the Black Race.  These Black youngins sense the mentacide/genocide that's being implemented on them and our people on a daily basis by Whites and nothing is being said or actively done to counter this vicious attack by Whites on the Black race.  So these youngins, express themselves the only way that they can. 


Today, there are many negative external impacts on Black male/female relationships.  However, the most significant experimental breakthrough that caused Whites to accelerate their genocidal tactics on us is "cloning".  White scientists made a breakthrough in the field of cloning Cloning_Diagram_ARC_Blogs3.jpgusing the Black woman's sacred egg around the time frame of 1976-1980 or earlier.  I can remember working on the corporate plantation as a civilian for the Air Force in the Boston area around 1989-1991 time frame.  While working at the Hanscom Air Force Base (AFB), I clearly remember sitting through this particular lecture from this White lecturer who was talking about cloning.  The way he talked about cloning convinced me that they had made a significant breakthrough in the area of cloning.  After the lecture was over, there was no doubt in my mind that White researchers had made a significant breakthrough in the field of cloning.  Before I sat through his lecture, I was not even thinking about cloning, it was not even on my mind.  The Air Force often had these technical lectures about once a week.  I think it was under the umbrella called AV University that they encouraged all employees to attend these technical talks.  That goes to show, even if you are working on the corporate plantation, keep your ears and eyes open and be like the spook who sat beside the door.  Another significant event that I remember during the 1989-1991 time frame was when the Air Force made an organizational decision to start wearing their war fatigues in the normal work environment.  That decision to start wearing war fatigues was an indication that the top war priority was now among the civilian population.  The civilian population was being targeted, specifically the Black civilian population.  This was a significant change because it gave Whites the go ahead to escalate the war on the Black man and his family by intensifying the attacks on Black people within the civilian population.  The White male aggressively went after the Black woman trying to pollute her scared womb with his wicked seed.  


All indications show that once White scientists made their breakthrough in cloning, all of the following genocidal activities started to escalate at around the same time:

  • The Kold Kalculated Killers, the new KKK
    • The cold-blooded killing of the brightest of the brightest Black youths in the past 30-40 years. 
  • The Prison Industrial Complex 
    • Imprisonment on smalls amounts of crack cocaine legislation was introduced specifically to lock Black men up
    • Laws were created especially to lock Black men like the lockup-by-association laws.  Meaning if your friend had some drugs and you were riding in the same car with him both would be charged with possession of drugs.   These laws created during this period were no different from the Black Codes laws made during and after physical slavery. In addition, these laws still exist and are only enforced on 99% of Black people.  
  • Hispanics/Mexicans replacing Black people, specifically the Black male
    • Mexico has always bordered the United States, however, only in the past 30-40 years were Mexicans/Hispanics allowed to enter the US.  In the past 30-40 years, Whites purposely opened the border gates up and allowed Mexicans, Hispanics, and Puerto Ricans to enter into this country freely.  The intention of White "Americans" was to purposely replace the Black man with the Mexican, Hispanic and Puerto Rican. 
  • The Modern Drug Trade System was setup to destroy the brightest of the brightest Black youth within our communities.  Black males were specifically targeted to be assassinated, imprisoned and to sell drugs or become addicted to drugs. 

All these different genocidal activities were escalated along with the beginning of picking a Black woman as Miss America in the Miss American Pageant.  Just remember:  Whites have access to all of the research and development results within the United States.  Our people don't realize how prevalent racism is in the scientific fields of study.  Being a scientist, specifically an engineer, I saw racism first hand while working on the White corporate plantation for close to 25 years.  Racism exists in all fields of study.  Racism exists in all areas of science.  Racism exists more in the field of science because that's where all of the genocidal research is conducted.  That's why Whites continue to discourage young black students from being scientists.  Having too many Blacks in these fields will interfere with their genocidal research.  Again, White scientists in America must have verified successful research in cloning by using the Black woman's sacred egg around the time frame of 1976-1980 or earlier.  They made a breakthrough in cloning through the use of the Black woman's sacred egg.  Black women were used and continue to be used as an intimate part of their cloning experiments.  In 1984, they crowned the first Black woman as Miss America, Vanessa Williams.  To ensure that they got the first Black woman as Miss America, they voted another sister in as the runner up.  In the next 20 years, there were 18 Black women chosen as Miss America or runner ups.   Before 1984, Whites never picked a sister as Miss America. So what happened?  Why was there a need to start picking sisters as Miss American?  It was to send a message to young and old White boys and men that it was alright to aggressively go after or "romance" the Black woman.  Because through cloning, she now became the key to their genetic survival.  That explains why Whites accelerated the genocide plan to kill, imprison, or make Black men unfit to marry the Black woman.  Now that also explains why we have some White boys running fast times in the 100 yard dashes or speedy receivers and defensive backs playing football today.  Let me briefly define what cloning is.  It's simple:  Cloning is the use of a female egg minus the ethnicity.  In other words they use a female egg and extract the entire DNA associated with the ethnicity from that egg.  They extract the race identity, the personality tracts, and any genetic relationship that’s part of the woman background.  The male seed then impregnates the egg and all ethnicity is identified with that male seed.   That's basically it.  Now what other egg would be strong enough to extract or take away from it and is still able to reproduce?  Of course, none other than the Black woman's sacred egg, which still can re-produce after alterations.  We all know that the White woman's egg is not even strong enough to reproduce now without any alterations to her egg.  One of the good things about living in the DC area you can stumble on results of experiments conducted by Whites in the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  One day while waiting for my food at a restaurant, I saw a White man with a sister and their 2 kids walk into the restaurant.  This was definitely a visible verification of a cloned family to me.  Without any doubt in my mind, the 2 young White boys were an exact clone of their father.  I wish I had had a camera with me at that time to take their pictures.  The only resemblance that these kids had to the mother was a slight shade of color. This shade of color was a unique shade.  This particular shade of color was a very light but strange looking shade of color that I never seen before. This means that they have not perfected the science outside the laboratory yet.  However, it's perfected to the point where White boys can either be injected with drugs or manually take pills that will incorporate the specific cloning chemical into their seed.  Therefore none of the cloning is currently done in experimental lab but in the bedroom through sexual intercourse.  Our sister's don't even know what's going on.  Our sisters think that they are respected or are in "love" with these devils.  These covert crackers are only using them for cloning purposes and to block Black men from entering the Black woman's sacred womb.  That's why you now see an oversaturation of all these sitcoms shows, movies and commercials that make the White man look so "funny" and so "cute" and so "humane". They even try to make these shaggy, slimy and goofy looking crackers to be liked or loved in these shows.   These crackers talk with a Black vernacular and slang in most of these shows to make our sisters look at them as "cute" or "funny" or down with the Black cause.   Our people watch more TV than any other group in this country.  All you have to do is just look at what's on television programs currently.  The goal in these shows, movies and commercials has been to make the White man likable.  Ninety-Nine percent of the shows today are like that.  Just take a step back and look at most of these shows, movies and title of some of these shows.  Even the little children's shows and movies are oversaturated by these "likeable" White men.  Disney is terrible as far as promoting Black couples in their shows and movies.  Movies like "The Princes and the Frog" and "Black Cinderella" that Disney produced left the Black man out in the cold while matching the Black sister up with some bi-racial or multi-cultural looking cracker.  In all of these shows they make all types of White men look "likeable", even the scariest, ugliest, needy and crazy looking crackers look "likable".  The brother is not to be found in these shows or commercials.  Shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" are one example. In all of these shows you will find every imaginable looking cracker from being needy to crazy presented as likable.  Whites have TV shows named "Everybody Loves Raymond" and we have TV shows named "Everybody Hates Chris".  Come on now!  Anyway, everything is stack in these shows for sisters to artificially like or “fall in love” with this White man.  Whites create these shows design to influence our youth at an early age.  They have a show called Imaginary Movers where all of these White men with different looks entertain kids for 30 minutes.   There are a bunch of shows now were you find four or more White men entertaining kids.  

The White media perpetuates and rewards those who participate and endorse inter-racial marriages and relationships among Black celebrities and/or Black visible personalities in the media.  I can safely conclude that at least ninety-five percent of the visible Black women and men working for television networks stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC and all of its affiliates on local and national news are either married, dating, or openly willing and ready to date White men and women.  These network stations who have national exposure, hire Black women and men based on their wilingness to date outside of their race.  Whites in the media promote those particular Blacks more quickly if they date or marry White men or women.  These particular Black women and men are hired by these stations solely for that reason.  Don't get me wrong I'm sure these women and men are talented; however they are most likely hired over more talented Black women and men who refuse to date White men and women.  These strong conscious and true Black sisters and brothers, who refuse to date and marry White men and women and are dedicated in raising a Black family, should be commended for their strength in keeping the Black family together. 

Our history trail continues with discussing the current mental state of the Black man and the woman as a couple. White "Americans" continue to focus their energies on preventing the unity of the Black man and woman. Specially the White woman, who would literally do anything to break a Black marriage or a Black couple up.  At the same time, we as Black people are not conscious to recognize that we are under constant attack from Whites as well as we don't recognize them as our enemies.   The corporate plantation is an extension of the physical plantation.  As it was done on the physical plantation, the White man's and woman's Black_love_4_Arc_blogs.jpgenergies are focused on splitting up Black couples and Black families on the corporate plantation.  The current mentality of most of our people is no different from the mentality back on the physical plantation.  For instance, most Black women on the physical plantation wanted to work in the slave master's house primarily as cooking and cleaning the master's house.  Today most Black women are obsessed with cleaning house. Those who are or have been married know what I'm talking about.  If you notice in most Black households today, there is a front room that's always clean.  In most of these front rooms no children are allowed to eat, play or do anything in these front rooms.  I remember my Grandmother's front room; sometimes we were not even allowed to walk through her front room.  The slave mentality still exist in the minds of our people because even today our women still keep these front rooms crystal clean not for us but for the White slave master and his family to visit one day.  It's sad but true.   


We as Black males were conditioned to think that you are not a man unless you get or fornicate with as many women as you can.  Our manhood today is measured by how much "pussy" you get or how many different women you can fornicate with.  We were conditioned on the physical plantation by the White slave master to think like this.  The White slave master planted and perpetuated this type of thinking within the Black man on the physical plantation by rewarding those who fornicated and produced babies without any mental attachment to the woman.  Whites punished those who wanted to establish strong Black families.  Therefore, when Black families were developed on the physical plantation, the slave master intentionally broke them up by selling family members to another plantation owner.  This psychological conditioning still exists in majority of Black males today:  I would estimate in about 85-90% of the Black male population.  I know there was enormous pressure on me growing up from my brothers and peers.  This pressure is applied to every young Black male growing up today.  The pressure was not just from my brothers or peers but sometimes from adults within the family.  I used to hate going to family re-unions sometimes because the main question I was asked all the time by multiple uncles and aunts was "Do you have a girlfriend yet?" or "What's your girlfriend name?"  I don't remember my sisters being constantly ask the same question like "Do you have a boyfriend yet?" This additional pressure applied by family members added to the strong peer pressure.   The peer pressure is like an unwritten law or order within our community imposed on us growing up.  I'm trying to shield my kids from that now but it's hard because it's such a strong force within our community.  That peer pressure that I experienced and what the current generation is experiencing is nothing but an extension of the pressure applied by the slave master initially on the physical plantation.          


We as Black men face enormous pressure from all directions.   We really don't have a place to rest.  The best example is from my personal experience.  Basically we catch hell from most of our women.  Most Black women are the agents for the White man.  When I was working on the plantation I was catching hell at home and at work.  Without going into specifics I was treated like you know what.  Here I had reasonably well paying plantation job.  I did not drink, smoke, take drugs and most importantly of all did not cheat.  I may have gone to the "gentleman's club" every now and then to escape the pressure but that was it.  It was just a general disrespect.  Case in point, I can remember one time when I was driving to my mom’s house where I grew up and she (my wife) was telling me how to go to my mom’s house, specifically what streets to turn on... and she grew up in another city.  A total disrespect or a lack of confidence in what you do.  On top of that, you go to work at your plantation job and you have to deal with Whites and other Minorities disrespect.  Minorities on the corporate plantation treat most Blacks with disrespect in order to try to gain acceptance from Whites on their jobs.  Now initially I thought my situation with my wife was isolated until I started talking to the other married brothers at work.  All of us were experiencing the same level of disrespect.  It was unbelievable, the similar stories that we shared during lunch time on the corporate plantation.  However, to make it really unbearable, is when your kids start growing up and copying and perpetuating that same disrespect they see their mother show towards their father.  When your kids start to talk to you with the same tone and repeating what their mother has said really makes the situation unbearable.  That's why most brothers leave that "family" situation because it becomes suicidal.   Most sisters are not used to any Black male authority that would demand respect because most grow up in households with no fathers around.   However, most brothers need a place where we can go without getting a psychological beat down.  Most brothers deal with this situation by cheating or having a woman on the side and/or some turn to alcohol and drugs to escape that reality.  No wonder why there are a lot of brothers hooked on PlayStation, because for some of us that's the only thing that we can control.  It may seem contradictory to say this but the most assertive, strong and fighting brothers leave that "family" situation because it's becomes suicidal.  Self-preservation is the first law of nature and survival comes into play with every Black brother living under this scenario.  Most brothers who stay in the "family" situation are given a daily psychological beat down and are run over by everybody in the household.   Very few strong brothers are able to hold it down and demand respect from their women.  The brother who holds it down is usually the college "educated" brother who is married to a sister who has not been to college.   The only thing that brothers who stay in that "family" situation look forward to is on the weekends where they can watch football and basketball games on Saturdays and Sundays to escape that reality.   That's why it's very easy for the White women to steal most Black men from any Black woman.  The White man and woman know the psychological state of the Black man and woman as well as the state of our relationships because they set it all up initially on the physical plantation.   The system of White supremacy is an extension of the physical plantation.  The current psychological state of the Black male and female couples that exist today is a carryover from what was developed by the White slave master on the physical plantation.  

We as Black men must come to the realization that we are all developing men still under White rulership and domination and must work on a daily basis to fight White domination so that we can develop to become true men for our women.   


Genocide or "targeted genocide" is practiced and implemented in a highly sophisticated way every day in corporate White America.  Basically, Whites in corporate America apply significantly more pressure and injustice on Black couples who are raising a Black family than Blacks working in corporate America who are not raising a Black family.  I worked close to 25 years in corporate White American.  I experienced and witnessed the highly sophisticated genocide or targeted genocide plan in action that Whites practice on us each and every day.  Case in point, let me give you a real life example of targeted genocide.  I witnessed targeted genocide first-hand on the White corporate plantation.  The best way to describe what I witnessed is to give you a blow-by-blow of the following story:


While working on the corporate plantation, I was friends with a young Black engineer.  He would come by my office from time to time to discuss life events, mainly local sporting events.  I black_love_3_Arc_Blogs.jpg enjoyed talking to the brother about different teams in the area and how and why they would win or lose.  Our conversations were not limited to sports.  He made it known to me that he really loved his job and the people that he worked with, mainly Whites and a few Blacks.  We would also discuss some politics.  On occasions, I would bring up night life activities like clubs and women.  I noticed that every time I brought up the subject of women, he would jump to another subject.  After a couple of times of him doing this, I decided to never bring it up again.  That also made me suspicious of him being a homosexual.  He did not show any feminine characteristics of being a homosexual.  I never brought up the subject of women again until he came to me and said that he was getting married.  The first thing that came to my mind was, she must be a White girl.  So I asked him was she White and he said emphatically No!  He told me he is marrying a sister from his native country in Africa.  He also told me that his future wife was pregnant carrying a baby boy.  He said he was leaving to get married in Africa.  I asked him did the people (White) who he worked for and with, know about this?  He said "No, I did not tell them yet".   I just shook my head when he told me that.    I knew these crackers at work were going to crucify this brother once they found out he was marrying a sister and was about to be a father to a baby boy.   A few months passed, after he came back from his honeymoon, my prediction came true.  They gave this brother hell once he came back.  They gave this brother so much work that he was literally in my office two or three times a week with tears in his eyes crying and asking me why were they doing this to him.  I tried to explain to the brother what was really going on but he was in a state of shock not believing what he was going through.  He told me this was not fair and that he was looking for another job.  The White people at his job did not give him a logical explanation of why his work load had significantly increased.  It was unbearable to the brother, so much so he left to take a job on another plantation months later.  He could not take it anyone.  

This is a living example of the highly sophisticated system of genocide or what is defined as "targeted genocide" that Whites on the corporate plantation practice every day on us.  It is a highly sophisticated system because they thought the brother was a homosexual.  By being a Black homosexual in corporate White America you are not considered a threat to reproduce yourself.  So you have in White corporate America, Black homosexuals, Black lesbians, Black singles who are not dating other black singles, older Black men and women who are not interested in or can't procreate being treated reasonably well on the White corporate plantation.  Because of this reality, currently you will not see any organized effort from Blacks to fight Racism in White corporate America due to "targeted genocide".  Blacks who are raising a Black family in White corporate America are the ones who are the last hired and the first fired.     


Target genocide is not only practiced in corporate America, it also plays out in the entertainment and sports industries as well.  For instance, let's take a closer look at Michael Jackson situation.  Michael Jackson was "loved" by the entertainment industry.  The media embraced and praised Michael Jackson's work for a long time even with his unusual behavior (wanting to remain living as a child).  All of the praises from White America abruptly changed when he decided that he wanted to have some babies.  He wanted to have babies with his seed, the Jackson seed.  So he went on to arrange the procreation process by using his seed with a surrogate mother.  All hell broke loose when he decided to implement his idea.  He was charged with child abuse, and his good image was destroyed by the media.  Apparently, Whites blocked the process for Michael to use the Jackson seed because it does not appear to me that the kids that he was raising are products of the Jackson seed.  Targeted genocide is practiced in the sports industry as well.  Just take notice of all of the brothers and sisters with young growing Black families who have money and ample resources to raise a strong Black family.  These Black couples in the sports and entertainment industries with young growing Black families are attacked by the Whites in the media.  One mistake or mishap from the person who is making most of the money in the family will end of in jail or Whites will work 24/7 to try to put him/her in jail.  The White media takes the lead in pushing and persuading people in the public to put that specific brother or sister in jail.  The connection here always goes back to attacking the money maker of a young and growing Black family.  Look at all scenarios and it will come back to Whites working hard and focusing on destroying young and growing Black families.     


Let me also mention one other example.  While working on the corporate plantation, I was good working friends with this sister.  I knew her for a long time while working on the corporate plantation.  She had three grown sons.  All played professional sports.  Two of the three children played professional football.  The third son was a college track star.  All had college scholarships.  Therefore she produced and raised three strong sons with a solid foundation.  All her sons married sisters with the exception of one.  He married a White girl.  For the first three years of their inter-racial marriage they had produced one child a year.   Therefore, they concluded not to have any more kids.  The White woman convinced her husband (my friend's son) to have a vasectomy.  Soon after my friend's son agreed to have a vasectomy, the White woman divorced him and took custody of the kids.  Mission accomplished for the White woman.  Now she's free to work on destroying another brother and blocking a potentially strong Black family from developing. 


The latest movement of destruction towards Black relationships is the colorless movement that disguises White mentacide and genocide actions towards the Black family.  The following summarizes the negative impacts on Black male/female relationships:  

Negative Impacts on Black Male/Female Relationships: 

Inter-Racial Relationships-  
In dealing with the most deadly inter-racial relationships that exist,  a Black and White couple, a White person chooses the Black sister or brother that he or she wants to marry of have sexual relations with.  Meaning, Whites take the initiative of approaching and/or dating the Black sister or brother.  Whites know everything about the Black sister or brother even before they officially meet.  Again, this is a highly sophisticated plan where these coverts White males and females have access to the information database of the FBI, CIA and NSA.  These covert Whites even know what the Black sister or brother likes to eat via the bonus cards database from most grocery stores.  These covert Whites who approach these Black sisters and brothers are well equipped with information on them.  They use that information for the sole purpose to engage the Black sister or brother into thinking that they are their "soul mates".  Because of White scientists breakthrough in cloning, most of these inter-racial relationships are now composed of White men with Black women.  These Black sisters who are the brightest of the brightest of our people and the most fertile of our women are approached by these covert White men.  These covert White men's main purpose is to establish an "intimate" relationship with those chosen Black women.  Mostly Black sisters and some brothers are chosen because they have the greatest potential to reproduce or to develop strong Black families.  Whites basically choose or "take hostage" of the "cream of the crop" of our people and engage them in inter-racial relationships.  The main reason why Whites engage in this war strategy of action is to block Black men from uniting with the most fertile sisters and vise verse.  Again, the other reason is for cloning purposes.  Most of these inter-racial marriages in the last 30 years has been plotted and planned by Whites as a war strategy tool to also neutralize and/or weaken any Black revolutionary movements.  

For any Black person (specifically a Black women) to allow a White man or woman to engage them in some kind of "romance affair" when over 500 years of empirical data supports that Whites are our enemies, he or she must have a mind capacity of a child.  A Black slave mind thinks like a child where they are always dependent on someone else to please and to take care of them.  Therefore, Whites who participates in engaging Blacks in inter-racial relationships should be viewed as "child molester".  Blacks who participate in these inter-racial relationships have a kindergarten or slave mentality and are thinking on the level of a child.   From over 500 years of collective slave teaching of self-hatred from Whites, the Black slave mind is prevalent among our people.  There is many Black slave minded or kindergarten thinking people who are participating or willing to engage in these inter-racial relationships.  

When slavery of the Black man and the Black Family is ended in America and the world, there will be war crimes of "child molestation" handed down to those Whites who currently marry and/or engage with Blacks on an "intimate" and/or sexual level.  The reason why Whites will be charged war crimes as child molesters is because their collective knowledge has never been broken or discontinued.  In addition, Whites know that Black people's collective knowledge has been discontinued and corrupted by them through slavery and they are currently taking advantage of child thinking people or slave thinking people.   Dr. Khalid Muhammad, one of the greatest orators of our time once described the slave thinking Black people as "amnesia victims that need a check-up from the neck up".  These are war crimes in which Whites must pay for taking advantage of slave thinking people.  The Universal Court of Justice will look and judge what Whites have done to Blacks over the past 500 years and Whites who marry or fornicates with a Black woman or man will be locked up and punished by the Universal Court of Law as child molesters.  Whites who marry Blacks are child molesters and should be looked at and treated as such today.  Whites consciously choose and marry the best and brightest of Blacks to prevent the re-union of Black couples and the re-development of the Black family.  Whites who desires to cohabitate, mingle, and marry or want to be close always socially with Blacks are the most dangerous Whites among us.  They are the ones who are specifically perpetuating the continuation of the slave mind and the exploitation of our people.


Blacks who marry Whites become more enslaved by that "union".  Case in point, the following story is another real life example:

Last year a friend of a friend died in a strange situation.  My friend was the best of friends with this brother he had known since college.  This brother's first wife was a sister and he recently re-married this White girl.  When my friend found out the brother had died he called his White wife, to get an explanation of what happen.  His White wife said that his best friend (the brother) had shot himself or committed suicide because he was out of work.  According to my friend, this brother was a retired government worker getting a retirement check and was not that pressed to get another job.  What was really strange about this situation was soon after the brother died, she cremated his body two days later.  She called his biological son up after he was cremated.  His son was very upset of how it happened.  Of course she was in a White town and according to her, the police opened and shut the case in a day.  These are the kind of strange events that occur when you marry a White person.  There's no justice before the marriage and there's definitely no justice after the marriage.   As a matter of fact, there's less justice for those Blacks who foolishly marry Whites.  Go to any court system in this country and if there is a situation where it's comes down to your word against the White man or woman's word, now who do you think they are going to believe?   Tell that to Sister Lita McClinton Sullivan who was shot in the head on January 16, 1987 from a contract killing and taken out by her White husband.  The killer showed up at the door of her townhouse concealing a pistol behind a box of pink roses. The White criminal court system refuses to lock the White husband up even after her father gathered overwhelming evidence to prove he was guilty.  They only locked him up recently in 2008 when he was 62 years old on some other related charge.   I'm sure before he was locked up he destroyed the lives of more sisters during that period.  He may have even killed a few more sisters also.  If it was not for her father who had money to investigate the crime that was done against his daughter, he would still be free killing other sisters today.  Now, I ask: who in their right mind would marry a White person?  No one other than a person with a childlike mind or a slave mind in this case.  Let's continue in listing more of the negative impacts that effect Black male/female relationships.     


Inter-racial Offspring-  If you look at the children that are born from these inter-racial relationships, you will find 99% of them chose the White life or the White way of living.  Most view themselves as colorless or bi-racial which means without a race.  Which means inter-racial offspring will not identify to any causes pertaining to race.  This means that they will not fight against this racist system.  To identify with colorless, you automatically support this racist system.  There is no hope in thinking that these kids will do anything to fight against this racist system or would support a Black agenda.  In order to effectively fight this system of injustice and unrighteousness, you must have a Black agenda.  These kids are following the same direction or path as Obama.  Obama's way is to think "colorless" which means he will continue to be blind to racism, White racist institutions, White supremacy and the negative impacts that White supremacy has on Black life in America which is currently the core root of the "American" society. We can't depend on the off-spring from these inter-racial relationships to help us towards the liberation and the salvation of our people.  As a matter of fact, they will do nothing but hurt us instead of helping us.  That's why Whites are using Inter-racial relationships as a war strategy and as a significant tool to help destroy us as a people.


Homosexuality/Lesbianism - Homosexuality/lesbianism is not in the Black man's or Black woman's culture.  Point blank, it's not in our culture; it has never been our culture and never will be part of our culture in the future.  Homosexuality/lesbian is a European thing.  It's never has been or will be an African thing.  Sure there are some homosexual brothers and lesbian sisters living in this society today.  However, that was from a result of being forced to live by the European code of conduct or culture and not the African code of conduct which is Maat.  We took on a lot of negative characteristics from being forced to live in this European culture.  Not only do we have homosexuals in our race but we also have bi-sexuals (on the down low), liars, killers, thieves, con-artists and most of all self-haters.  The only way we can eliminate homosexuality and all the other negatives from the Black community is by following Maat.  Again, Maat is our core code of conduct or culture that was practiced by our ancestors and passed down from many generations.  We as a Black African people made significant advancements in the areas of science, spirituality and architecture while living and implementing Maat.   While walking down the streets of Nairobi Kenya in the late 80's, I saw a few times two Black men holding hands walking down the street.  These two Black men were not homosexuals.  They were following an African tradition of expressing brotherhood love.  When I saw it initially I was shocked but there was nothing feminine about these brothers.  The African locals that I talked to verified that this was a normal practice expressing brotherhood love that was not only not unusual for Kenya, but was practiced throughout the continent of Africa.   


Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) -  PIC is where most of our people are housed unjustifiably.  Most of our people are in jail due to the Black codes or laws that were passed by Whites specifically to put young Black males in prison.  I remember reading an article in the Washington Post in the late eighties (I could not find the article in the Washington Post internet archive files) dealing with the reason why most Black men were in prison.  This article especially stated and concluded that about 75% of all Black males in prison were due to some dealings or incident with a White girl or woman.  According to this Washington Post article, Black men social interactions with White women were the prime reason why 75% of all brothers were in prison.  Brothers, stop socializing with these cracker women!  Just deal with them only when you have to either on the work plantation or in business transactions.  To get a more in-depth analysis of the Prison Industrial Complex read Yasir Khalid's Blog series on the Prison Industrial Complex.

Strategies for Survival  

There are many ways to measure the impact of mentacide and genocide on us.  Those of you who don't believe or know that White "Americans" have been plotting, planning and implementing mentacide and genocide on us for years now or ever since we've been in this country.  Just to give those who are not aware of the devastation genocidal tactics engineered by Whites in America on our community today, just take a look at the following number of basketball teams who entered the LaBron James Basketball Tournament this year 2010:  

1. 12 & under division there are 60 teams
2. 11 & under division there are 20 teams 
3. 9 & under division there are only 9 teams

For those who are not familiar with basketball tournaments, it is usually the reverse.  I know because my kids have been participating in sports since day one.  There are usually a significant number of younger teams more than older teams.  You can also take a look at the number of teams entering the AAU National basketball championships.  The 12 & 13 and under teams entered into the tournament are significantly greater than the 11, 10, & 9 and under teams who entered the 2010 AAU National Championship Tournament.  You can see the genocidal impact in football also.  Sometimes there are not enough players to run a practice on my son's football team.  This is a clear indication that we don't have much time to reverse these devastating results. Whites in America look at these numbers also just to see how effective their genocidal work towards us has been going.  These numbers are not good and are getting significantly worst.  What do we need to do to help reverse these results?  I think the one thing that we must implement for our survival is for our Black sisters to allow responsible conscious Black brothers to participate in having multiple Black soul mates.  Polygamy is what it is called in Africa, however since polygamy is against the law in this country, we can't call it polygamy.  "Man sharing" has been used as the term by our people at times to describe this action.  However, polygamy is part of our culture and it was and still is used as a strategy for survival and self-preservation.   I don't think the term "Man Sharing" is an appropriate term to describe the strategy for survival and self-preservation.  The more appropriate term I think we should use to describe a strategy of survival and self-preservation is "A Lifestyle for Survival".  This strategy of "A Lifestyle for Survival"needs to be used solely for Black survival to counter the implementation of genocide on us by Whites in this country.  There are currently a few Black Organizations and groups who believe and practice "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Sisters for Polygamy, is one of a couple of organizations that practice "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Dr. Patricia Dixon wrote a good Dr_Dixon_ARC_Blogs7.jpgbook called “We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves,   Polygyny~Copartnering: A Relationship, Marriage and Family Alternative”.   It is a well written book that I recommend every Black sister and brother who is concerned about the survival of our community to read.  It should be the duty of every qualified brother or marriageable brother to strongly consider implementing this "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Of course, this "A Lifestyle for Survival" must be blessed collectively by our sisters.  Not all conscious brothers are made to love multiple sisters; however, for the conscious brothers who are made to love multiple sisters, they should strongly consider "A Lifestyle for Survival" as an act of self-preservation to counter the viscious genocidal attack on us by Whites in this country.  This strategy of “A Lifestyle for Survival" only should be used for the survival of the Black family which means only for the self-preservations of all Black male/female relationships. "A Lifestyle for Survival" is not to be practiced by anyone who is involved in an inter-racial relationship or any “universal” movements.  Again, "A Lifestyle for Survival" should ONLY be endorsed and blessed by conscious Black sisters and brothers towards the survival of Black relationships and saving the Black family. 


Most brothers, however, think with the slave mentality to fornicate with multiple sisters and are not being committed to loving any sister.  We have to work hard to change that thinking among the brotherhood.  I think that mentality will change if the Black conscious brotherhood was allowed to love more than one sister openly and honestly.  I think most brothers would be willing to love and take care of their offspring if they would be openly allowed to love more than one sister.   Living the "A Lifestyle for Survival" would definitely significantly reduce or eliminate secret affairs and it would also significantly reduce adultery and fornication.  By eliminating secret affairs you would also significantly reduce sexual transmitted diseases like the deadly AIDS virus and other sexual transmitted diseases.  The way it should work I think should be structured similar to the Black Jews of Ethiopia lifestyle.  In the book by Dr. Ben called "We the Black Jews", the Black woman would make the final decision whether another woman should be allowed to join the family.  The new woman would have to have something to contribute or something to strengthen the existing family instead of weakening the existing family.  The chief queen will make the final decision of whether another woman should be added to the existing family.   The man must be attractive to the woman and the woman must be attractive to the man.   However, the final decision will be made by the Chief Queen within the existing family.  Black women in this country must openly accept this way of life or "A Lifestyle for Survival" in order for us to survive as a people.  Point blank!  We must implement this way of life or "A Lifestyle for Survival" nationally, in order for us to survive as a people.  We have no choice.  The survival of our relationships, family and community are at stake.  


When I was in East Africa "specifically Kenya" I visited the Maasai tribe, one of the largest surviving tribes in Africa.  I went on a tour of their tribe and they stressed self-preservation.  mAASAI_wOMEN_arc.jpgThey stressed the importance of a balanced community.  The norm of the Maasai tribe is to practice polygamy.  However, the Maasai tribe not only practiced polygamy they also practice polyandry.  Polyandry is where a woman has more than one husband.  They had a whole section of their society living day-to-day in practicing polyandry.  In the society of polyandry they had specific rules and regulations to follow.  This area of their society was maintained just in case war wiped out most of the female population.  If most of the female population were to be killed, their whole society would practice polyandry to maintain the balance of the community for the ultimate goal for survival or self-preservation.  We've got to implement "A Lifestyle for Survival" immediately for the survival and re-building of the Black family and the Black Nation in America and globally to counter the racist attack from Whites.


Sisters need to think differently and take a different approach to our current Black male/female relationship situation.  For instance, don't shy away from conscious brothers who are older or even much older than you.  Sisters need to aggressively go after all brothers in general or at least brothers who they share similar life experiences with.  Please don't rely on these pseudo Black internet dating sites which I found out are not truly Black.  These internet dating sites promote being for Black couples but 99% of them are controlled by Whites.  Believe me I know because I belong to a few.  I did my research on these particular sites because I was interested in starting a totally Black Internet dating site.  Therefore, with these "Black" internet dating sites you are guaranteed NOT to find a Black soul mate that will eventually produce a strong Black family.  The goal is to re-establish an environment to produce and maintain a strong Black family and that starts with a Black man and a Black woman who love and are compatible with each other.  If you meet a brother that you really like, it's your duty to find out what that brother is about, don't be shy because we are in a State of Emergency and survival takes precedence.  Don't let age differences get in between starting a strong Black family with a brother.  However, it's important to follow your own vibe and don't be pressured into starting a relationship with any brother.  State of emergency means speeding up or being aware of the sense of urgency of the process of establishing Black relationships and not compromising any of your true feelings for any brother.  If the feeling or vibe is not there for a particular brother don't force yourself in a relationship.  Even if you think the brother is conscious, only follow your vibe or feelings because that so-called conscious brother could be a spy for the US government.  The same applies to any true conscious brother who is approached by a sister that he thinks is conscious.  There are cases where a brother or Sister may not be a spy for the US Government and he/she may be a true conscious sister or brother.  However, the conscious brother or sister just may not be made for each other.   You will find some situations where a young conscious brother and a young conscious sister may not be soul mates and just are not made for each other.  Even in a state of emergency situation a mutual attraction must exist between any brother and sister in order to build a strong Black family.  We got to implement "A Lifestyle for Survival" immediately for the survival and re-building of the Black family and the Black nation.



Again, White 'Americans' are participating in greatest plan of genocide and deceit in the history of mankind.  Their plan is to wipe out the Black race and eventually all other races.  Thus far their successful implementation of mentacide is destroying the Black race specifically as it relates to Black male/female relationships.  Mentacide is the genocidal method that whites are using to destroy the identity of the Black race.  Again, mentacide is defined as the destruction of a groups mind with the total goal of destroying that particular group.  Inter-racial relationships and marriages are currently used as a vehicle to destroy the ethnic identity of the Back race.  Whites are implementing a modern day Hitler’s plan to establish the White race globally as the only race.  Through the use of methods from White behaviorist scientists like B.F. Skinner, the Whites have skillfully used our people's wants and desires against our own progress.  We are easily manipulated by whites to endorse in causes that work towards our own destruction. Through the concepts of diversity, multi-culturalism and “universal brotherhood” concepts that perpetuate the idea that we are all one people, we continue to be manipulated by Whites.  The perpetuation of inter-racial relationships continues to impose a major obstacle in re-uniting the Black man and woman thus preventing the re-development of a strong Black family.  The majority of us as Black people are operating mentally with the slave mind and don't even realize it.  Many of our people who are still operating with the slave mind are only using three of their five senses.  We as Black men, conscious or unconscious, must also come to the realization that we are all developing men working to become real men because we are still under White domination and rulership.   


Every day I pray to the Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation God of our ancestors for strength and protection.  We are at a time in history where choosing a mate is like choosing between God's way and the devil's way.  The Black man and Black woman are made for each other.  Don't choose the devil as your mate nor anyone from any other race.  The White man world is the devil's world and it’s on its way out.  Whites are losing power every second, minute, and hour of the day.  Their world is in the 11th hour of rulership.  Their cycle of rulership is coming to an end and at the same time Black people are waking up and getting stronger each day, specifically the conscious Black man and woman. 


Through the Forces of Nature, Black conscious people are getting stronger and stronger every second, minute, and hour of the day.  To destroy an alien culture we must live our own culture".  Maat is our own culture.  We need to rebuild our Black male/female relationships on the principles of Maat and follow the principles of Maat religiously like our ancestors did.  We must also adapt to the reality that due to the constant vicious attack by Whites on the Black male, there is a lot more marriageable Black women than Black men.  Black women must bless, accept and implement the "A Lifestyle for Survival" or share their conscious Black soul mates or significant other with other conscious Black women.  


We need to specifically have our youth follow Maat at an early age as it relates to Black male Black_love_6_Arc_blogs.jpgand female relationships.  We need to strongly promote to the youth at an early age to remain pure and to save themselves for marriage.  Not just our Black females but our Black males also.  Our ancestors practiced this principle religiously for thousands of years from one generation to the next until slavery broke that continuity.  It was through these pure relationships or pure unions where exceptional people were produced.  These were the same exceptional Black people who built the pyramids as well as other major scientific advancements.  Back in the day when we followed Maat religiously implementing pure unions, all of our people were viewed as exceptional people because that way of life was the norm or the default.  Let our people, through the Black male and Black female, start to truly love each other again based on the foundation of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness.  I have much love for my Black/African sisters conscious or unconscious. Sisters, you are the Mothers of the Earth and Queens of the Universe, without a doubt.  No woman on this planet compares to your beauty.  There may be a few cute Hispanics, Mexicans, Indians, and Asians out there but none compares to the Black woman's external and internal beauty. 


As long as the sun continues to rise in the East and sets in the West, we as Black people are rising with the sun. We are part of the natural cyclical process within nature.  We will prevail, just like the Biblical stories of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, Lazarus, Jonah and the Whale, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and Jesus raised from the Dead.  All of these Biblical stories are consistent with our story, a righteous couple (a Black man and a Black woman) fighting to stay alive against a wicked system of White supremacy.  So all we have to do is to hold on together because morning will soon be here for us.  We, the Black man and the Black woman, together as one in union with Maat are rising again to become One Love again.  

The State of Emergency is a four part series highlighting the real time Genocide of Black African people living in the United States.
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