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Saturday, August 29, 2009

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ARC_8.jpgState Of Emergency: Kold Kalculated Killers(KKK), The New Ku Klux Klan

   By: Jon Adkins

This particular blog is the beginning of a series of Alkebulan Reference Center (ARC) blogs called "State of Emergency".  This “State of Emergency” is about our people or Black people living in the United States.  This series of "State of Emergency" blogs will look into the genocidal activities that are being implemented on us today by White people.  Some of our people may be shocked from reading the "State of Emergency" ARC Blog Series.  Others, hopefully will agree with my perspective.  I am grateful, however, for being alive to write another ARC blog and the first of the "State of Emergency" blogs series.  I am grateful, not because I have an illness, because I am healthy based on my last complete physical conducted at Howard University Medical Center. Based on the results of my physical, I am free of the any biological or chemical warfare diseases that our enemy has created and uses on us like AIDS and/or the AIDS virus, and cancer.  Fortunately, I am free from the Whiteman's evil vices like drugs, crack cocaine and alcohol.  These vices were acquired by a lot of our people living under the constant stress of Racism/White Supremacy. However, I'm not totally immune to the constant stress imposed on us by White people through the system of White Supremacy because I have gained 50-60 pounds over the past four years. Of course, I am now working and focusing hard on losing the weight, hopefully within a year or two. What I fear most for me and my family, however, is not acquiring any dangerous diseases or potential vices, but to be shot down by the Kold Kalculated Killers (KKK), the new Ku Klux Klan. I was borne in Washington DC and raised in the Washington DC area.  Washington DC is currently not only my home but it's the home to the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the National Security Agency (NSA) and of course the US Congress.  Washington DC is the headquarters for all of the US Government covert agencies and activities.  

I am writing this blog to give specifically Black people another perspective on what's happening in our communities all across this country concerning the escalated killings of mostly our brightest of the brightest Black people in every major city in this county, especially in places like Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC.  Philadelphia’s nickname is now Kiladelphia.  The majority of these killings are plotted and planned by Whites, the Kold Kalculated Killers (KKK), the new Ku Klux Klan.  The Kold Kalculated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan are Whites who work within the FBI, CIA, and NSA and order these killings of the brightest among our people.  These killings, however, are carried out by mainly young Black males, White/Hispanic police officers, and lately in LA, Hispanic gang members.  Our Blacks youths are being manipulated in participating in this highly sophisticated plot and plan of genocide of the Black race.  

I would like to preface this blog by saying that we as Black people do not have any independent Black institutions that we can call our own to rely on for independent research.  The closest institutions we have are Black colleges that are controlled by Whites through the accreditation process.  I have no resources to rely on to prove my claim.  I can only rely on logical deductions. However, I think the onus should be on the Whites in the FBI, CIA, and NSA to disprove my claim. "Black" president or no "Black" President, we as Black people are still enslaved here in North America.  The late great Dr. Bobby E. Wright, states if all of our institutions are controlled by Whites, we are an enslaved people.  In order to fully understand my perspective, we must go back in recent history to get a better understanding of this high sophisticated genocidal activity that Whites, the Kold Kalculated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan are implementing on the Black race. Before I go into detail of the recent history, let me briefly highlight or summarize the following overall history: 

·    Whites forced us out of our homeland, Alkebulan or Africa and enslaved us physically, mentally, and spiritually for over the past 500 years. The enslavement continues today. 
·    While we were physically enslaved in this country, Whites created laws that did not allow a slave to read or write. 
·    Whites taught us to hate ourselves and to love White people. 
·    Self-hatred is still being perpetuated on us today by Whites through White Supremacy and self-perpetuated by us (Blacks) due to mental illness called “mental slavery”.  

I want to emphasize the self-hatred or the “mental slave state” that is so prevalent among our people today.  Whites have an easy time in manipulating us (Blacks) to participate in this highly sophisticated genocidal activity due to this mental slave state that exist among our people.  

Now, let me focus on the recent history and shed light on this highly sophisticated genocidal activity that the White Kold Kalculated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan has developed.  As mentioned before, I grew up in the Washington DC area, specifically Alexandria Virginia which is about a five minute driving distance from Washington DC.  During my last year in high school (1977-1978), I specifically remember unusual shootings and killings occurring all of a sudden throughout the neighborhoods in Washington DC.  Every day, multiple young brothers were getting shot and killed in the neighborhoods of DC.  These high numbers of killings were unusual and they shocked everyone.  Nothing like this was ever witnessed before by anyone in the Washington DC area. The news stations were reporting about these unusually high numbers of shootings and killings associated with neighborhood groups fighting over turf wars.  This kind of activity continued throughout my last year in high school before I left to go to college. This was the beginning of highly sophisticated organized gangs that were created by Whites within the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  As many of you know, dope was being sold in our communities for years. The underground or illegal activity was established by the Whiteman for us to participate in.  The selling of drugs has unfortunately been in our communities for years, long before 1977.  However, the type of drugs being sold changed after or around the 1977-1978 time frame.  So what changed or what was so different about selling drugs in our communities after the 1977-1978 time frame?  The difference was Whites within the FBI, CIA, and the NAS started paying the dope dealers, gang groups and their associates large sums of money to sell drugs in the Black community.  Based on this injection of large sums of money within Black neighborhoods,  groups or gangs started to intensify fighting and killing each other over turf wars or money wars.  These turf wars were created and established by Whites within the FBI and Company (FBI & Co.).  This infusion of large amounts of money created "organized gangs" which led to intense turf wars.  These intense turf wars were started and initiated in Washington DC.  Over a number of years, these organized gangs were established and implemented by Whites in the FBI & Co. in every major city throughout the US.  These organized gang activities started in the DC because Washington DC is where the FBI, CIA, and NSA beta test site is located.  A beta test site is an experimental or laboratory test site that tests the success/failure of all new experiments on a small scale before implementing them on a larger scale.  Black people in Washington DC are used as the experimentation laboratory for Whites who work within the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  The beta test site is where tests are conducted on new drugs or anything new that Whites in the FBI & Co. want to unleash on Black people nationally.  Therefore, all new drugs are tried and tested first on the local Black community of Washington DC.  If a test is a success on a small scale, it will be implemented nationally on Blacks on a larger scale.  However, recently Whites in the FBI & Co. have expanded their beta test site to include the local Black community of Baltimore, Maryland.  It's not a surprise that Blacks in Washington DC lead in mostly all categories of new diseases and social ills.  Washington DC was once the number one murder capital for homicides for years.  DC is now the leader of AIDS cases for Black women.  Hold it! Wait a minute.  Black women in DC lead in AIDS cases.  I must say this is due in most cases to Black women sneaking around or openly sleeping with white men or the covert cracker. Keep in mind, DC is the FBI and company beta test site.  These covert crackers are experimenting on Black woman while sleeping with them.  I know from past experiences in working in corporate White America or the corporate plantation that a lot of sisters are sleeping with these corporate crackers. Whatever they are doing to our sisters now in the DC area will eventually be spread to sisters nationwide in a few years, to the point where sisters will lead in the number of AIDS cases in every major city.  Again, the Washington DC area leads in killings and diseases among Black people due to the fact that it's the FBI & Co. beta test site or beta death site for Black people living in DC.  

If you can't conceive the convert cracker working on our sisters in DC, just read the following except of a speech from former South African president P. W. Botha that was printed in the South African newspaper dated August 18, 1985: 

"Priority number one, we should not by all means allow any more increases of the Black population least we be choked very soon.  I have exciting news that our scientists have come up with an efficient stuff.  I am sending out more researchers to the field to identify as many venues as possible where the chemicals weapons could be employed to combat any further population increases.  The hospital is a very strategic opening and should be fully utilized.  The food supply channel should be used.  We have enveloped excellent slow killing poisons and fertility destroyers. 

Secondly, most Blacks are vulnerable to money inducements.  I have set aside a special fund to exploit this venue.  The old trick of divide and rule is still very valid today.  Our experts should work day and night to set the Black man against his fellowman.  I have a committee working on finding better methods of inciting Blacks against each other and encouraging murders among themselves.  Murder cases among Blacks should bear very little punishment in order to encourage them.  

My scientists have come up with a drug that could be smuggled into their brews to effect slow poisoning results and fertility destruction.  The person-to-person encounter can be very effective.  As the records show that the Black man is dying to go to bed with the White woman, here is a unique opportunity.  Our Sex Mercenary Squad should go out and camouflage with Apartheid Fighters while doing their operations quietly administering slow killing poison and fertility destroyers to those Blacks they thus befriend.  We are modifying the Sex Mercenary Squad by introducing White men who should go for the militant Black woman and any other vulnerable Black woman.  We have received a new supply of prostitutes from Europe and America who are desperate and too keen to take up the appointments. 

My latest appeal is that the maternity hospital operations should be intensified.  We are not paying those people to help bring Black babies to this world but to eliminate them on the very delivery moment."  

This covert cracker is definitely experimenting with the sisters in the DC area.  My message to my Black sisters and brothers is to “Stop sleeping with the enemy.  Sisters, stop sleeping with this Whiteman and brothers, stop sleeping with the White woman!”  The White South African Government back in the 1985 is no different than the Whites who currently run the covert US Government agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  

Within these "organized gangs" that were created by Whites in the FBI & Co. is where some of these killings of specific Black people within the Black community nationwide are implemented.  Some of the organized gangs throughout the US have a thing called initiation rites where you have to do something to show your commitment to the gang.  Some of the killings ordered by Whites in the FBI & Co. are done through these gang initiations.  Whites in the FBI & Co. identify who to kill and the gang member, drug dealer or anyone who is involved in the drug trade does the killing.  Not all of these killings are implemented by gang members and drug dealers, these killings are also done by White/Hispanic police officers and lately Hispanic gangs in LA.  All of the killers take orders from Whites in the FBI & Co. Whites in the FBI & Co. know who the most gifted students are within the Black community.  They have the database of the most gifted and talented Black students as well as positive Black adults who work within the Black community. The gifted Black students and adults within the Black community are the ones who Whites in the FBI & Co. have ordered these killings on in the past and present.  Whites in the FBI & Co. currently continue to identify and order killings on our future bright Black lives within our communities all across this country. 

An enormous amount of US Government money was used to set up the drug trade and to establish well organized gangs across the country to entice young Black males to get involved in this "lucrative business".  With the lack of jobs available for our young Black males in the community, it is easy for our youth to get involve in the drug trade.  There is so much money involved in the drug trade.  Not because there are a lot of people buying drugs or hooked on them, but because most of the money is being paid out to the drug dealers and their associates to sell drugs.  There is a lot of money in the drug trade because Whites in the FBI & Co. are subsidizing the drug trade.  Rayful Edmond III, who was a big drug dealer in Washington DC was arrested in 1989.  After his arrest, the police found over 1 million dollars stashed away under his bed mattress.  Let's just use some logic on this particular situation.  Within the Black community there is only a small percentage of people using crack/cocaine.  Let's say about 10%, and we can safely conclude that's well over and above the actual number.  However, let's use 10% and apply it to the richest Black community in the country, Mitchellville, Maryland.  Even using 10% of the total money or income within the Black community of Mitchellville is nowhere near the amount money that is associated with the drug trade that was constructed and currently maintained by whites in the FBI & Co.  The modernized drug trade system was constructed by the FBI & Co. as a machine of genocide towards the Black Race.  The modern drug trade system is a system of destruction that is targeted towards the Black community in three main areas.  The three main areas are:
·    Assassinations
·    Imprisonment
·    Drug Addiction 

The modern drug trade system is managed by the FBI & Co. to specially target certain Blacks to be killed, imprisoned, and hooked on drugs.  What certain Blacks are we talking about?  As mentioned before, the brightest of the brightest or the cream of the crop of our people are being killed, imprisoned, and hooked on drugs.  We lose the majority of our brightest people from this drug trade system.  Just look at who’s currently being killed in our communities, the "A" students and the gifted athletes in every major city. This has been going on since the late seventies but has escalated lately in every major city.  This type of activity is managed and implemented by Whites within the FBI & Co. with the assistance of young brothers who are being manipulated to be the trigger men.  These young Black men are being told and directed in who to shoot and kill.  Like I said before, the brightest of the brightest of our people are being killed.  Who but the FBI and company has the database of all the Black "A" and gifted students?  It's not a coincidence that most of our gifted in every major city are being killed.  This is not a natural occurrence.  If this was something that naturally happened, then you would have mostly people who hung out in the streets with drug dealers within our community being killed.  But that is not the case.  THE BRIGHTEST OF THE BRIGHTEST OF OUR PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED BY THE KOLD KALCULATED KILLERS, THE NEW KU KLUX KLAN.  Whites in the FBI, CIA, and NSA and 99% of all white people in general know about this plot and plan that's being implemented by the new KKK to kill Black people.  Whites who are not active participants are silent participants.  To somewhat camouflage the implementation of this highly sophisticated plan is the increasing number of illegal aliens (Hispanics and Mexicans) entering into this country.  These Hispanics and Mexicans or what I called the "White" Hispanic and Mexicans were allowed into this country over the past 15-20 years for the sole purpose of replacing the Blackman.  According to the latest census results, Hispanics are the largest minority group in the country.  This increase in Hispanic/Mexican population happened over a very short span of time.  The implementation of the modern drug trade and increase of the "White" Hispanics or illegal aliens to replace the Blackman were both plans implemented together.  The "White" Hispanics are replacing the Blackman in jobs in every category in this country from the mediocre jobs to the professional or the corporate plantation jobs.  Based on my experience in working on the corporate plantation for close to 25 years, I can tell you that "White" Hispanics in corporate America don't give a damn about black people.  They are more concerned about pleasing the White man than anything else.  In corporate America, they implement and perpetuate White Supremacy sometimes better than the White man does. As a matter of fact, the Blackman is not respected by any minority group within cooperate America. We are not respected in cooperate America by the Asians, Arabs, Hispanics or the Indians from India.  Most minorities follow the lead of the Whiteman in their actions of the disrespect of the Blackman in corporate White America.  The Blackman is on the bottom of the bottom in corporate America.  We get no respect in corporate America from any group.  So now you see "White" Hispanic gangs out in L.A. being the trigger men in the shooting and killing of Black people in our communities.  For the purpose of this blog, however, I will stay focused on the drug trade created by Whites in the FBI & Co. as a plot and plan to wipe out the Black race.  

Those of our people who refuse to believe in the creation of this modern drug trade by Whites in the US covert governmental agencies are in a state of denial.  The San Jose Mercury Newspaper in 1996 wrote a three-part series article concerning crack cocaine,the CIA, and the Nicaraguan Contra army.  The introduction of the first article read as follows: 

"For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drugs profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a Mercury News Investigation has found." 

The FBI, CIA, and the NSA have many resources and advanced technology that they utilize against Black people for genocidal purposes.  Let's just look at satellite technology.  The FBI & Co. could use satellite technology to eliminate all drugs as well as lethal weapons that are being imported into the Black community overnight.  Let me briefly give the ARC readers an overview of satellite technology.  Satellite technology was pushed or financed by Ronald Reagan and that's why Whites view Reagan as a God because of his funding of this technology.  The FBI & Co. uses the functionality of this technology to be like a "GOD" or the "GOD".  To be like "GOD" you have the capability to see all and to hear all.  With this satellite technology, Whites in these covert agencies can see all and hear all.  The FBI & Co. can use the satellite technology (which orbits around the Earth 23,000 miles away) to obtain any data or type of data on anyone.  With satellite technology you can filter for any desired data type you want to in any specific geographical location or area. For instance, you can take a photo view of any house or area of the Earth.  In addition, with the satellite technology, you can filter for body temperature, specific chemical compounds, sounds/frequencies and electromagnetic/magnetic level with visual resolution down to a head of a pin.  By filtering on any chemical compounds you can use this technology to pinpoint all drugs located any where within the United States.  You can stop drugs from entering into the country tomorrow.  You can filter on any metal objects like lethal weapons and monitor all lethal weapons.  You can filter on any composite powdered chemicals that can potentially be manufactured into a bomb.  By filtering the satellite on one's body temperature you can use this technology for spying on people.  You can spy and peep into anyone's bedroom activities at night. The only element that satellite technology can't penetrate is lead.  So if you don't have a coat of lead covering your whole house, you are exposed.  

This modern drug trade was put into motion initially by J. Edgar Hoover on an emergency basis, to stop the Black Panther movement in the early 70's.  The modern drug trade was re-instituted in the late 70's by Whites in the FBI & Co. in an organized way in Washington DC for the purposes of wiping out the Black race.  This plan of genocide was escalated when Whites in covert government Research and Development (R&D) agencies made a breakthrough in cloning before the 1984 time frame.  These covert government R&D agencies made a breakthrough in cloning with the use of our woman, the Black woman.  Black women are used as an integral part of their cloning experiments.  In 1984, they crowned the first Black woman as Miss America.  To ensure that they got the first Black woman as Miss America they voted another Black woman as the runner up.  In the next 25 years, there were 7 Black women who were chosen as Miss America and 7 runner-ups out of twenty-five (25 years) selections.  Before 1984, Whites never picked a sister as Miss America or a runner up.  So what happened?  Why was there a need to start picking sisters as Miss America and making Black woman visible beauties to White Americans?  It was to send a message to White boys old and young that it was all right to aggressively go after or "romance" the Black woman because through cloning, she now becomes an integral part to their genetic survival.  That explains why Whites escalated the genocide plan to kill, imprison, and try to make Black men unfit to marry the Black woman or become unlikely as a companion or a mate for the Black woman.  These actions over the past 20 years by Whites have escalated the tensions between the Black man and Black woman.  These actions by Whites have significantly impaired the relationship of the Black man and Black woman to build strong family together. These actions over the past 20 years have significantly increased the deadly union of the White man and the Black woman.  Cloning also explains why we now have some White athletes competing and running faster times in the 100-meter dash than some Black athletes.  You now have more speedy white receivers and defensive backs playing NFL football, something which was never heard of before in the seventies or early eighties.  This issue of Black male/female relationship and cloning will be discussed in a future "State of Emergency" blog series.  

I want to deviate a little and talk about how slave mentality among our people significantly affects the success of Black businesses.  We continue to suffer from slave mentality that affects our people in everything we do.  Black businesses suffer from this psychological effect of slavery more than any other minority businesses in this country.  I along with my college roommate at Tuskegee started a company in June 2008 called Elements 4 Nature (  I left my corporate plantation job to start this company because the foundation of the company is selling products made by the greatest scientist of our time, Dr. George Washington Carver.  There is no other scientist that has created more products that work than Dr. Carver. Along with his lab assistant, Dr. A.W. Curtis, Dr. Carver created many products from the peanut.  We sell his hair care products along with his rubbing oil.  The rubbing oil is so effective in relieving pain it used to be called the "Miracle Rubbing Oil".  We have to go through the whole history with our people in order for them to try his products.  I remember talking to a sister who works at the post office who had her hand wrapped up.  I asked her what was wrong, she responded that her hand was in so much pain and she tried everything but surgery which was, as she explained it, her next move.   So I gave her my card to try the Dr. Carver rubbing oil for her pain.  She never made that $10 order to even try it out.  These are the obstacles that Black businesses have to deal with.  The slave mentality obstacle is a significant one.  Dr. Carver’s rubbing oil alone is known to provide pain relief for 27 different aliments.  The Dr. Carver/Dr. Curtis products that we sell were invented by the greatest scientist of our time.  What's the problem? Slave mentality is the problem.  Slave mentality is a mental illness that the majority of our people were conditioned with during physical slavery in this country.  Slave mentality is passed on from one generation to the next and is maintained through the system of White supremacy.  Basically with slave mentality we were conditioned to love everything White and hate everything that’s about us being Black.  We were conditioned to hate ourselves and hate everything we do and love and worship White people and love everything they do.  I remember the Black history course that I took from the well respected Professor Dr. Frank J. Toland at Tuskegee University. He always used to emphasize how we were conditioned as a people to love White people and to hate ourselves. He used to say the following to us at least once a week in our class:  "The Whiteman giveth and the Whiteman taketh away blessed be the name of the Whiteman".  He used to stress that we were conditioned to worship White people as a "GOD".  Therefore, you can be the greatest scientist ever in these modern times and not be recognized by your own people.  Dr. Carver was operating on another level than any other scientist in his day.  For instance, when making paints from dirt he produced a color or a shade of blue that has never been produced before since the ancient Egyptians, our ancient ancestors.  Elements 4 Nature will soon release a DVD in February/March 2010 on Dr. Carver called "The Facts on Carver" that was filmed on sacred ground at Tuskegee Univeristy in 2008.  

Back to the modern drug trade and the Kold Kalculated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan.  The enormous amounts of money that were used by Whites in the US government covert agencies to start this new drug trade are now being re-cycled from one dealer to another.  If one dealer does not play the game the way the FBI & Co. wants him to play, he will be arrested and taken to prison and majority of the money will be moved to the next dealer.  This highly sophisticated system carefully plans out each murder. These murders are well planned out to the point that most of these school killings may seem to look like the victim and killer were beefing (arguing/fighting) before the incident happened.  Actually, the killer most of the time initiates a conflict with the victim a couple of days before the shooting to make it look like they were beefing before the shooting.  Usually these killers are new to the school or to the area.  Be careful of anyone who moves to a new area or school who gets into fights or tries to start trouble all the time.  These are the people who target the brightest of the brightest of our people.  True there are innocent fights that break out in any school.  Most of these fights, however, are usually confined to people who hang out in the same type of groups.  Most of time, you will not see an "A" student hanging out with someone who has no intention of going to college or who hardly attend classes.  That happens; however, that's not the norm.  

I hate to deviate again from the Kold Kalculated Killers, the new KKK, but I must say a little about President Obama's decision to pick a Hispanic for Supreme Court Justice.  This was a terrible decision.  I understand that the president of the United States represents all people. However, picking a Supreme Court Justice is the one action that allows a president to pick someone that reflects his agenda.  By him picking a Hispanic will slash all hope of Blacks getting any reparations.  This decision was a slap in every Blackman, woman, and child face.  Obama should have picked a Black woman.  Who has done more for this country as far as sacrifice and shedding blood for justice, Black women or Hispanic women?  It's no contest, Black women have done more for this country in terms of sacrifice and bloodshed.  This is a man who is clueless of being not just a Black president but a president in general for justice and change.  His decision means that we will not get reparations from this government in a long, long, long time. Reparations for Black people is long, long, long overdue.  Reparations must be initiated by the US Congress and backed by the Supreme Court.  We have no one in the Supreme Court to represent Black people. Currently, there are no Blacks on the Supreme Court!  Clarence Thomas can't be considered a Blackman based on his past decisions.  Clarence Thomas has a high degree of slave mentality or mental illness and is only concerned about representing the aspirations of White people.  I'm beginning to perceive Obama the same way.  Based on Obama's past actions towards Black people as a president thus far, instead of calling him Obama, we should be calling him an "Ole Bama".  I'm tried of hearing Obama speak about accountability and how hard the "founding fathers" worked to make this country so "great".  This country became rich and powerful through Black slave labor, the hard work of our ancestors.  As Malcolm X has said, our people worked without pay from can't-see-in-the-morning to can't-see-at-night, and we never had a day off.  This occurred for over 258 years.  258 years, Obama!  We as a people have given the most contributions to this country, more than any other people; however, we have received much, much less.  We have contributed significantly more to this country as a people and have received much less than any other group.  We have contributed significantly more to this country than the Hispanics, Mexicans, Asians, and the Indians from India combine.  None of these groups were ever enslaved, lynched, raped, families broken up like we were in this country.  Yet Whites have always looked to hire and help out all other minorities first before helping out the Blackman.  Now we vote into office a Black president who should be more sensitive and fair to the causes of the oppressed or to people who have never received justice in this country.  However, he seems to be more of a "show" president than a substance president for Black people.  All show and no substance.  Yeah, he will invite us to play basketball at the White House but will not invite us to the table of justice for the Blackman.  It's like the brother who buys a brand new Cadillac but lives in the slums.  Yeah, he's riding good and is looking good but he is not making any constructive changes to change his condition for him or his family.  That's what Obama is currently to the Black community.  He does not have many critics within the Black community because of this "show" persona.  Our people would say, oh did you hear the speech Obama gave about the constitution or about this or about that.  Most of us will not challenge his decisions because we've been represented negatively by the White media for so long in this country that we are so happy that he is showing somewhat of a positive image.  It's like the same situation with some of our Black mothers, who would worry more about whether her son was wearing clean underwear than his health or condition after he got shot.  I understand that most of our actions today are due to our slave mind.  However, if we as a people keep going along not criticizing or not making Obama accountable because of his "showmanship", we all will be looking good dressed up in suits and dresses, happy and smiling as we walk into the genocidal gas chambers.  These gas chambers are operational today and are snuffing out lives of our people through the modern drug trade implemented by the Kold Kalucated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan, on a daily basis.  It's a shame for Obama to make speeches like that and not have any compassion for Black Americans.  Japanese Americans got reparations for the time they were imprisoned in camps during World War II.  The U.S. House of Representatives voted 243 to 141 to make an official apology to Japanese Americans and to pay each surviving family member $20,000 in reparations.  That sounds like the apology that the US Congress passed recently for slavery, however, with no reparations attached to it.  Not only were no reparations attached to it, but they apologized for slavery when they currently participate in the ongoing psychological enslavement of Black people through the system of White Supremacy or White Nationalism.  Whites apologized for something that they are still guilty of on a daily basis.  What a joke!!!  The European Jews got reparations in 1952.  They obtained reparations via an international treaty entitled the Luxembourg Agreement, which obligated the Federal Republic of Germany to pay $845 million in reparations to Israel and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany for Jewish beneficiaries over a twelve-year period.  The American Indians received three types of reparations: (1) cash payments, through the operation of the Indian Claims Commission and the U.S. Court of Claims; (2) land, through an action of Congress to return control over land to particular tribes; and (3) tribal recognition by Congress/Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Now, what about the Blackman?  We have been murdered, lynched, raped, families broken up and worked for free for 258 years to make this country rich and powerful.  Our atrocities were much greater than what the Europeans Jews, Japanese Americans and the American Indians experienced combined.  Whites made slavery a law in this country.  It was a law not to teach a slave to read or write for over 258 years. Just from an educational standpoint, all Blacks kids should get free education from the womb (birth) to the tomb (death).  No Black person should have to pay for college for at least the next 300 years.  Black people as well must receive classes designed and run by the Black Conscious Community, to re-program Black people to love one another again.  

President Bush picked Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall because he knew Clarence Thomas would be a soldier for his philosophical ideas.  A Supreme Court Justice is a job for life and is one of the few and most powerful independent decisions that a president can make.  Past presidents have picked Supreme Court justices based on their philosophical positions.  Sonia Sotomayor’s smooth nomination (Without any resistance from the committee) to the court by the US House and US Senate was a clear indication that she is part of the "High Tech Lynching" or genocidal plan that Whites continue to implemented on Blacks.  "High Tech Lynching" is a code word used among Whites that became known during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination. Clarence Thomas did not invent that word; however, he used it because his white adviser told him to say it during his nomination hearings.  Basically, it was a code word and a message from his White adviser to the White Supreme Court committee to say if you want to implement the "High Tech Lynching" plan you need to endorse Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court Justice.  As mentioned before, Hispanics don't give a damn about Black people.  They are only concerned about the well being of their own people. Obama, why not follow an example by great leaders of the past like Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall?  Thurgood Marshall was a great man that served his country well while representing his people.  He was great because he remained grounded and fought for his people and for all Americans.  Thurgood Marshall was not overwhelmed by his position.  He was not phased by his position or was not just happy to be in that position.  He consistently spoke out and fought for Justice.  Case in point, Thurgood Marshall refused to speak at any of the Bicentennial celebrations because he knew the history of how this country was formed in particular the history of the construction of the Constitution.  Thurgood Marshall knew the constitution was formed during slavery so he refused to be "patriotic" and give speeches at any of the Bicentennial events while serving as a Supreme Court Justice.  This is what Thurgood Marshall said of the Ku Klux Klan before he died:

"Believe it or not, somebody found out the Klan (Ku Klux Klan) is still around.  I could have told them that (laughter).  The Klan never died.  They just stopped wearing the sheets because the sheets cost too much. (laughter).  When I say they, I think we all know who they would include. We have them in every phase of American life".  

We as Black people living in this country are under constant attack from Whites.  There are other genocidal plans that are currently being implemented by Whites.  The following topics will be discussed in details as part of the ARC Blog’s "State of Emergency" series:  

·    The "White" Hispanic/Mexican to replace the Blackman
·    Black Male/Female Relationship in Jeopardy (using the Black Woman for Cloning Purposes)
·    The Destruction of Young Black Gifted Males  

Our current situation living as Black people in this country is a "State of Emergency".  Our people are at their lowest level of consciousness.  Most of our people still live life under this mental slave state.  At the same time, Whites are relentless in their desire to wipe us and other non-White groups out with their use of high technology and their advancement through covert R&D programs.  Once they are close to the point of wiping us out, which they are, the White genocidal machine or "High Tech Lynching" will aggressively work on other non-White groups worldwide.  This is a modern day Hitler plan to wipe out all non-Whites worldwide.  They won't just stop with Black people.  

Based on our experience living in this country, we have a common enemy, White people and the system of White Supremacy.  Let me make myself clear on this issue, I don't hate White people or any other group.  It's not in the nature or the heart of Black people to hate anyone or any other group.  On the other hand, the Whiteman is guilty of the biggest crime of hate teaching in the history of all civilizations.  Whites committed the greatest hate crime or terrorist crime in the history known to man; they taught us to hate ourselves and to love White people.  It started systematically though physical slavery and continues today through Institutional Racism or White supremacy.  This self-hatred that exists in majority of Black people's minds in this country today is a major or significant obstacle towards our resurrection and unity as a people.  Self-hatred has severely handicapped us in our efforts to be a successful independent people.  What's really significant is that most of our people don't even know that they have this mental illness of self-hatred.  Whites did a masterful job in "brain washing" us to love White people and hate ourselves without most of our people even realizing it today.  Whites continue to work hard on a daily basis to maintain that mental illness (self-hatred) and slave mentality within Black people through the system of White Supremacy. 

Again, based on the 500 years of empirical data of the constant attack of enslavement, rape, murder, and lynching from Whites, you must conclude that White people are our enemies.  There is no other logical conclusion.  They are our enemies based on their hostile actions towards us in the past and currently in the present.  Whites collectively enslaved, murdered, and raped us. Whites continue to carry out and perpetuate their genocidal plans on us today.  Dr. Bobby E. Wright, the greatest analytical social scientist of our time, said it best: we are in a race war and we are the only people that don't know it.  A book written by Black psychologists William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs called Black Rage recommended that Blacks should view all Whites as enemies until proven otherwise.  I agree with the Black psychiatrists strategy or philosophy because it's based on self-preservation.  Self-preservation is the driving force for us to conclude that White people are our enemies or devils as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated. Devils may be the best name for them based on their past actions towards us.  Whites fit the description of the devil that the Bible talks about.  Who but White people have demonstrated to be the masters of deceit, the masters of trickery, the masters of manipulation of Black people and of other non-White people over the past 500 years?  This highly sophisticated genocidal plan implemented by the Kold Kalucated Killers, the new Ku Klux Klan is typical of what the Devil does. The Devil is the master of deceit and trickery.  You can easily justify White people's devilish description based on their past actions towards us, or to conclude that Whites are the decedents of Satan.  

Black people are without any doubt in my mind, the people of God or God's true chosen people. We are at the bottom of the bottom living in this society.  The Bible says in the last days, the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  The last days are the last days of White domination. Everything goes in cycles.  When we as Black people were running things in ancient Kemet, better known as Egypt, we were on top, while the White Europeans were crawling on all fours in the caves of Europe.  Now it's the reverse; Whites are currently on the top and we are at the bottom. However, it's now time for a change again.  During ancient times our ancestors could not conceive of themselves being ruled by cave-crawling crackers, but it eventually happened.  Now, today the Whiteman can't conceive of being ruled by the Blackman who is at the bottom; however, it will and is starting to happen.  How will we become free again?  The Black Conscious Community or the 144,000 will help the Black Nation rise again.  If you want to know what Black Consciousness is, go to the Conscious Thoughts page on the ARC web site.  How will we rise again?  I must say not through the advancement of guns or weapons but through the knowledge of self and understanding that we are an extension of GOD or the Forces of Nature.  We as Black people have the power to utilize the Forces of Nature for the total upliftment of our people, like our ancient ancestors used to do.  George GM James wrote one of the most important books in re-connecting Blacks to our ancient Black Egyptian ancestors.  The Stolen Legacy was written by George GM James and published in 1932.  The following paragraph comes from Stolen Legacy written by George GM. James: 

"According to Herodotus, the Egyptians Priests possessed super-natural powers, for they had been trained in the esoteric philosophical of the Greater Mysteries, and were experts in Magic. They had the power of controlling the minds of men (hypnosis), the power of predicting the future (prophecy) and the power over nature. (i.e., the power of Gods) by giving commands in the name of Divinity and accomplishing great deeds.” 

The Stolen Legacy by George GM James continues with the following: 

“Here it might be well to mention that the Egyptian Priests were the first genuine Priests of history, who exercised control over the laws of nature.” 

We still have that connection with nature, because we are of nature.  However, collectively that power is currently dormant in most Black people.  We must wake up and utilize the Forces of Nature within us for the purposes of self-preservation and the destruction of those who are trying to destroy us.  I constantly pray to the Heavenly and Holy Black Father and Mother of Creation, God of our Ancestors for the continued strengthening of my connection to the Forces of Nature. 

My prayers are with all the sisters and brothers who were victims of the Kold Kalculated Killers, the new KKK, for the past thirty years.  My prayers go out to the family of Charles "Gus" Williams and five others who were shot in Southeast Washington DC section of town on August 19, 2009.  Gus and five others Black lives in Southeast DC were recent victims of the new KKK.  Gus was 19-years old and just over 4 feet tall, stood out in the neighborhood to be so little in height yet had a BIG heart.  Gus was shot in the head while sitting with a friend outside.  Gus is a typical victim of the new KKK.  My prayers go out to my family members who are also victims of the new KKK. 

The State of Emergency is a state of urgency for Black people here in this country.  We need to support each other by supporting Black businesses.  Specifically, Black businesses that are committed in creating jobs within the Black community.  We need to re-build our Black families from the constant destruction by Whites during their past and present actions towards us.  Putting Black people back to work should be the first priority for all Black businesses.  In addition, Alkebulan Reference CenterElements 4 Nature and the latest music site launched, Conscious Music Zone ( are businesses committed to re-building the Black family structure which was significantly damaged and impaired by White America.  

To continue writing these ARC blogs, we need your support.  Help support us by donating to the ARC web site.  ARC is in the business of helping Black people wake up and re-build from the destruction at the hands of White people.  Until the next ARC "State of Emergency" blog, continue to fight for the self-preservation of Black life.

The State of Emergency is a four part series highlighting the real time Genocide of Black African people living in the United States.
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