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Black Consciousness

What is Black Consciousness?  In order to understand what Black Consciousness is, first you need to have a clear understanding of what the word conscious means.  The general definition of conscious as stated in Webster's Dictionary is as follows:


1.  Having awareness of one's self (Internal knowledge), one's acts, and one's surroundings.  
2.  Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, thoughts and historical reference.


To summarize, we can conclude that to be conscious is having an awareness of oneself, actions, surroundings, and historical reference.  One's self is defined as the body, soul, and spirit.  You have to be conscious of the whole physical, mental and spiritual existence of oneself.


Just a reminder, our ancient Kemetic African ancestors have repeatedly written on the ancient walls the phrase "Man Know Thy Self."  Webster's Dictionary defines Consciousness as follows:


1. Consciousness is the state or condition of being conscious.
2.  A sense of one's personal, collective and historical identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group.


Therefore, Consciousness simply means one's acts or actions are conscious.  The definition also states that , consciousness reflects an individual's acts or actions are consistent with one's collective and historical identity.  Conscious actions will produce positive results for an individual or a collective group.  To add to the definition, ARC quoted Dr. Amos Wilson from his book African-Centered Consciousness vs The New World Order.  In his book, Dr. Amos Wilson states the following:


"Another very important aspect of Consciousness is what we call Values; those things that we prefer, those things that we see as right, those things that we think we should need, those things the pursuit of which determines our behavior and organizes our minds.  Values are what I call the Directional Factors of Consciousness."


Click below to hear Dr. Amos Wilson Audio Clip.  
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Carol Barnes
Dr. Bobby E. Wright




Therefore, Black Consciousness can be defined as follows: 


Black Consciousness:

1. The behavior of a Black individual or Black collective group whose acts or actions are conscious. 
2. A certain set of social values based on a collective and historical identity that will produce positive results for a Black individual or the Black collective group.


Let us briefly touch on the use of the terms Black Consciousness and African Consciousness.  Both terms should be accepted and used equally.  Both should be used as interchangeable terms by the Black Conscious Community.  However, Black is the more appropriate or technical term to describe our people due to the fact that melanin is a known chemical that gives us our skin color.  The word African was created by the European.  Click on the Audio Clip below to hear Dr. Bobby E. Wright discuss various issues, one being the validity of calling ourselves Africans.



Based on Dr. Wright's analysis, it's clear that the word Black is more of an appropriate term to call our people.  However, for the purposes of reducing extended debates among the Conscious Black Community, we should use and accept both terms.  Therefore, Black Consciousness and African Consciousness are one and the same.


The late great Dr. Bobby E. Wright, who was one of the greatest analytical thinkers and social scientist of our time, defined what that set of social values should be when he revealed the Black Social Theory.  The Black Social Theory is a set of Conscious social values that will preserve our race in the midst of our enemy, white supremacy.  The Black Social Theory will produce positive results for a Black individual and the Black collective group.  The Black Social Theory is the measuring stick for every Black man and woman in terms of whether he or she is Conscious.  You can't be considered a Conscious Black Man or Woman if you don't agree with the application of the Black Social Theory.  The following 10 points with the exception of number two, touch on the core aspects of the Black Social Theory defined by Dr. Bobby Wright.  ARC is working hard to attain more information from the late great Dr. Bobby E. Wright's scientific research collection on the Black Social Theory.   As more info
rmation is attained by ARC, additional points will be added to our online version of the Black Social Theory. 

Dr. Bobby E. Wright
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Muhammad

The addition of the second point, Maat, was added by ARC staff writers. 



Dr. Bobby E. Wright



Click on the Audio Clip below to hear Dr. Wright's recommendations on the core aspects of the Black Social Theory




The following recommendations represent the core aspects of Dr. Bobby Wright's Black Social Theory:



Black Social Theory


1. Must place the interest of our race above all other interests.


2. Must agree with and follow Maat, the ancient set of moral values or the moral code of conduct.  Maat, the 42 Declarations of Innocence was defined by our ancient African ancestors thousands and thousands of years ago and was the basis for the foundation of scientific thought that lead to the building of the pyramids and other great achievements.



Relief of Goddess Maat



3. Sanction (socially ostracize) and punish those Blacks who operate against our interest.


4. Sanction (socially ostracize) completely and refuse to support those Blacks who marry and cohabit with whites or members of other races.


5. Make a conscious effort to fully accept (instead of rejecting) and embrace our people who have a higher concentration of melanin or dark-skinned Blacks when adopting Black children or looking for a mate.


6. No Black person can be considered a leader or hold a leadership position who marries outside the race.


7. Stop using the word Black in negative terms (nigger, Tom, etc.) when addressing each other.


8. Consciously expose our children to strong positive Black images(Black professionals need to spend time volunteering their services to independent Black schools)


9.  Have Black artists to show strong Black images.  


10.  Work toward the liberation of African people world wide and fight against white supremacy.




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