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Black Love: True Black Love can be found by following Maat which was practiced by our Ancient Black African Ancestors in Ancient Egypt for thousands of years before we were enslaved


Relief of Goddess Maat


Our history starts off as far as Black on Black relationships are concern with the greatest Black love story in history, Nefartari II and Rameses II. During the 19th dynasty or the 19th dynastic period, Rameses II and Nefartari II were the greatest king and queen to ever rule ancient Egypt (Kemet). Rameses II and Nefartari II, the Black PictureKemet_ARC_2007_Nefertari_II.jpgcouple ruled Egypt for 66 years, longer than any king and queen in history. The union of Rameses II and Nefartari II produced over 200 children. In the 19th dynasty, there were much cultural and scientific advancement, consistent with previous ancient Egyptian dynasties. Let me say something about culture. Culture is basically whatever principles, concepts and/or beliefs a specific group of people and/or society choses to live by. Those principles, concepts and/or beliefs are a reflection of the nature of that group or personality of that group.Which means that collective group will only utilize certain principles, concepts and/or beliefs that will make that particular group grow stronger. PictureARC_Kemet.jpgTherefore, living the true and natural culture of that group will make that individual, family, community and/or society grow and become stronger. The true and natural culture of that group is continued on and is passed down from one generation to the next. Each generation will get stronger by practicing their true and natural culture that was defined and passed down by their ancestors or the previous generation. The African/Black culture in ancient Egypt during the rule of Nefartari II and Rameses II was consistent with all ancient African/Black cultures used and practiced before them. The ruleships of Nefartari II and Rameses II was consistent with previous African/Black rulerships in Egypt by using Maat as the culture or the cultural code of conduct to live by. Based on historical records from research conducted by Dr. Yoself ben-Jochannan, who is by far the greatest historian of our time, we know that the rulership of Nefartari II and Rameses II was during the 19th dynasty. Maat, which is the cultural code of conduct for all Black/African people in the past and now in the present, produced 42 laws or 42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative of Confessions. The core foundation of Maat is defined asTruthJustice, and Righteousness. However, there are seven principles of MaatMaat was religiously practiced by our Black ancient Egyptian ancestors starting at least before the 3rd dynasty and well after the 19th dynasty. If you do the math and calculate the years of practicing or implementing Maat from the 3rd dynasty to the 19th dynasty, we as Black/African people have been living by or following Maat religiously for over 2,000 years. Maat, the 42 laws or 42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative Confessions was and still is the code of conduct for Black/African culture. The current generation of Black Africans needs to return to Maat as our true culture or the cultural code of conduct to live by and practice it religiously like our ancient ancestors did in the past. The 42 laws were so important to our ancient Black/African ancestors that each major law was established as a city or a province. The God-King divided Egypt/Kemet land into 42 different provinces or states and each province was named as one of the 42 major laws. The landmass was divided up the same way as the United States in naming the 50 different states. Maat was embedded as the core code of conduct within our true culture. Maat was and still is our core culture. Our ancestors followed Maatreligiously for thousands of years so much so we can safely conclude that Maat is currently part of the Blackman's DNA. The following is a list of the 42 Major Laws:



42 Declarations of Innocence/Negative Confessions


I have not done wrong to people


I have not committed acts of impurity or sodomy

2 I have not committed robbery with violence


I have not terrorized anyone


I have not stolen


I have not transgressed


I have done no murder; I have done no harm


I have not been hot-tempered


I have not done evil


I have not been deaf to the words of truth


I have not begun the day by demanding more work than is due me


I have not eaten my heart (done anything to my regret)


I have not stolen God's property


I have not been violent


I have not spoken lies


I have not caused strife


I have not stolen food


I have not been impatient


I have not caused anyone pain


I have not eavesdropped


I have not committed fornication


I have not been talkative


I have not caused anyone hunger


I have not done evil


I have not caused anyone to weep


I have not cursed or opposed the King


I have not killed anyone


I have never fouled the water


I have not commanded anyone to kill


I have not raised my voice


I have not caused anyone to suffer


I have not cursed or opposed God


I have not discussed secrets


I have not exalted myself


I have not set my lips in motion (against any man)


I have not stolen [destroyed] divine offerings


I have not been angry and wrathful except for a just cause


I have not stolen the offerings of the departed ones


I have not had intercourse with a married woman


I have not taken bread from a child or blasphemed the God of my city


I have not had intercourse with a married woman (twice)


I have not killed sacred cattle



Let's look at the application of Maat as it relates to the Black male/female relationship. Maat, the code of conduct numbers eleven, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two specifically tells us that we as Black Africans should not fornicate, commit adultery, interfere with another's man wife and commit sodomy. These identified numbers of Maat specifically deals with procreation. Our ancestors emphasized and understood that there is nothing more sacred or significant than the perpetuation of creation through procreation.The original concepts of the Immaculate Conception and/or the Virgin Birth started in the ancient Black African Culture and were practiced by a number of generations of Black African people. The Virgin Birth concept was practiced by numerous generations of African/Black people. The implementation of the Virgin Birth concept was as follows:
  • The female (wife) had to be a virgin (pure) and the male (husband) had to be a virgin (pure)
  • The conception of a child from both the pure wife and the pure husband produced a pure child or a Virgin Birth
  • The Virgin Birth, Immaculate Conception and the Holy Trinity are one of the same. The Immaculate Conception and/or Holy Trinity were defined as the following:

                                                                       o Father (pure)
                                                                       o Mother (pure)
                                                                       o Child (pure)

This Immaculate Conception concept was practiced throughout ancient African/Black Culture during the time of Christ. The Holy Trinity is also another name for the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth. The original


 Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept was iBlack_love_5_Arc_blogs.jpgmplemented by our ancient Black ancestors by using Osiris (father), Isis (mother) and Horus (Child).Christianity was started and implemented by our ancient Black ancestors using the Virgin Birth concept which was practiced and implemented by the North African Church. Christianity was started by two Black Africans named Pantheous and Botheous. These two Black Africans started the Christianity that was implemented by the North African Church. (Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan writes and talks about this in many of his books and speeches.Dr. Yoself ben-Jochannan again is the greatest historian and egyptologist of the 21st century). No one compares to this man in the knowledge of Black African history world-wide. The North African Church existed for a few hundred years and practiced the Virgin Birth concept until the Roman Empire invaded Egypt and changed the original implementation of the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept during the Nicene Conference in 325 AD. During the Nicene Conference, Whites/Europeans changed most of the significant Black African concepts within Christianity to European concepts.They changed Christianity that was founded by Pantheous and Botheus and practiced by the North African Church to reflect their White/European culture. During the Nicene Conference they took out all the dates of the Bible and they removed 18 books out of the Bible, one being the book of Mary. The Nicene Conference also changed the birth place of Jesus from Ethiopia to Jerusalem. The history trail points us back to what we need to do to strengthen our Black male/female relationships and reconstruct the black family. To strengthen the Black male/female relationships, we must return to practicing our moral or cultural code of conduct as defined by our ancient and wise ancestors as being MaatMaat is what made us great and Maat will return us to greatness. We have to implement the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept once again within the structure of all of our relationships.However, even if you missed that opportunity of producing a Virgin Birth you still need to follow Maat and not fornicate and commit adultery. You still can produce powerful offspring if you pattern your life after Maat. Living a righteous life is the key to self-preservation for our people. We as Black males and females must to remain pure (virgins) before we get married. That is how geniuses are born or produced. That is how God-like children are born or produced. That's how the exceptional scientists, leaders, and athletes of our race are born. Just check out what the Black star football, basketball or track athletes are saying in their interviews. Mostly all of them say, "I was blessed with God-given talent." Well, the god and the goddess were his/her parents who practiced and implemented the Virgin Birth concept during the time of his/her birth. This was a practiced that was mastered by our ancient ancestors for over 2,000 years and carried on from one generation to next generation until we were enslaved as a people by Whites. Maat was and still is the core haile_selassie_ARC_Blogs.jpgessence of our culture. Based on the implementation of Maat, we produced great people of vast intelligence through the Virgin Birth concept. Now, we produce gods/goddesses on a hit or miss basis. Mostly misses, I may add. Even-though the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth concept was mastered and perfected in ancient Egypt, it was practiced all throughout the continent of Africa up until the time the White man conquered, colonized and enslaved us globally. The strong conviction to remain pure before marriage is still practiced by our Black African sisters and brothers of Ethiopia. To remain a virgin (pure) before marriage is practiced religiously by our beautiful Black sisters of Ethiopia whom I call, "Zion Daughters". It makes sense because thanks to Emperor Haile Selassie who fought against the Italians, Ethiopia was the only country on the African continent that was not colonized by the Europeans. That explains why the Virgin Birth concept is still practiced religiously in Ethiopia. However, this modern day devil, the White man, is working overnight to destroy the strong moral convictions that still exist within our Black African sisters and brothers of Ethiopia. Maat was and still is the core foundation of all African/Black Culture. When you go against Maat, specifically laws number eleven, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two, you reduce your ability to produce exceptional children.


Note: All the information contained on this page is part of the Critical Analysis blog that Jon Adkins wrote in August 2010 called State of Emergency Part II: Black Relationships/Black Family is in Serious Jeopardy for Survival.  To read the complete blog click on the following link:

Audio Clips on Black Male/Female Relationships
Neely Fuller
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Neely Fuller
Dr. Khalid Muhammad


Different Black Male/Female Relationship Techniques must be adopted for the Survival of the Black Family


For those who are not familiar with basketball tournaments, it is usually the reverse.  I know because my kids have been participating in sports since day one.  There are usually a significant number of younger teams more than older teams.  You can also take a look at the number of teams entering the AAU National basketball championships.  The 12 & 13 and under teams entered into the tournament are significantly greater than the 11, 10, & 9 and under teams who entered the 2010 AAU National Championship Tournament.  You can see the genocidal impact in football also.  Sometimes there are not enough players to run a practice on my son's football team.  This is a clear indication that we don't have much time to reverse these devastating results. Whites in America look at these numbers also just to see how effective their genocidal work towards us has been going.  These numbers are not good and are getting significantly worst.  What do we need to do to help reverse these results?  I think the one thing that we must implement for our survival is for our Black sisters to allow responsible conscious Black brothers to participate in having multiple Black soul mates.  Polygamy is what it is called in Africa, however since polygamy is against the law in this country, we can't call it polygamy.  "Man sharing" has been used as the term by our people at times to describe this action.  However, polygamy is part of our culture and it was and still is used as a strategy for survival and self-preservation.   I don't think the term "Man Sharing" is an appropriate term to describe the strategy for survival and self-preservation.  The more appropriate term I think we should use to describe a strategy of survival and self-preservation is "A Lifestyle for Survival".  This strategy of "A Lifestyle for Survival"needs to be used solely for Black survival to counter the implementation of genocide on us by Whites in this country.  There are currently a few Black Organizations and groups who believe and practice "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Sisters for Polygamy, is one of a couple of organizations that practice "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Dr. Patricia Dixon wrote a good Dr_Dixon_ARC_Blogs7.jpgbook called “We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves,   Polygyny~Copartnering: A Relationship, Marriage and Family Alternative”.   It is a well written book that I recommend every Black sister and brother who is concerned about the survival of our community to read.  It should be the duty of every qualified brother or marriageable brother to strongly consider implementing this "A Lifestyle for Survival".  Of course, this "A Lifestyle for Survival" must be blessed collectively by our sisters.  Not all conscious brothers are made to love multiple sisters; however, for the conscious brothers who are made to love multiple sisters, they should strongly consider "A Lifestyle for Survival" as an act of self-preservation to counter the viscious genocidal attack on us by Whites in this country.  This strategy of “A Lifestyle for Survival" only should be used for the survival of the Black family which means only for the self-preservation of all Black male/female relationships. "A Lifestyle for Survival" is not to be practiced by anyone who is involved in an inter-racial relationship or any “universal” movements.  Again, "A Lifestyle for Survival" should ONLY be endorsed and blessed by conscious Black sisters and brothers towards the survival of Black relationships and saving the Black family. Most brothers, however, think with the slave mentality to fornicate with multiple sisters and are not being committed to loving any sister.  We have to work hard to change that thinking among the brotherhood.  I think that mentality will change if the Black conscious brotherhood was allowed to love more than one sister openly and honestly.  I think most brothers would be willing to love and take care of their offspring if they would be openly allowed to love more than one sister.   Living the "A Lifestyle for Survival" would definitely significantly reduce or eliminate secret affairs and it would also significantly reduce adultery and fornication.  By eliminating secret affairs you would also significantly reduce sexual transmitted diseases like the deadly AIDS virus and other sexual transmitted diseases.  The way it should work I think should be structured similar to the Black Jews of Ethiopia lifestyle.  In the book by Dr. Ben called "We the Black Jews", the Black woman would make the final decision whether another woman should be allowed to join the family.  The new woman would have to have something to contribute or something to strengthen the existing family instead of weakening the existing family.  The chief queen will make the final decision of whether another woman should be added to the existing family.   The man must be attractive to the woman and the woman must be attractive to the man.   However, the final decision will be made by the Chief Queen within the existing family.  Black women in this country must openly accept this way of life or "A Lifestyle for Survival" in order for us to survive as a people.  Point blank!  We must implement this way of life or "A Lifestyle for Survival" nationally, in order for us to survive as a people.  We have no choice.  The survival of our relationships, family and community are at stake.  When I was in East Africa "specifically Kenya" I visited the Maasai tribe, one of the largest surviving tribes in Africa.  I went on a tour of their tribe and they stressed self-preservation.  mAASAI_wOMEN_arc.jpgThey stressed the importance of a balanced community.  The norm of the Maasai tribe is to practice polygamy.  However, the Maasai tribe not only practiced polygamy they also practice polyandry. Polyandry is where a woman has more than one husband.  They had a whole section of their society living day-to-day in practicing polyandry.  In the society of polyandry they had specific rules and regulations to follow.  This area of their society was maintained just in case war wiped out most of the female population.  If most of the female population were to be killed, their whole society would practice polyandry to maintain the balance of the community for the ultimate goal for survival or self-preservation.  We've got to implement "A Lifestyle for Survival" immediately for the survival and re-building of the Black family and the Black Nation in America and globally to counter the racist attack from Whites.  Sisters need to think differently and take a different approach to our current Black male/female relationship situation.  For instance, don't shy away from conscious brothers who are older or even much older than you.  Sisters need to aggressively go after all brothers in general or at least brothers who they share similar life experiences with.  Please don't rely on these pseudo Black internet dating sites which I found out are not truly Black.  These internet dating sites promote being for Black couples but 99% of them are controlled by Whites.  Believe me I know because I belong to a few.  I did my research on these particular sites because I was interested in starting a totally Black Internet dating site.  Therefore, with these "Black" internet dating sites you are guaranteed NOT to find a Black soul mate that will eventually produce a strong Black family.  The goal is to re-establish an environment to produce and maintain a strong Black family and that starts with a Black man and a Black woman who love and are compatible with each other.  If you meet a brother that you really like, it's your duty to find out what that brother is about, don't be shy because we are in a State of Emergency and survival takes precedence.  Don't let age differences get in between starting a strong Black family with a brother.  However, it's important to follow your own vibe and don't be pressured into starting a relationship with any brother.  State of emergency means speeding up or being aware of the sense of urgency of the process of establishing Black relationships and not compromising any of your true feelings for any brother.  If the feeling or vibe is not there for a particular brother don't force yourself in a relationship.  Even if you think the brother is conscious, only follow your vibe or feelings because that so-called conscious brother could be a spy for the US government.  The same applies to any true conscious brother who is approached by a sister that he thinks is conscious.  There are cases where a brother or Sister may not be a spy for the US Government and he/she may be a true conscious sister or brother.  However, the conscious brother or sister just may not be made for each other.   You will find some situations where a young conscious brother and a young conscious sister may not be soul mates and just are not made for each other.  Even in a state of emergency situation a mutual attraction must exist between any brother and sister in order to build a strong Black family.  We got to implement "A Lifestyle for Survival" immediately for the survival and re-building of the Black family and the Black nation.


Note: All the information contained on this page is part of the Critical Analysis blog that Jon Adkins wrote in August 2010 called State of Emergency Part II: Black Relationships/Black Family is in Serious Jeopardy for Survival.  To read the complete blog click on the following link:



The Black Family is being weaken by Inter-Racial Relationships
By: Jon Adkins
Black male and female relationships are currently under attack through the significant increase of inter-racial relationships. This is a strategic war strategy to destroy what's left of our identity as a race and to eventually wipe out our race. It's basically the implementation of mentacide. This is what Dr. Bobby E. Wright, the greatest social scientist of our time, warned us about 30 years ago. Again, mentacide is defined as the total destruction of a group's mind for the purposes of the elimination of that group. This inter-racial attack is targeted at destroying our Black race through primarily the path of exploiting our Black women. White men are aggressively going after our women, the most fertile of our women I may add, primarily for cloning and experimentation purposes and to block us (Black men) from uniting with the most fertile of our women or "the cream of the crop". This is war, people, specifically a race war! We are not just under attack. We are being ambushed! We are being ambushed because the average Black brother or sister is not aware of the fact that we are even under attack. We have not collectively identified Whites who live and work in America as being the ones who constructed a well-disguised attack on us as a people. We don't realize the significance of their raid on our people specifically White men towards our Black sisters. Most of our people take a kindergarten perspective on inter-racial relationships.The reactions from most of our people after seeing a Black sister with a White boy is and I paraphrase "If you love somebody, color should not matter". This is a kindergarten analysis and the thinking of a slave. A slave thinker thinks for the benefit of White people (slave master) and not for the benefit of self. The results from inter-racial relationships/marriages only benefit White people or White supremacy. Inter-racial relationships/marriages destroy Black identity and any hope of re-developing or re-constructing the Black family. I will go into more details later in this blog on the negative impacts of inter-racial relationships. However, in order to fully understand the current state of the Black male/female relationships, we must go back in history to find out what happened to the unity and strong relationship between the Black male and female, the Black Family and the Black Nation. We must go back in history in order to fully understand our current situation as it relates to the Black male/female relationships.
Dr. Bobby Wright

Inter-racial Offspring-  If you look at the children that are born from these inter-racial relationships, you will find 99% of them chose the White life or the White way of living.  Most view themselves as colorless or bi-racial which means without a race.  Which means inter-racial offspring will not identify to any causes pertaining to race.  This means that they will not fight against this racist system.  To identify with colorless, you automatically support this racist system.  There is no hope in thinking that these kids will do anything to fight against this racist system or would support a Black agenda.  In order to effectively fight this system of injustice and unrighteousness, you must have a Black agenda.  These kids are following the same direction or path as Obama.  Obama's way is to think "colorless" which means he will continue to be blind to racism, White racist institutions, White supremacy and the negative impacts that White supremacy has on Black life in America which is currently the core root of the "American" society. We can't depend on the off-spring from these inter-racial relationships to help us towards the liberation and the salvation of our people.  As a matter of fact, they will do nothing but hurt us instead of helping us.  That's why Whites are using Inter-racial relationships as a war strategy and as a significant tool to help destroy us as a people.
Click on the Audio Clip below to hear Dr. Wright's recommendations on the core aspects of the Black Social Theory
Dr. Bobby Wright


The following recommendations represent the core aspects of Dr. Bobby Wright's Black Social Theory:


Black Social Theory


1. Must place the interest of our race above all other interests.


2. Must agree with and follow Maat, the ancient set of moral values or the moral code of conduct.  Maat, the 42 Declarations of Innocence was defined by our ancient African ancestors thousands and thousands of years ago and was the basis for the foundation of scientific thought that lead to the building of the pyramids and other great achievements.


3. Sanction (socially ostracize) and punish those Blacks who operate against our interest.


4. Sanction (socially ostracize) completely and refuse to support those Blacks who marry and cohabit with whites or members of other races.


5. Make a conscious effort to fully accept (instead of rejecting) and embrace our people who have a higher concentration of melanin or dark-skinned Blacks when adopting Black children or looking for a mate.


6. No Black person can be considered a leader or hold a leadership position who marries outside the race.

7. Stop using the word Black in negative terms (nigger, Tom, etc.) when addressing each other.


8. Consciously expose our children to strong positive Black images(Black professionals need to spend time volunteering their services to independent Black schools)


9.  Have Black artists to show strong Black images.  


10.  Work toward the liberation of African people world wide and fight against white supremacy.



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