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Thursday, July 14, 2016

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ARC_8.jpgThe Survival of the Smartest

By: Jon Adkins


Based on what occurred in the last 2 weeks in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas, I had to modify this Blog. 

Instead of completely restructuring the blog, I will just added information in certain sections throughout 

the blog to address these current issues.  


I usually do not like to use the word smart because it’s a word that is used loosely too often.  Using the word 

smart often times is used to offend or to put people down who is not considered smart.  Smart to me is a word 

that is synonymous to consciousness.  Some people think that consciousness is universal, but it’s not.  Cultural 

Consciousness is defined as being conscious of your cultural history and knowledge of self.  “Know Thy Self” 

is a phase that was used by our ancient Black Africans or Egyptians brothers and sisters and written in a lot of 

the ancient Egyptians temples.  “Know Thy Self” is a phase that was resurrected in the 1960’s by most 

conscious Black or African-Americans.  However, it was the center piece of probably the greatest Black or 

African-American leader to date, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Elijah Muhammad started the Nation of 

Islam in 1934 under the teachings of Master Farad Muhammad.   The teachings that was and still is a Black 

interpretation of Islam that is different from the orthodox version of Islam.  The orthodox version of Islam has 

not been a friend to Black African people.  Orthodox Islam murdered and enslaved million of Black African 

people  the same way the white version of Christianity enslaved us in North America.  Currently, the Nation of 

Islam is led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Minister Farrakhan continues the most important 

work of rising up our people, raising Black people up from a dead mental or unconscious state. Currently, 

there are basically two schools of thought or thinking within the Black or African-American intellectual 

community since the 1960’s.  The two schools of thought are Liberation and Integration/Assimilation.  Self 

preservation is the first law of nature.   Dr. Chancellor Williams wrote the famous book, the Destruction of 

Black Civilization.  He was also a strong proponent of Race First initiatives.  Dr. Chancellor Williams, along 

with Marcus Garvey, Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Dr. Yoself 

Ben-Jochannon, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. John Henri Clarke, Booker T. Washington, 

Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Amos Wilson and others were on the side of liberation.  Dr. Martin Luther King and 

Medgar Evers of the past and Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton of today represent of other school of 

thought,  Integration/Assimilation.   Both schools of thought are important. Liberation is the permanent 

solution to Black people’s problem. Liberation is our path to freedom.  However, Integration/Assimilation is 

a temporary solution that is needed in order for us to survive.  We would not have enough people alive 

today to implement liberation if the implementation of the ideology of Integration/Assimilation did not exist.  

Therefore both are needed in our quest towards freedom.  Let me give a clear definition of the two schools 

of thought within the Black intellectual community. 




The umbrella of liberation is large and it includes many groups that have a vast number of different detail 

ideologies.  However, the commonality among all groups under the Liberation umbrella is to “Do For Self” and 

not depend on others for our freedom.  The second most important principle is identifying the enemy of 

Black/African-American people as either the system of White Supremacy, White Nationalism and/or White 

people in general.   The final and probably the most important principle is identifying with the traditional 

ancient African way of life.  The high moral standards that we as Black Africans use to live by that produced a 

high level civilization.  First civilization recorded in history.  During which time we created high level 

mathematics, science, engineering, social science, and literary arts.  The code of conduct that we lived by 

was called Maat or the 42 major laws that we lived by for thousands of years.  





The umbrella of integration/Assimilation is much larger than the umbrella of Liberation.  There are more 

African –Americans groups and people who think under this umbrella.  Brother and sisters under this umbrella

look to win respect from white people. As a matter fact, most really want to be secretly like white people. The 

standard of success is to talk like, walk like and be as close to being White as possible. Most African-Americans 

will not admit to it because there actions are done subconsciously.  I remember in high school when I use to call

my mother at her work.  She would answer the phone with that white voice until she realized she was talking to

me.  It would be a 180 degree tone change in her voice when she realized it was me she was talking to. The 

actions of our people are the same as the voice tone. They are subconsciously trying to act white.  Basically 

they want to be treated like and respected like white people are respected.  They have no identified enemies 

as a matter of fact they want to love everyone and they have very little desire to study their cultural history.  

No desire to be like their ancient Black African Ancestors or no knowledge of knowing who they were.  They 

protest when there is an obvious injustice towards another African-American or other minorities.  Although, 

they will not hesitate to protest for causes that affect other people or other ethnic groups.


So there you have it, the two schools of thought within the African-American community.  However, both are 

important for our survival.  We need all of our people to survive through this dark part of our history.  Parts of 

integration/Assimilation are suicidal.  Take for instance, race mixing, that’s suicidal.  We need to eliminate that 

immediately.  Our brightest sisters are marrying and mixing with white boys or other ethnic groups.  Our 

brightest brothers are marrying and mixing with white girls or other ethnic groups.  Interracial relationships are 

skyrocketing in numbers. Most brothers with money and resources are marrying white girls or women outside 

of the race.  The same thing is happening with the Black woman with money and resources.  When the 

Blackman with money and resources die, all that money and resources goes to the white women wife or another

 woman with a different ethnic background, not back to the black man’s or woman’s family.  That money or 

resources never goes back to his brothers or sisters, cousins, aunts or uncles.  That money never goes back to 

the black community that produced him or her.  So the record number of inter-racial relationships is producing 

a record number of inter-racial offspring. They are producing many bi-racial kids.  Over Ninety-Five percent of 

these bi-racial kids never identify as being Black.  They grow up wanting to be white or opposite of anything 

close to being Black.  Majority of these kids grow up without any desire in identifying to any black based 

political agendas, groups or causes.  Most of them will not feel the need to fight the system of white supremacy.

 We have to stop these inter-racial relationships because the product supports white supremacy or any anti-Black

based progressive movements.   In addition, these are exceptional sisters and brothers or "the crèam of the 

crop" who are fallen prey to these inter-racial relationships.   According to Dr. Bobby E. Wright, the greatest 

social scientist of our time, said that in nearly all inter-racial relationships, the whites choose the Blacks.  

Meaning, white people depend on information that they get from their white friends who work in US 

Government agencies like the NSA, FBI and CIA to identify who among the African-American community 

are the brightest.  They proceed with strategies on targeting the brightest of brightest of our people or 

they targets Blacks or African-Americans who have the most potential to form strong Black families.   We 

have to re-build our families from what was done to us during physical slavery.  Our families were broken up 

and we have to make a concerted effort to put them back together. We have to start by literally pairing the 

African-American males with the African-American females.  We need to re-build strong families. We can’t 

afford any more to entertain inter-racial relationships.  No African-American woman or man can be with any 

White, Asian, Latino, Mexican, Indian from India.  This is the conclusion of the greatest psychiatrist and 

social scientist of our time, Dr. Bobby E. Wright.  Not only is that the conclusion of Dr. Wright, it’s also the 

conclusion of two other great psychiatrists, the late great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Dr. Amos Wilson.  

We need not to try to re-create the wheel of knowledge by disputing their findings.  They dedicated their 

professional life to the independent study and uncompromising research on the Black African mind and 

culture of our people living in America.   Based on their uncompromising research, studies and findings, it’s 

about time that we as African-Americans follow their valuable recommendations.  We need to realize that 

these valuable recommendations are necessary for our survival.



                                                  Police Brutality Killings and Police Killings


White police officers have been killing us for years.  The only difference today is the video phones.  The killings 

of Brothers Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were Kold Kalucated Killings.  Read my State of Emergency, Part I,

 Kold Kalculated Killing (KKK), the New KKK dated 2010 for a detailed analysis.  However, the brother who shot 

and killed those random white police officers in Dallas is not the solution.  They say it was well thought out by 

the  brother who shot the Dallas police officers.  I cannot come to that same conclusion because the Chief of 

Dallas Police department was Black as well as his deputy.  Two strong Blackmen, who from what I understand 

is making progress in trying to change the white racist police culture that is part of the structural makeup of 

mostly all police offices in the United States.  Even if you had a white Dallas police chief and deputy, I still don’t 

understand the strategy of killing random white police officers who did not have anything to do with the deaths 

of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  I would have a better understanding of the brother if he went on to 

shoot the guilty white police officers who killed the brothers in Louisiana and Minnesota, however, even that is 

still not the solution.  Even if you conclude that all white police officers are our enemies, we would be 

slaughtered overnight if we were try to fight them with guns.  It would be genocide overnight.  Whites who are 

pushing the high sophisticated genocidal plan on African-Americans today would get their wish overnight.  I’m 

all for self-defense, if anyone who is literally trying to kill you, you have to do whatever necessary to defend 

yourself either with a gun, knife, stick or baseball bat, do whatever you need to do to survive. 




                                                  Don’t Paint the Police with the same Brush

You can’t say all policemen are bad.  As a matter of fact, you can’t even say majority of policemen are bad.  

The really bad policemen are in the minority.  The really bad policemen targets and kills African-American men 

in this country.  However, you have good Black and White police officers that are diligent in doing a good police 

job.  I had a positive experience recently when my child did not come home from school.  I could not reach my 

child by phone.  It was 11:30pm on what I thought was a school night and we still could not reach our child.  

At 11:45pm I called the police.  The police came out to my house around 12 midnight.  Two white police officers,

 a man and a woman.  They were professional and respectful.   One of the police officers went to the homes of 

my child’s friends in the neighborhood who my child went to school with.  My emotions ran high!  It was 

12:30am, still no word from my child.  Police officer started calling my child’s friends from school, still no word.

  Police talked to one of my child’s friends and said he saw my child at the track meet that night.  At 12:45am I

 get a call from my child saying, I will be home soon.  Come to find out, my child was over a friend’s house from

 school, my child’s phone battery died and there was no school scheduled the following day because it was the 

start of spring break.   The two white cops handled the situation professionally and with respect.  I was relieved!

  However, lets not get it twisted, those white cops probably hate me with a passion but they did not show it 

while doing their job and that’s what a good police officer is someone that does a good job despite of what they 

may think of you. 



                                                                    Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement identifies under the integration/assimilation school of thought and not the 

liberation school of thought.  The name itself appeals to the moral consciousness of white people to accept and 

respect us.  The name is trying to convince white people that Black lives matter or Black lives are just as 

important as white lives. However, it’s a more aggressive version of the civil rights protest movement back in 

the sixties. So I commend the young sisters and brothers who are actively participating in this movement.  Keep

 it up!  We need the participation of all concerned Black people regardless of what your strategy is to help our 

people defeat racism/white supremacy. The only recommendation that I have is to keep white people out of 

your organized protests.  Protests are for powerless people or people who have limited ways of addressing their 

grievances.  White people are not powerless people!   Tell these White people who you think are sincere to 

exercise their power in making changes in their established white corporations in America.  Tell them exactly 

that when they show up at your protests.  They are the ones anyway who are more aggressive at these protests,

 starting stuff with police.  They are the ones that chanted “Pigs in a Blanket fry like bacon etc…” phases about 

the police.  It’s a problem because when the police start to use force to maintain order at these demonstrations, 

they beat on and arrest the Black brother or sister first and don’t even touch the white boys or girls that started 

it.  Be careful because most of these white protesters are probably infiltrators of your movement.  So I would 

advise you to tell them to go home and exercise their power in corporate America or whatever they work.  

Whites can be if they want to be effective in shaking up corporate America by fighting against discrimination in 

high places.  As a matter of fact, they are strategically in a better position to make a significant change in 

corporate America to increase job opportunities for African-Americans.  I know the white boy George Soros is a 

major contributor to your movement, however, I hope your leadership is smart in not letting him/them control 

and manipulate your movement.  Most of these whites who you think want to protest, really want to implement 

the detrimental strategy of inter-racial relationships and attached themselves to the strong gifted young 

positive Black sister or brother.  Inter-racial relationships are death to the core structure of the Black family unit.

  Again, this is the conclusion of the greatest psychiatrist and social scientist of our time, Dr. Bobby E. Wright.  

Not only is that the conclusion of Dr. Wright, it’s also the conclusion of two other great psychiatrists, the late 

great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Dr. Amos Wilson.  Again, we need not to try to re-create the wheel of 

knowledge by disputing their findings.  They dedicated their life to the study of the Black African mind and 

culture with their independent and uncompromising research on us as a people.   Based on their uncompromising

 research and studies, they produced recommendations for us to follow.  Again, we need to follow those valuable

 recommendations that are necessary for us to survive.



                                                               The Presidential Election

I was lying down watching TV when Donald Trump made the statement about people entering this country 

illegally and said to paraphrase, they are bringing in drugs, they are rapist, and some might be ok, I jumped up 

in shock.  This was the first white man whoever said such a thing about illegal people specifically Hispanics and 

Mexicans entering this country.  Pause, Go to my State of Emergency Part III which is called, “Hispanics are 

Pushing African-Americans out of the Work Force”, dated August 24, 2012, before you continue on what I am 

about to say about Donald Trump and this issue.  If you refuse to read my detailed analysis or the State of 

Emergency part III, let me quickly summarize.  Over the last 30 years white people in the US Government made

 it easy for Mexicans/Hispanics to enter into the United States illegally so they can make it a priority to hire 

Mexicans/Hispanics specifically over African-Americans or Black people living in America in the name of diversity.

 This is a high sophisticated genocide plan design to wipe out or exterminate African-Americans in the United 

States.  It’s a silent deadly high sophisticated plan implemented by white Americans in this country.  The devil 

is the master deceiver and white Americans who are implementing this high sophisticated plan and are doing a 

number on African-Americans as usual.  Please read the detailed analyses.  You won’t really fully understand 

what I am about to say until you read it.   Based on my analysis written in 2012, I agree with Donald Trump 

policy to “Build that Wall” and deport over the 11 million who are here illegally.  The white establishment as 

they call it is synonymous to the system of white supremacy.  The white establishment consists of the 

Republican Party, Democratic Party, and the media (TV news reporting stations and print media). The white 

establishment do not want any thing to interfere with the accelerated increase in the number of illegal 

immigrates entering this country.  The accelerated increase in the number of illegal immigrates entering this 

country is essential for white Americans to continue implementing the high sophisticated genocide plan of 

exterminating Black African-Americans or continue to push African-Americans out of the workforce.  The 

constant onslaught of white racist established republicans towards Donald Trump is proof and gives validation 

to my detailed State of Emergency analyses that I wrote in 2012.  This man Donald Trump is taking unbelievable

 unfair treatment from the white establishment, republicans, and established democrats and especially from the 

established white racist media.  If there was not TV today, you would think that Donald Trump was a brother 

because of such unfair treatment.  Every word that comes out of his month is twisted by the media and 

amplified by others after it’s twisted by the media.  The established political parties and the media are the real 

Klu Klux Khan.  They are the ones that want to keep white supremacy in place. Remember White supremacy or 

institutional racism is one of the same.  White supremacy in this country is running on auto-pilot.  Why is the 

white establishment (white supremacy) so nervous about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the November

 election to be the next president of the United States?  Let me answer that, It is because he will put a big dent 

in their plans to continue to push the high sophisticated plan of genocide on African-Americans in this country.  

Again, we are dealing with a master of deceit?  Please think brothers and sisters.  What have we gained from 

the way things have been running for the past hundreds of years that we have been in this country?  Let me 

answer not much!  Even with an African-American president the last 8-year term.  According to Tavis Smiley, 

Black people in the era of Obama have lost ground in every major economic category.  I also want to give

Tavis some credit on his analyses when he concluded that whatever Obama does or don’t do during his

presidential term will set a precedence for white politicians to follow.  He was right, when Bernie Sanders 

said during his campaign that he does not support reparations for Black people it was because Obama did not 

support it.  However, I give Obama some credit of the significant importance of him being president the last 

seven going on eight years.  By him being the US president for the last eight years, he was a strong and 

important image to all of our young Black boys and girls. Seeing a Blackman in a positive and strong image 

was significant.  So I thank him for that!    Also, if he had anything to do with building the beautiful statue of 

Carter G. Woodson located on Rhone Island Avenue and the ongoing renovation of Carter G. Woodson house; 

he should be thanked for that also.  However, every other minority group has benefited and made steady gains 

in this country.  Lately, the undocumented or illegal aliens have gained significantly.  We have to look out for 

ourselves and not worry about any one else.  Dr. Chancellor Williams had it right, Race First. Dr. Amos Wilson 

said we have to gain our freedom regardless whether it offends other ethnic groups. Self-preservation is the 

first law of nature. 


The white racist established media is trying to paint Donald Trump as a racist from what he has been misquoted 

in saying throughout his campaign.   I don’t know Donald Trump.  All I know is that he is a Whiteman and based 

on empirical historical data, I don’t have any confidence in white people during justice for Black people period.  

To date, there has not been any white presidential politician to come to the defense of Black people.  President 

John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson did some good things for African-Americans like signing the executive 

orders to initiate and enforce Affirmative Action and signing the Civil Rights Bill.  Other than those two executive 

orders and one bill, nothing has been done to address our specific needs based on our unique experiences living 

in this country.  This election, however, I will vote for Donald Trump only because of his policy of building a wall 

and deporting over 11 million illegals.  Again, Trump’s policy is putting a bump in the high sophisticated genocide

 plan to exterminate Black or African-Americans.  Isn’t it strange that Republican Party is so concern about being

 inclusive about Hispanics and won’t mention or try to court African-Americans?  A news article in the Daily 

Beast, entitled “Black Republicans: The RNC Gave Up on Us dated May 21, 2016, states “Black Republicans 

leaders are  miffed, and say the RNC hasn’t delivered on its commitment to invest in outreach to black voters”.  

Sean Jackson, who heads the Black Republican Caucus of Florida said, “The RNC does not have a vested interest

 in black America.”  In that same article, Crystal Wright, a communication consultant who worked with RNC in 

2012 thinks that the RNC outreach efforts to black voters have never been serious.  Crystal said, “Trump and 

Paul Ryan are doing more to talk with black voters than the RNC ever will, in my opinion.”  We’ve been here since

slavery and the explosion of Hispanics has only happen the past 30 years.  Why are they not trying to include 

us into their party?  Let me answer that, It’s because the high sophisticated genocide plan that whites are 

secretly implementing don’t include us or African-Americans in the future makeup of this country.   It was just a 

few republicans’ conventions ago that they did not even allow Herman Cane (An African-American man) to even 

enter in their convention.  The same strategy of hiring Hispanics specifically over African-Americans is being 

implemented in corporate American under the deceitful banner of diversity.   The definition of diversity in 

corporate America today includes hiring every ethnicity group but African-Americans.  Diversity in corporate 

America today, include Hispanics, Indians form India, Arabs, Asians and any other minority and it excludes 

African-Americans.  The old saying, “if your White your alright, if your yellow your mellow, if your brown stick 

around but if your Black get back!”, still applies in a big way today or at least in these United States.

Just look at the ethnic makeup of these news agencies, you see young Hispanics more than any other minority 

group with names ending in Garcia, Martinez, Gomez, Rodriguez and Lopez.   You hardly see any young black 

males or females at these major stations like MSN, CNN, FOX News, NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, MSNBC or any 

other specialty cable channels.  The same ethnic makeup exists at the local news channels also.  I think a vote 

for Trump would significantly put a dent in the genocide plan that whites are currently implementing on Black 

people in this country. 


I can say that any white republican who is against Trump supports the high sophisticated genocide plan to 

exterminate all or most of the African-American population.  It is unprecedented to have Mint Romney, the 

republican nominee from last election to go against Trump.  Trump is not part of the white racist establishment 

and that’s why he is feared by the white racist establishment.  There is a paradigm change that’s happening in 

this country.  Trump critics are saying that Trump will blow up the Republican Party and it would be an end to 

the Republican Party.  I think all Black people would like to see an end to the Republican Party.  What we have is

 a situation where the white racist establishment which includes the media, the Republican Party and the 

Democratic Party, is trying to paint Donald Trump as a racist only because they do not want him to implement 

building a wall and deporting close to 12 million illegal aliens.  Let me say this, I will not address the man 

Donald Trump at all on whether he is what they say he is.  What I will do is to breakdown the false and 

misrepresentations that the media, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are projecting about Donald Trump being 

a racist from what he has said during his campaign.  Remember, I am only voting for Donald Trump because of 

his immigration policy specifically with building the wall on the border and deporting over 12 million illegal’s 

because it’s currently the number one issue for the survival of Black people living in the United States.   

Let me try to break this down for those who are not capable of during the analysis or for those who do not 

want to do the analysis of the current moves of the white racist establishment.  First of all, I never have seen 

white people in the media so passionate about calling out what they interpret as racism or racists remarks or 

ideas, which tells me that something is not quite right here.  They called Trump a racist on numerous occasions 

based on what he said during his campaign.  I will go through the 3 major junctions of his campaign where he 

was called a racist.  


The first time was when he was on Jake Tapper show on CNN where the established media said he did not 

denounce David Duke and the KKK.  I watched the interview numerous times and these are my findings.  

First, what was so noticeable, CNN had a significant delay in the audio transmission. Whether it was purposefully

 done or just a technical issue at the station, I don’t know. But usually the station has control over whether to 

delay the audio transmission feeds.  During the course of the interview, both Jake and Trump was talking over 

each other because of the delay in the audio transmission.  The longer the interview went on the worst the 

delay seem to get. Keep in mind, this interview was done right before the SEC elections (most of the southern 

states).  Trump was asked questions whether to denounce white supremacy group’s that supported of his 

campaign.  His reply was I don’t know what your talking about, what white supremacy groups?  David Duke’s 

name was mention, in which Trump heard and repeated David Duke’s name.  It seem like there was confusion of

 the question.  There was a significant delay in the audio feed or transmission.  So much so Jake repeated the 

question I think several times.  But what was surprising and made me want to question the interviewer 

motives was when Jake repeated the questions and said white supremacist groups like the KKK.  In which Jake 

whispered the KKK.  I thought that was strange that he whispered the KKK.  The KKK was Jake’s last word in the

 interview.   It did not seem like Trump heard the word KKK in that interview.  Two minutes after the interview 

was completed all media outlets from NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC and internet reported that Trump 

refuse to denounce the KKK and David Duke.  About five minutes after all media outlets reported this, Donald 

Trump twitted out that he denounce the KKK and David Duke.  It took Trump by surprise.  As a matter as fact, 

he denounced David Duke in a press conference a day before he was interviewed by Jake Tapper of CNN.  Trump

 maintains that his ear piece malfunctioned and he did not hear the question.  That makes sense if there was a 

significant delay in the audio transmission by CNN.  Trump’s critics bring up the fact that he used the same ear 

piece during an interview with Fox News and other networks that same day without any technical issues.  Again,

 that makes plenty of sense if there was a significant delay of the audio transmission by CNN.  It did not matter 

what Trump twitted after the interview by Jake Taper denouncing the KKK and David, every media outlet ran 

with the story for weeks that Trump failed to denounce the KKK and David Duke in a timely matter.  Trump 

critics still bring it up every time they get a chance. 


The other major issue that caused people to misrepresent Trump was when Trump called illegal aliens or 

Mexicans who enter the country illegally, criminals, rapist, drugs dealers and yes some may be good people. 

The  white racist establishment consistently report that Trump said all Mexicans and Latinos are rapists and so 

fourth  and so on.  This misrepresentation is repeated by the Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, members of the

Republican Party, members of the Democratic Party and the established White racist media outlets consistently. 

  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, members of the Republican Party, and members of the Democratic Party 

continue to misrepresent Trump by using the term all instead of specifically illegal’s.  The population of Mexico 

is over 122 million people.  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, members of the Republican Party, and members of 

the Democratic Party are the ones increasing the tensions of protests from Mexican and Latinos Americans 

against Trump by using all instead of what Trump specifically addressed the 12 million illegals.  Hillary Clinton, 

Bernie Sanders, members of the Republican Party, and members of the Democratic Party are the ones who are 

really consistently insulting the 122 million plus Mexicans and Hispanics.  Technically, the 12 million illegals are 

automatically criminals.  What kills me when you hear these white hypocrites say well they are coming to the 

United States for a better life.  However, technically they are still criminals.  They broke the US laws to get 

here.   I want the same white Hippocrates to pardon the young Black brother who gets involve with illegal 

activity to put a little money in his pocket or to live a better life.  If you are locking up the young Black brothers 

in record numbers for breaking a US law, then you should lock up and deport those illegal aliens who are here 

in the US breaking laws.  How come those “concerned” white people who claim to be sympathetic for illegal’s 

Mexicans and Latinos are not sympathetic to the young Black brothers and sisters who are US citizens or at 

least on paper and  who are being locked up in record numbers specifically by the three strikes law that 

president Clinton created during his administration.  Young brothers, who in some cases have been put in jail 

with hard criminals just because he stole some candy three different times.   Damn Hypocrites!  It all boils 

down to whites supporting the genocide plan to increase the Mexican, Hispanic or Latino population to 

exterminate African-Americans within the United States.  We are tried as African-Americans being step on, 

spit on, and defecated on by everyone in this country from historical white people, now Hispanics, Latinos. 

Indians from India, Asians and Arabs.  No group respects us.  All other minority groups take the lead from 

white people towards disrespecting us period. 


The other interview by Jake Tapper of CNN was done concerning the Mexican American judge.  Yes, the 

Mexican American judge.  That means he is of Mexican decent and was born in America.  Trump never said that 

the Mexican American judge during the interview could not render a fair verdict on his case just because he was

Mexican American.  He did not say that.  His words were twisted again.  He said the Mexican American judge

gave an unfair ruling of his Trump University case and he felt it was because of his political policy of building a 

wall and deporting those who were not American citizens.  Trump concluded that the unfair ruling by the 

Mexican-American judge was influenced by him having plans to build a wall if he’s elected.  The media ran with 

the story that Trump said no Mexican-American judge could give him a fair ruling on his case because he was a 

Mexican America.  The media also lied on Trump by twisting his word by saying that Trump said the judge was a

Mexican and not an American.  The media started to mock Trump and say well the judge was born in Indiana.  

The establish white media is embarrassing themselves trying to demonize Donald Trump at every chance they 

can get. 



                                                                     Silent Death

When you look for Black businesses to do business with to support your own, it’s hard to find.  Ask around for a 

Black Plumber, Black electrician or a Black Handy man in the Washington DC area, they are hard to find.  You 

ask around and all you get from people you know that’s working in the areas of home improvement is, I know a 

Spanish guy.  Today there are few black based businesses because of so many illegal aliens have put them out 

of business.  Go to any Home Depot or Lowe's located within the Black community all across this country and 

you see tons of illegal’s outside camped out in the parking lots waiting to be asked to do a job.  This has been 

happening for many many many years.  The result is many Black Electricians, Black Plumbers, and Black Handy

 men who are now out of business.  However, you don’t see the invasion of Mexicans and Hispanics camped out 

in these white suburban Home Depot’s and Lowe's across this country.  Whites don’t allow them in their parking 

lots.   It’s not a coincidence. This is an organized effort implemented by the high sophisticated genocide plan to 

take Black people out.  This has to be phase three or four of their genocide plan.    The devil is the master of 

deceit!  I knew there was an organized effort all the way back in 1991/1992 when I was working on the 

corporate plantation.  I was working on location in a small town called Goodland, Kansas.  I was there for 

nearly a month working at the National Weather Service forecast Office.  I was the only brother in town.  

White little girls/boys looked at me like they never seen a Black person before.  I left there after living there for 

about a month, however, I had to go back to perform a major upgrade 6 months later.   When I returned to 

Goodland, Kansas I could not believe what I saw.  There were just as many Hispanics in town as White people. 

The new hotel had all Hispanic workers working in the hotel; the Wall-mart had mostly Hispanic workers.  The 

Wall-mart was there the first time I arrive in Goodland and they did not have any Hispanics hired then.  That’s 

when I knew this was an organized effort by the white racist establishment to saturate the US job market with 

Hispanic workers for the sole purpose of wiping out Black jobs.




                                                       Black people are being Played Again

We are so bent on trying to stop Trump!  Trump this and Trump that.  It’s a shame that we collectively can’t see 

that Trump’s policy on building a Wall and deporting over 11 million illegal’s as he can is a plus for us.  It is a 

plus for African-Americans. Maybe we will start getting some of those road construction jobs.  You don’t see any

 young brothers or sisters at these road construction job sites anywhere across this country!  It is a shame that 

the Black collective can’t see clearly what’s happening.  I understand most of us are still viewing life from that 

mental slave prism glass.   We can’t see this, we can’t see that.  We can’t see that our traditional Black African 

family structure is being ambushed by a strategy of inter-racial race mixing that most of us endorses.  The 

smartest of the smartest will only survive this attack.  Again, we need to rely heavy on our independent Black 

intellectuals like Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Amos Wilson and Neely Fuller.  They all 

concluded from their independent and life’s dedication findings that it’s suicidal to participate in dating or 

marrying outside the race.  When an African-American man or woman marries or fornicates with Whites, Arabs, 

Latinos, Mexicans, Asians, Indians from India or any other ethnic group it’s detrimental to the tradition 

African-American family structure.



                                                                Trump over Hillary

My choice is Trump over Hillary.  Trump’s policy of building a wall and deporting over 11 million is a better policy 

than any of Hillary policies.  Remember what Hillary Clinton said about young Black boys being predators.  And 

don’t forget when Bill Clinton was in the white house he put a nail in the coffin as far as killing affirmative action.

  He said he will not support reverse racism and crushed affirmative action programs throughout this country.  

Bill Clinton administration concluded that affirmative action was defined as reverse racism. Bill Clinton 

administration slowed affirmative action down significantly where it really does not have an impact any more in 

the United States.  How can you vote for Hillary Clinton if you consider yourself a Pan-Africanist.  Hillary Clinton 

went after and murder Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi.  Gaddafi embraced Pan-Africanism before he died. 

African and someone who wanted to unite all countries in Africa under one umbrella. Bill Clinton while president 

also implemented the three strikes your out policy.  The Three Strikes imprisoned a significant number of  young

 Black men who did not have serious crimes.  For instance, If you stole three candy bars on three different times,

 you were sent to prison with hard criminals who did serious crimes.  They were locking young brothers up left 

and right.  So your going to vote for Clinton? Please.  She will not do any thing about the current situation with 

illegal’s and sanctuary Cities.  Just think for a minute, they are locking young brothers up left and right for 

participating in illegal activities to put some money in their pockets and at the same time they establish 

sanctuary cites for illegal’s who are not US citizens.  They lock illegal aliens up for doing crimes then let them go 

because of the sanctuary cites.  Is that fair to the young Black brothers who are American citizens or at least on 

paper?  Where are the sanctuary cities for the young African-Americans males?  Let me answer that, they don’t 

exist. You tell me, what’s going on?  It’s a shame. That is a clear double standard.  Does that sound like 

something is going on people?. Black people wake up! We need to get wise or this silent death will continue.   

What I like about Trump’s policy to build a wall and deport over 11 million is that it’s not a promise that he is 

making to Black people.  White families are getting hooked on drugs, specifically Heroin that’s coming across 

the Mexican border.  Trump’s policy to build a wall and deport over 11 million illegals is mainly for White 

Americans, however, African-Americans will benefit from it also.  



                                                                  Pressure on Trump

Now if Trump caves in to the enormous pressure that he is under from the white racist establishment to build 

the wall and deport over 11 million, I will not vote for him.  I will sit home along with my other liberation minded

 brothers and sisters and not vote at all.  If Trump does not abandon his plan to build that wall and deport over 

11 million, he needs to pick Ben Carson as his Vice President running mate.  If Trump wins the election with the 

policy of building the wall and deporting over 11 million, the white racist establishment will kill him if he does 

not have Ben Carson as his running mate.  Trump and his family have already been threatened to be killed.  By 

having Ben Carson as his running mate insures his life.  The last thing white America wants is another 

African-American president.  People, don’t sleep on Ben Carson.  I think he would be a much better president 

than Obama has been the last eight years. 



                                                            White Americans are Guilty

White Americans are guilty of the current poor conditions that African-Americans are collectively subjected to 

living in this country.  I’m tired of hearing all this talk or garbage about immigrants and what White Americans 

high and mighty doesn’t do in so far as immigrants are concern.  Where does Obama get the expression we are 

Americans and we just don’t do that, meaning deporting illegal immigrants.  Listening to him and all these 

hypocritical white people in this election year, you would think that America never did any wrong.  Like America 

never has and never will do what he calls injustice to any immigrants. What is he talking about?  Let me remind 

him that we were brought here via the Slave Trade in which Americans participated in.  White Americans forced 

Black people into slavery for hundreds of years.  Is he out of his mind?  Or is he just talking about white 

immigrants?  Maybe he is just talking about white immigrants.  To think about it most Hispanics are light bright 

and dam near white, so that may explain why he is upset with Trump’s plan to deport close to 12 million of 

them.  What about the Black Haitian immigrants who came here on boats numerous times and turned back to 

sea by the United States Coast Guard in the 1980’s?   Turning the Haitians small boats back to sea, ensured 

their death. While during the same period of time, United States Coast Guard accepted ships packed with light 

bright and dam near white Cubans on them.  Obama, so that’s not what Americans do or are about?  Please, it’s 

based on race. Obama you are viewing reality from a prism of a slave mind.


Let me remind Obama of the rocky road or the empirical data that the hell African-Americans experienced and 

continue to experience here in these United States.  Basically we were kidnapped and forced into slavery.  Our 

culture, God, religion, and names were replaced by white European culture, God, religion, and names.  For 

hundreds of years, whites constantly brainwashed us into thinking our skin color was bad and evil.  When we 

started loving families on the plantation, the White slave master broke them up.  We have numerous broken 

families today as a result. Whites ruled us on the plantation through fear by cutting our feet, fingers and ears 

off if we did not submit to their commands.  Black codes were implemented on the physical plantation.   Black 

slaves eyes were poked out, feet chopped off, and hands chopped off if any slave was caught learning to read or 

write.  Black people were traumatized through this process that Whites forced us through.  Psychological 

imprison through slavery.  This state of mental and physical slavery existed for hundreds of years.  In 1881 the 

Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln, freeing the Black African slave of the physical 

bondage from plantations throughout the United States. However, it did not reverse the Psychological trauma 

or mental slavery that we as African-Americans live with each and everyday in this country.  Is it such a surprise 

that most African-Americans do not have a desire to read as much as they should?  Collectively, we don’t have a 

strong desire to read like other races.  Why?  Because we are still under this Psychological Trauma that whites 

forced us to endure during the physical terrorism of slavery.  Psychologically, we are still afraid that our feet, 

hands, fingers, legs arms will get chopped off or even murdered or lynched, if we picked up a book.  Today, 

we still live with the psychological trauma that we will get punished if we attempt to read.  I would bet anyone 

that the reading proficiency percentages among African-Americans today are the same percentages during the 

physical slavery of Black people, which means, nothing has changed, we are still mental slaves.   White 

Americans of today are guilty of the current low reading proficiency levels or statistics within the 

African-American community.   In a study conducted by the research team at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital

led by Rachel Yehuda, shows that when someone is traumatized that trauma is reflected in ones DNA and is past

 to ones offspring from one generation to the next. In theguardian article dated August 25, 2015, it states the 

following: "changes stemming from the trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors are capable of being passed

on to their children, the clearest sign yet that one person’s life experience can affect subsequent generations. 

The conclusion from a research team at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital led by Rachel Yehuda stems from the genetic

study of 32 Jewish men and women who had either been interned in a Nazi concentration camp, witnessed or 

experienced torture or who had had to hide during the second world war. They also analysed the genes of their                       

children who are known to have increased likelihood of stress disorders,and compared the results with Jewish

families who were living outside of Europe during the war.  The gene changes in the children could only be

attributed to Holocaust exposure in the parents,said Yehuda".  This research proves that the Jews passed their 

DNA of fear and trauma from what they experience in concentration camps of the Holocaust to their kids.  We 

all know that what African-Americans experienced during slavery was more cruel, vicious and it happened 

over a longer period of time from what the Jews experienced.  We really don't have to do any tests, we see the 

devastated results of our people living in America today.  White Americans decided not to put the work in 

trying to reverse the psychological slave mind that they created within African-Americans today.  Instead 

they rather participate in a high sophisticated genocide plan.  


We are the only ones that deserve free education.  Free educational to all Black people or African-Americans in 

this country on all levels is a start to help to reverse this trend.   But a lot more has to be done by whites to 

reverse that mental slave mind set that they created in us.  They are the ones that created the slave mind set in

 most African-Americans today, then they should be the ones with the most responsibility to reverse that slave 

mind set.  They know what to do to achieve this.  They have the notes from their Grandfathers and Great 

Grandfathers who originally put it in motion.  That knowledge was past, past from one white generation to the 

next generation of white people are in their hands today.   The current generation of White Americans is guilty 

of war crimes on how they mistreated us and continue to mistreat us. The physiological effects of slavery not 

only play a role in reading but it has a tremendous effect on how we view ourselves.   The current astronomical 

killings of Black life in Chicago, is another example of the physiological effects of slavery.  Black on Black crime 

is a result of the psychological slavery after effect.  Again, White Americans are guilty of Black on Black crime!  

These are obvious cases.  The hundreds of years of systematic brain washing that’s whites put us through during

 physical slavery is a result of the Black on Black killings that we are witnessing today.   War crimes will 

eventually be levied against White Americans if they don’t start to be proactive in helping us to truly solve our 

problem.  Whites are afraid and justifiable so to be accused of war crimes.  So much so that every time a high 

profile Black person commits a crime, the white lawyer working on the case makes that Black person states that 

he is fully responsible for whatever crime was committed.  Whites do not want African-Americans to reverse the 

slave mind set because they want to continue to manipulate us with the ultimate goal of killing us all.   If their 

goal was not to kill us all, they would not interfere with the self-help programs that were implemented within 

the Black community by our historical strong Black leaders like the Honorable Elijah Mohammad, Marcus Garvey,

 Malcolm X, and Harriet Tubman and the list go on and on.   All our self-help Black leaders were committed in 

eliminating the slave mind within our people.  However, this white racist government assassinated, infiltrated, 

and neutralized all of these Black pride self-help movements in the United States.  Even today, whites 

Americans work behind the scenes through the NSA and FBI to apply constant pressure on my company and my 

family.  Elements 4 Nature suppliers and store managers are being harassed and are being discouraged to do 

business with us.  We sell America’s greatest scientist cosmetic products, George Washington Carver.  Carver’s 

products blow away all other competitors easily.  Black base businesses across this country are going out of 

business in record numbers.  Over the past year, we lost ownership of our Jet and Ebony magazines.   Not to 

mention the selling of our only Television network, BET.  We still have the Black owned and control conscious 

web site, Alkebulan Reference Center. 


It is clear that White Americans are guilty and trying to use deceit to cover their crimes.   White Americans are 

accessories to the crimes of African-Americans of the past and the present.  You are guilty White Americans!   

If you continue to be in denial of your guilt, war crimes are waiting for you right around the corner.  Throw up 

the white flag and surrender and start the healing process of either sincerely helping us or giving us the 

resources to do it ourselves.  I like the latter solution.   Start by giving Minister Louis Farrakhan all the 

resources that he needs to change this thing around overnight.  Through the teachings of the honorable Elijah 

Muhammad, he will do a good job to start our path towards true liberation.   Build a brand spanking new 

preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school for Dr. Zulu, principle of Ujamaa Shule School in

Washington DC.  Dr. Zulu has dedicated his life to reverse the slave mentality in our kids of all ages.  Do 

the same for our other African independent school in DC, NationHouse.  These will be positive changes 

and a start to get us on the path towards liberation.


Like Dr. Amos Wilson said, you can’t rob us of our name, language, culture, God and break up our families and 

think healing will occur by holding hands and singing Kumbaya?  No you stole all of the rich resources that we 

had and profited from it.  You need to assist us in reclaiming our collective identity by sharing some of the rich 

resources that you control which would help restore our dignity and lead us towards the path of liberation.  



Dr. Amos Wilson
Dr. Bobby Wright
Dr. Amos Wilson
Dr. Amos Wilson
Neely Fuller



                                     We will survive regardless what happens in November

No matter what happens in November, we will survive.  However, it would be easier if the wall was built and 

deporting all illegal’s because we as African-Americans do not have any friends in high places in this country.  

We just don’t!  We continued to be spit on, stepped on, and defecated on by Whites, Hispanics, Mexicans, 

Arabs, Indians from India, Asians Americans and other ethnic groups living in this country that follow the lead 

from White Americans. The only friend we have are the most important one.  The only important one is the 

Father and Mother of creation, the God of our ancestors.  


The more White Americans refuse to accept most of the blame for our current condition, the more our only 

friend; the Lord thy God or the forces of nature will be more and more and more forceful in helping us .  

Justice will be done!  The increase intensity of Earthquakes. Snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and other 

expressions of nature will target specifically those who are in the way of our liberation and freedom.    


The honorable Elijah Muhammad with his infinite wisdom said the following:  

“We cannot deal with the American Whiteman’s army and his science of modern warfare.  We can’t 
compete with it.  So, therefore, if we are dissatisfied, we have to take our dissatisfaction to one 
who  can deal with him effectively and that’s God”. 

We need help from the Lord God to fight wicked people. The Lord is creation. Creation consists of the 4 Elements 

of nature.  The forces of nature or the forces of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire is what will set us free.  We don’t 

need anything else.  In the classic historical book written by George G.M James, The Stolen Legacy, it 

states the following:


“According to Herodotus, the Egyptians Priests possessed super-natural powers, for they had been 
trained in the esoteric philosophical of the Greater Mysteries, and were experts in Magic.  They had 
the powers of controlling the minds of men (hypnosis), the power of predicting the future 
(prophecy) and the power over nature.  (i.e. , the power of Gods) by giving commands in the name 
of Divinity and accomplishing great deeds.  Here it might be well to mention that the Egyptian 
Priests  were the first genuine Priests of history, who exercised control over the laws of nature”.


We need to work hard each and everyday to be in tune with God and Nature.  Utilizing the forces of nature 

within us is our ticket to liberation. I like to end with the Blackman's Prayer of Resurrection.  Stay tune for

the final State of Emergency part 4 in a couple of months. 



                                                   Blackman’s Prayer of Resurrection


Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the 
natural forces of the Earth (Geb) within me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the 
natural forces of the Water (Tefnu) within me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, help me to utilize the 
natural forces of the Air (Shu) within me. 

So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to 
utilize the natural forces of the Earth (Geb) within me to heal and strengthen my body.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to 
utilize the natural forces of the Water (Tefnu) within me, to heal and strengthen my Soul.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, continue to help me to 
utilize the natural forces of the Air (Shu) within me to heal and strengthen my Spirit.

So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun and destroy those who are 
trying to destroy me and my family. 

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural 
Forces  of the Earth (Geb) on those who are trying to destroy me. 

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural 
Forces  of the Water (Tefnu) on those who are trying to destroy me.

Heavenly Holy Black Mother and Father of Creation, God of our Ancestors, unleash the natural 
Forces of the Air (Shu) on those who are trying to destroy me.
So in time, I may shine, brighter and brighter and brighter like the Sun, and destroy those 
who are trying to destroy me, my family and my community. 

                                                                           Amen RA!
                                                                           Amen RA!
                                                                           Amen RA!






Sunday, February 13, 2011

ARC Blogs

ARC_8.jpgThe True Purpose of Black History Month and the Egyptian Crisis

By: Jon Adkins

The late great Dr. Carter G. Woodson started Black history week in 1926 and was expanded to a month in 1974.   The true purpose of Black history month was to educate Black people about our own history.   One of the main reasons why Dr. Carter G. Woodson started Black history week was because White historians refuse to give Blacks credit for their positive contributions towards American history.  As a matter of fact, Whites authors or “scholars” in this country not only suppressed the positive contributions, they fabricated negative stereotypes about Black people.   These stereotypes would not hold water if the true history of our people was represented in their history books.   White people still collectively participate in these diabolical actions of suppressing the positive and amplifying the negative information about our people on a daily basis.  Again, the main purpose of Black history month is to educate Blacks about our true history.  Let me just briefly go through a quick historical snap-shot of our people’s history.  The following is a chronological Black historical snap-shot: 
  1. ARC_Imhotep.jpgThe Black African named Imhotep designed the first pyramid in ancient Egypt and was the first multi-genius in history.  Imhotep was a physician as Maat_ARC_Relief15.jpgwell as an architect. 
  2. Black African ancient Egyptian civilization was the first civilization in history that used a high level of math and science and discovered the first moral code of conduct, the 42 Declarations of Innocence called Maat.
  3. White Europeans conquered and enslaved Black Africans.
  4. White European people colonized all of Africa with the exception of Ethiopia.
  5. Whites enslaved, murdered, forced and shipped millions of Black Africans out of Africa toARC_Middle_Passage.jpg America.
  6. Millions of Black African lives were lost in the transportation to America in what is called the Middle Passage or the Trans-African Slave Trade.  Millions of Black Africans died and were thrown overboard in the Middle Passage; so much so that it changed the migration pattern of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Black Africans in America lived under physical slavery for over 300 years and currently now live under mental slavery.   Black Africans worked on the physical plantation from “can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night”.
  8. Whites fabricated negative stereotypes on Black Africans which started during the Middle Passage and continued during physicalARC_slavery.jpg slavery.   Such portrayals were spread widely throughout Europe and then carried over to the US in books and by word of mouth.  Whites fabricated these negative stereotypes on Black Africans, primarily about their image, that is currently perpetuated today by Whites and Black themselves due to mental slavery.  Black people were taught to hate everything Black and love everything White.
  9. On the physical plantation, Black women were raped and lynched.  Black men were lynched onARC_Slavery_Lynching.jpg a consistent basis.
  10. On the physical plantation, Black African people’s native language and culture were replaced with English language and a foreign White European culture.
  11. On the physical plantation, the Black African man’s mental capacity to think like a man was reduced to a boy.
  12. Whites passed legislation or laws that prevented a Black African slave to read or write (and people wonder today why we collectively are so behind others groups as far as reading and writing).
  13. White “scholars” and writers suppressed the positive contributions of the history of Black people and wrote in the history books about the amplified negative stereotypes that were fabricated by Whites during the start of physical slavery.  White authors fabricated and wrote false stories like “Blacks sold themselves into slavery” and other false claims that the majority Black people believe today. 
  14. Dr. Carter G. Woodson started Black history week in 1926 to reverse false and negative attacks from mainly White “scholars” or White historians. 
Today, Black History Month has evolved into informing or educating the “world” on Black history, particularly White people.  Isn’t it strange that we as Blacks are more focused on making sure White people are informed of our history than our own people.  Let me say this, Whites know our history!  Let me say that again, Whites know our history!  That's why they are able to continue to manipulate and control us.  That's why they are able to keep us down: by passing that historical knowledge down to their White children.  Their White children have used that historical knowledge to continue White supremacy or White domination and the manipulation and control of us.  Their White ”scholars” or White “historians” are the ones that misrepresented the history of Black people so much so to this day we are still trying to reverse their false claims based on negative stereotypes.  However, Whites do a brilliant job of pretending like they don’t know our history.  So they can justify abusing or misusing us in certain situations especially in the work environment.  Once caught in the act of abusing a brother or sister in the work environment they will conveniently plead innocent due to their "ignorance" of not knowing our history.  

When I was working on the corporate plantation a few years back at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), I participated in many NOAA Blacks in Government (BIG) events during Black History Month.  I had to constantly debate with other Blacks in NOAA BIG that Black history month is to inform other Blacks within the organization about our true history.  Things have not changed at all at these organizations; as a matter of fact, things have gotten worst.  I was recently talking to someone who was significant in coordinating events for Black history month at NOAA and I thought we had things pretty much set to do a presentation/exhibit about Dr. George Washington Carver through my company called Elements 4 Nature (   I was informed by that person later that the Civil Rights agency at NOAA pretty much took over the Black history month events from NOAA BIG and they were not interested in the idea to invite us to do the presentation.   

Multiculturalism as practiced in the United States is another genocidal tool that Whites use to destroy Black people.  Multiculturalism is another form of racism or White supremacy in disguise.  Under Multiculturalism now everybody has a month to focus on their particular group or ethnic heritage.  Let me ask this question.  Did the Hispanic/Puerto Ricans/Mexicans go through the brutal slavery in this country like Blacks did?  Not only no, but Hell no!  Did the Chinese/Japanese/Koreans go through the intense level of abuse that we went through?  Hell No!   No other minority group did. Period.  All of these groups that I just mentioned still have and use their native language.  We lost our native tongue or language during physical slavery.  No group has gone through the brutality that we experienced and continue to experience from Whites living in the United States. Yet, those groups get a month to focus on their heritage.   It reminds me of the time when I worked on the corporate plantation as a civilian for the United States Air Force in the Boston area.   I was the Project Manager/Engineer for the development of the Automated Weather Distribution System (AWDS).   The AWDS was brought for or procured for $75 million.  Thirty million below the budgeted $105 million and deployed or put into operations one-year ahead of schedule.   I was given an award for my work, however, to neutralize my good work, they gave everybody in the building the same award and I was the only Black person in the organization.   I think even the janitors got an award.  They use the same tactics for Black history month.  Now everybody’s got a month, but not everyone’s been through what we’ve been through and are still mentally going through this mental slave system in this country. 

We collectively as Black people are operating with a slave mind still in 2011.   Nothing has been done by Whites to reverse our historical conditions that we as Black people experienced in America.  We as Black people continue NOT to be a part of the “America family”.  How can we be a part of the “America Family” when the “American” government, historically led by White people, has been our enemy rather than be our friend since we as Black people lived in this country?  IObama_State_of_Union_2011.jpgbring the “American Family” phrase up because Obama used that in his State of Union speech.  What he does not realize the “American” Family is defined as the “White American Family”.  President Obama is operating with the same slave mind that was forced on us during physical slavery.  Nothing was done to change the collective thinking of the Black man after physical slavery was ended.  Most of our people still think with that slave mind. Everything that President Obama does is to please White people.  He does not have a stand on anything but to satisfy White peoples desires.   He could not even pick the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice.  I mean he did not even attempt to do so.  I would have some respect for the confused Brother if he would have picked or nominated a sister and Whites later voted her down.  He did not even try to do that!  To this day, President Obama could not even mention Dr. Martin Luther King’s name during his inauguration speech.  It’s only because of Dr. King’s actions and the Civil Rights movement that he was even able to run for office in this country.  Obama is nothing but a White man in Black skin.  However, I pray for the Brother because he can’t help it.  He’s doing the best he can under the circumstances of operating with a slave mind.  Before I get Black to the Black history month topic, let me say something about the recent crises in Egypt because it directly ties to our history. 

I’ve been to Egypt three times; the last time was in 2007.   My last visit to Egypt ATEN010_ARC.jpgwas where I was able to go in most of the main temples throughout Egypt.  These temples showed Black African peoples' pictures of life in ancient Egypt.  I witnessed these pictures of ancient Black African people all throughout Egypt from the ancient temples of Cairo to Aswan.  There is no doubt in my mind as well as others who went on the trip with me that the Ancient Egyptians ARC.jpgwere my ancestors or my Black African ancestors.   We went as an educational trip with Brother Tony Browder's group.  Today, European writers collectively don’t give Black African people credit for building the pyramids.   Nothing has changed in number #13 of the Black historical snap-shot.  White “scholars” writers still suppress the positive contributions of the history of Black African people and refuse to write the truth in their history books.   I’m afraid, however, that the Egyptian crisis was either planned by the global White supremacists or they planned to take advantage of the unstable situation.   It may even have been a combination of both.  White supremacists want to take over the Egyptian artifacts which really is the Black African artifacts and eventually misrepresent those artifacts.  They want to change the image of these ancient Black African artifacts to make it seem like Black African people did not have anything to do with the development of ancient Egypt.   These White supremacists are nothing but government agencies from the United States, Britain and other international White European ARC_transformers.jpgcountries.  When I saw the pyramids being blown up in the last Transformer II movie, I knew they, the White supremacists, were planning something.   It hurt me to my heart when I saw that image in that movie.   It shocked me because I did not hear anyone talking about it before seeing it.  I was watching the movie on cable TV when I first saw it. The basic underlying message from the movie was “we (Whites) need to destroy these Black African ancient Artifacts in Egypt”.  To desensitize people in blowing up the pyramids in that movie was a tactical strategy to work on the minds of people.   If you take a closer look at the movie, they could have achieved their goals without blowing up the pyramids.   

Brothers and sisters who went on these educational trips with Tony Browder's or with Brother Ashra Kwesi's group need to hold on to their pictures because I’m not sure we will be able to get access to those temples with our faces in them any time soon.  If you just take a closer look at the Egyptian crisis, it’s strange to see that all of a sudden in just a few days of protest, President Mubarak had to step down.  This protest was not something that was ongoing for months or years.  This protest lasted for eighteen days.   Isn’t it strange that ARC_transformer_II_Movie_small.jpgU.S. wants to step in to implement “democratic elections” in Egypt?  They don’t even have a “democratic” process in the United States for Black people.  The democratic process in the United States should be called the democratic process to continue to practice “White Supremacy” on Black people and all other people of color.   The planned “democratic” elections in Egypt is to practice “Global White Supremacy”.   Mubarak is alright with me.  Mubarak allowed me to enter Egypt in 2007 and take pictures of the Black African ancient tombs in Egypt.   Under Mubarak’s government they have not altered or changed any of the ancient Black African artifacts.  My fear is under the US plan of implementing “democratic elections” which is really “Global White Supremacy Elections”, they will put other Egyptians in office that will eventually reduce the access to those ancient Black African temples or artifacts and would also be inclined to alter those ancient Black African artifacts.   During this short crisis, there was already an attempt made to rob some of the artifacts from the Egyptian Museum.  So don’t tell me this is not an attempt to destroy ancient Black African history.   I also want to mention that Mubarak's skin complexion was not far from the former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's skin complexion which was a darker skin complexion compared to most Arabs in Egypt.  If the next Egyptian president skin complexion is closer to a light, bright, and damn near White-looking Arab than it's more likely we will not see or get access to most of those ancient Black African face artifacts.              

There have been a lot of crazy stories written in America about the Egyptian crisis.   One being from the Black minstrel news agency or the web site ironically called The Root.  This specific story was about a brother getting on Black leaders to step up the support for “democratic elections” in Egypt.  Please, we as Black people collectively are in a mental state of denial of the fact that we still don’t have freedom in this country.  We are only free to vote for political agendas that continue to support White supremacy or an agenda that supports the advancement of White people.  Since I am on the topic of the web site called The Root, if I were to send an open letter to The Root, it would go something like this:

Instead of stealing The 25 Rising Stars from ARC Rising Stars, The Vine from ARC Grapevine, and the whole format structure of your news from ARC News, why not take from us the uncompromising in-depth intellectual analysis from ARC Blogs or purchase some lectures from ARC’s web site by some of our Black scholars to add some in-depth insight to some of your stories?  I would not mind if you took that from us because of the weak-ass stories that The Root produces seems like it based on very little to no historical research.  I think one of your current video interviews is about Condoleezza Rice talking about Black Leadership?  Come on, man!!!   

The Root is being pushed by Whites particularly on the MSN web site as the authoritative voice of Black people.  The Root must be owned and controlled by Whites with a Black face.  Back to the topic of Black History month.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson ARC_Carter_G_Woodson.jpgdedicated his life in reversing all White “scholars” and authors who fabricated false stories about the history of Black people.  Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a great man.  He received his bachelor of literature degree from Berea College in Kentucky.  In 1912 he received his Ph.D. in history from Harvard University.  In September 9, 1915 he founded The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.  In January 1916 Woodson began the publication of the scholarly Journal of Negro History.  As mentioned before in 1926, Dr. Woodson started "Negro History Week", the second week in February.  He not only founded what's now called Black History Month, he wrote one of the most significant books called The Mis-Education of the Negro in 1933.   The Mis-Education of the Negro was and still is a significant book that relates to our struggles to gain freedom today in this country from mental slavery.  In the book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, Dr. Woodson said the following: “The present system under ARC_DSC02733.jpgthe control of the Whites trains the Negro to be White and at the same time convinces him of the impropriety or the impossibility of his becoming White”.   He also stated in the book the following: "If you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.  When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do".  Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a revolutionary and wanted the ARC_DSC02741_small1.jpgconditions of our people to change.  Dr. Woodson wrote the following concerning a White Businessman:   “I am not afraid of being sued by White businessmen.  In fact, I should welcome such a law suit.  It would do the cause much good.  Let us banish fear.  We have been in this mental state for three centuries.  I am a radical.  I am ready to act, if I can find brave men to help me.”  Dr. Woodson admired the Honorable Marcus Garvey so much so he became a regular columnist for Garvey's weekly Negro World.  On April 3, 1950, Dr. Carter G. Woodson died in his home in Washington DC at the age of 74.  He was buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Suitland-Silver Hill, Maryland.  His home, which is now a historical site, is located at 1538 9th Street, Northwest, Washington DC. The home was acquired by the National Park Service in 2005. 

I had the honor to meet Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s nephew Robert Woodson Jr. who taught history at Tuskegee University.  In my conversations with Robert Woodson Jr., he always talked about how dedicated his uncle, Dr. Carter G. Woodson was about informing Black African people about their history.   Of course Robert Woodson Jr. kept the family tradition going by teaching Black history at Tuskegee while I attended Tuskegee.

Brother Jon 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

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ARC_8.jpgThe "Prison Industrial Complex" Slavery in the 21st Century (Part 2): "Political Prisoners" and the Deception of the US Government

By: Yasir Khalid

In my last blog, I focused on the "prison industrial complex" in terms of its overall infrastructure.  In this blog, I will attempt to unveil the hard facts about the political prisoners held captive within the prison industrial complex.  The first question that might come to one’s mind is “What is the difference between political prisoners and prisoners in general?” There is a significant difference, although both are, in many instances, victims of racism and "legal lynching". 

What is the definition of a political prisoner?  Sociologists and criminal psychologists have been debating over this term or condition for eons of time.  The argument is indiscriminate, like a charge of buckshot. Polemically, the term is almost indefinitely extensible.  Classically it refers to someone who is prosecuted or jailed, not for crimes in the ordinary sense of the word, but for harboring or expressing opinions that are antagonistic to an established order of government. 

There is no question that the US government has a long and dishonorable history of persecuting its citizens who have held views and opinions that ran counter to those of the "system".  It is against this backdrop that I will attempt to deduce some of what the US government has done and continues to do in order to put down any uprisings from the oppressed population it is supposed to govern. 

The US government has historically waged war against those who would dare to speak out against the racism and injustice that it perpetuates.  The government to this very second will put you on a black list to be spied on, harassed, jailed or even murdered, if your views and ideas run counter to those ideologies that it tries to deceive the masses of people with.  Recently, in November of this year, a well respected leader in Detroit, Imam Luqman A. Abdullah, was set up, shot and killed by the FBI.  He was shot 21 times: An autopsy revealed that one bullet entered through his back.  When his body was delivered to the coroner’s office he was in handcuffs.  Imam Luqman was known for speaking out against this thug racist system. 

The US government with the passage of the 1st amendment to the constitution, allegedly gave or guaranteed its citizens the right to freedom of speech.  However, freedom of speech has been shackled and enslaved by the same government that issued the document.  America, with its repressive laws and its hypocritical legal system, in my opinion, borderlines Fascism.  The first amendment to the US Constitution is supposed to protect the rights to freedom of religion and freedom of expression of its citizens from government interference. 

Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances and the implied rights and beliefs.  I'm aware of the fact that in order for the government to protect its citizens that it needs a security system in place that helps to maintain law and order.  I know that, although a person has freedom of speech, that doesn't entitle him to shout fire in a crowded theater, without a valid reason.  The problem I have is that why are "Americans", especially Black and poor ones, are profiled when they try to make the system work. 

In America we should know that there are special interest groups.  These groups are usually composed of powerful men and women.  They are usually White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).  People of this ilk can usually say what they want and be heard without any repercussions.  They usually control the politicians and politics that affect what happens in America in general and to the Black and poor communities in particular. 

What causes "civil disobedience"?  What causes people to speak out or lash out against the government?  Usually people speak out against the government when the government fails in upholding its duty.  When the US government starts a war in Vietnam or Iraq for no other reason than benefiting the "Military Industrial Complex" and private interests such as Dick Cheny and Halliburton, who speaks out?  Do you think it's a crime to speak out against the actions of your government?  When Dr. Martin Luther King spoke out against the Vietnam War, and lead a campaign against it, he was accused of "civil disobedience" he was harassed and ultimately assassinated. 

Don Imus can insult the entire black population in America by calling African-American women on the Rutgers University Basketball team "nappy-headed hos" without any serious repercussions.  Imus still is on the public airways: How can this happen?  This can happen because of the white power structure.  Pat Robertson, recently made a very racist and insensitive statement on the heels of the devastation that happened in Haiti, when it was hit with an earthquake.  The latest count of the dead at this writing was over two-hundred thousand.  Pat Robertson suggested that the reason the quake hit Haiti was because Haiti had made a "pact with the devil".  I don't know whether or not he made this statement because of dismay about the Slave Revolt in Haiti.  Haiti gained its freedom when the slaves of Haiti kicked Pat Robertson’s European brothers, the French, out of Haiti.  Good old Pat can make a racist statement like the one he made and not be investigated or scrutinized by the US government.  Why can he get away with this behavior? Because Pat is a devil, and the US government is greatly influenced by Satan.  And Pat has a right wing Christian power base that shapes public policies. 

If you have no power in America, and speak out against American policies, as I stated earlier, you will become an open enemy and target of this Government.  Political Prisoners have been willing to made these sacrifices, many have traded in a life of comfort and pleasure, and have spoken truth to power.  Almost all known and unknown revolutionaries that stood up and spoke out have either been jailed or killed.  Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, all stood up.  The things that all three had in common were that they were all killed, and they did not live to see their fortieth birthday.  Was that a tragic coincidence?  Or was it a plan by the US government?  I'm leaning toward the latter.  To discourage any efforts by would be revolutionaries, the government tried and tries to use fear tactics.  The government has a history of framing leaders, It sends in informants to infiltrate groups, these plants get close to the most influential people in the group, and they try to set them up.  The FBI framed Geronimo Pratt, who was a member of the Black Panther Party.  Pratt was falsely accused of murder, he was tried and convicted on circumstantial evidence at best.  Pratt remained in prison for over twenty years before his innocence was proven.  Pratt was Minster of Defense for The Black Panther Party. 
The setting up of Pratt was used as a scare tactic to try and quell the activities of other revolutionaries who might stand up.  It was reminiscent of what the slave masters use to do to the rebellious slaves.  They would gather the slaves at the downtown square, or on the grounds of the church, and they would invite other members of their community and church to witness the hanging of a nigger.  The spectators would have a "picnic" which means to pick a nigger. 

In the 1960's groups like SNCC, The Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, SCLC, and The NAACP, to name a few were all targeted and put under surveillance by the FBI.  The FBI is an interesting group.  I recently found out that the FBI had Michael Jackson under surveillance, and had hundreds of pages of documents on his "private life".  The black groups listed above along with other groups were signaled out and tagged as being a threat to national security.  Many of their leaders and members of these groups were either jailed or killed, for simply speaking truth to the powers that be.  Fred Hampton and Mark Clark who were leaders of The Chicago Chapter of The Black Panther Party were killed in a predawn raid in Chicago.  They city of Chicago, who set the hold thing up, along with the FBI, later had to pay a settlement to the families of Hampton and Clark, for unlawful murder.  Have you ever heard of COINTELPRO? COINTELPRO was a monster created by the notorious thug and serial killer J. Edgar Hoover, who was the first director of the FBI.  COINTELPRO was created for the sole purpose of destroying groups that were opposed to the racist and unjust policies of the US government.  On March 4, 1968 Hoover expanded the "Black Hate Groups" offices of the FBI from twenty-three to forty-one.  He also announced to the field officers the long-range goals for the COINTELPRO.  The main objective of COINTELPRO  was the prevention of the unification of "Black Nationalist" groups, and the possible rise of a "Black Messiah," neutralization of potential “trouble makers”, discrediting black groups as a whole in the eyes of the black community, and the recruitment of youth. H_Rap_Brown_Black_Panthers.jpgAlmost immediately, Hoover issued another memo, which stated "The Negro youth and moderates must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teachings, they will be dead revolutionaries". COINTELPRO was exposed in 1971 after secret files from the FBI's offices were removed and released to the media.  The FBI disclosed six different politically active sectors of the American population between 1956 and 1971.  One of these was "Black Nationalist Hate Groups." COINTELPRO used three ways to achieve its goals of political destruction and neutralization: dissent-infiltration, deception, and harassment.  By using infiltration, agents and informers not only spied on political activists, but also discredited them and disrupted their activities.  This attack took place in the form of publishing false publications and forging letters.  They used tactics of harassment including eviction, job loss, break-ins, vandalism, grand jury subpoenas, false arrests, frame ups, and physical violence.  In the case of African-Americans and Native American Movements, these assaults included outright political assassinations.  COINTELPRO tactics worked in many instances.  A number of the most committed members from grassroots organizations were arrested, depriving their activist circles of much needed leadership. 

I will now introduce to many of you an individual who has been a victim of the US government and COINTELPRO for over three decades.  I'm speaking of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin formerly known as H. Rap Brown.  Imam Jamil is currently locked-up in solitary confinement in a Super Max Prison in Colorado.  There are many, many more political prisoners in this country, far too many to cover in one article, however, in future articles I intend on keeping you informed on as many of brothers and sisters as I can.  One thing I must mention before mentioning Imam Jamil, is the recent decision by the criminals that sit on the "Supreme Court".  The Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision that had gotten our brother Mumia Abu-Jamal off of death row. The Supreme Court decision will most likely place the brother back on death row.  Mumia has been a political prisoner for over twenty years. Mumia was charged with the killing of a police officer in Philadelphia, his case gained international press.  He was tried and convicted.  I encourage readers to check out his case in detail.  My next blog will go into further details on his case. 

The name of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, is synonymous with the Black Power movement of the 1960's. He was always on the front line, fighting for the justice and liberation for the millions of black slaves held captive on the American plantation. COINTELPRO targeted him for annihilation starting back in the 1960's, and he is still being victimized by the US government in 2010.  Why has the US government targeted Imam Jamil for so long?  Imam Jamil (as I will refer to him in this article) was a member of not one, but two organizations that were on Hoover's hit list:  The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and The Black Panther Party.  He joined SNCC in the mid-1960's.  In May 1967, at age 23, H. Rap Brown was elected the group’s chairman.  By 1968 much of SNCC leadership had merged into the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  The Black Panther Party was organized in Oakland, Ca. by Hewy P. Newton and Bobby Seale.  Imam Jamil became minister of justice for the Panthers. 

The year 1968 was also when FBI director Hoover declared the Black Panther Party to be "the single greatest threat to the internal security of the United States”, and pledged to use any means necessary to eliminate the party and its members.  The Black Panthers came under attack at a time when their work included free food and health care programs, as well as community control over schools and police.  What gave them the tag of "militant" in the eyes of the country's law enforcement was their call for African-Americans to take up arms and defend themselves against violence.  The FBI and COINTELPRO successfully destroyed the Black Panther Party and the lives of its members.  According to Elaine Brown, a former chairperson of the party, COINTEPRO directed violent raids on party offices, executed assassinations of members and otherwise destroyed the lives of party members and their families.  She added that H. Rap Brown was the target of a crusade to discredit and destroy him orchestrated by then Maryland Governor Spiro Agnew, who later became Vice-President of the US. 

Congress passed a notorious law, The Rap Brown Amendment, "specifically aimed at stopping Brown and “radical” activists like him from organizing resistance among the people”.  Brown wasH_Rap_Brown_Prays.jpg neutralized from activism by being charged with inciting a riot in Maryland.  He was eventually sentenced to a mandatory five years in a federal penitentiary, where he accepted Islam.  After being released from prison Imam Jamil moved to Atlanta Ga.  He became the Imam (leader) of the community mosque in the west end of Atlanta.  I personally have spent time in “the west end” with the Imam, and he always presented himself as a wise and morally upright human being.  The west end at one time was known as a drug haven.  Senior citizens were afraid to walk to the store, they feared being robbed, or getting in the crossfire of gun battles between drug dealers.  When the Imam moved in, he almost immediately organized an effort clean up the community.  The community became a safe place under his leadership.  One thing I will always remember about the Imam is he would always ask, “Do you need anything?" Despite the Imam being an outstanding example, the government considered him a threat and continued to monitor and harass him. In August 1995, Imam Jamil, while driving his son to school, was stopped and arrested for a shooting incident that took place in July of that same year.  After the arrest, the police interrogated his seven-year-old son for six hours before notifying someone to pick the child up. 

The brother that initially accused Imam Jamil of shooting him later recanted his statement, and said that he was coerced by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other agencies to falsely accuse Imam Jamil of shooting him.  All charges surrounding this case were dropped.  In 1999, Imam Jamil was stopped while driving, by a Cobb County police in Georgia.  During the stop the officer asked Imam Jamil for proof of insurance for the vehicle he was driving.  Imam Jamil had a valid driver's license, however he had no insurance.  According to Imam Jamil when he opened his wallet to show his license, an officer spotted a metal badge.  Imam Jamil informed the officer that he was issued the badge by the mayor of White Hall Alabama, and that he was an auxiliary police officer.  "At no time did the Imam represent himself as an Atlanta police officer", according to professor Natsu Taylor Saito, professor of law at Georgia State University. During this stop, the Cobb County policeman ran a check on the car Imam Jamil was driving and their record showed that the car had been stolen.  Imam Jamil provided the authorities with a bill of sales for the car, nevertheless the police arrested Imam Jamil for receiving stolen property.  He was also charged with driving without insurance and impersonating a police officer.  According to professor Saito, Jamil attempted to seek legal representation to have the charges dropped.  He wanted to avoid a public trial and the intended publicity.  He offered to cop a plea for a reduction in charges and a fine along with community services.  However, the DA initially insisted on a minimum sentence of two years in prison, never offering a settlement without jail time. Imam Jamil missed a court appearance in January 2000, in connection with these charges.  A bench warrant was issued for his arrest. 

On March 16th, 2000 the day in which Muslims from around world were celebrating one of the two annual holy days, Eid Al Adha, two deputy sheriffs came to Imam Jamil's store in the west end to H_Rap_Brown_Arrest.jpgserve the warrant. The City of Atlanta police and the Fulton County police wrongly told the media that the warrant was for aggravated assault. The City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department later admitted that the information they had put out was false, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  On March 16th 2000, as the sun declined in the west, and in the west end, the shades of darkness, was the setting where fury broke out in Atlanta's west end. When the deputy sheriff's show up with an arrest warrant for Imam Jamil, a gun battle ensued leaving one sheriff dead, and one wounded.  The person that one of the deputies was reported to have shot escaped without ever being seen again.  It was first reported in the news that Imam Jamil had been shot:  That was another false report.  I was in Mecca in Saudi Arabia when the story broke.  The newspaper I read stated that Imam Jamil had been wounded.  The officer that survived the melee said that he wounded someone in the shootout.  The details of this whole incident, in my opinion, are sketchy at best. 

What we do know is, Imam Jamil was not wounded, and that he was arrested, tried and convicted of murdering a deputy sheriff.  Imam Jamil was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  We know that Atlanta’s former mayor, Andrew Young, and the late Coretta Scott King both spoke on Imam Jamil's behalf at the sentence hearing.  We know that after the trial, a person by the name of Otis Jackson confessed that he was the lone gunmen that killed the deputy. And although he was given a lie detectors test that he passed with flying colors, his confession was rejected.  All the information I'm providing in this article is public information. Since his incarceration, Imam Jamil has been on twenty-three hour a day lock down. He has been strip-searched in front of female guards, he has been poisoned on at least two occasions, and he has been denied his right to practice his religion. 

The following is a statement made by Imam Jamil at his trial: 

"My name is Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the former H. Rap Brown.  I am a devoted servant of Allah, and an unwavering devotee to his cause. For more than 30 years I have been tormented and persecuted by my enemies for reasons of race and belief.  I seek the truth over a lie, I seek justice over injustice, I seek righteousness over the rewards of evil doers, and I love Allah more than I love the state.  I have been maliciously maligned, scandalized and vilified in the press and by the establishment before the court of world opinion even before I was charged with any crime. They have sought to marginalize my humanity and humiliate my family.  They have done their level best to reduce me to a one-dimensional monster that is a composite of a Black Panther with a negative connotation, a cop killer, and a fictional character of the Godfather.  I am no monster. I am a human being created by Allah, and I am an instrument of his purpose".  Those were Imam Jamil's statements before the judge and jury. 

The following is a statement from Imam Jamil's son: 

"My father, Imam Jamil Al-Amin AKA H. Rap Brown, was under 23 hour lockdown in the Super Max Prison in Colorado until recently when he was placed in the "Hole."  He was strip-searched, his Quran and all of his personal belongings were seized, and he has been placed in a cell with no bed, no control over the lights, and no shower.  We are appealing to you to please, fax or call the warden of the prison, Ron Wiley, inquiring about my father's current situation." 

Karim Al-Amin 

Warden Ron Riley
USP Florence ADMAX US Penitenary
P.O. Box 8500
Florence CO.  81226

Phone: 719-784-9404
Fax:     719-784-9505  

When we examine how the power elite has the capacity and the means to silence our leaders, I think we need to look within and ask ourselves what we are doing to fight this system that upholds institutional injustices and racism.  This is a challenge, this is not an indictment. Black people must play an active role in dismantling a culture that endorses subversive and clandestine operations that are designed to bring about our demise.  We must expose racism and injustice wherever we find it.  We must study our history and the relationships we've had and continue to have with the decision makers, the rulers on this plantation.  ARC is committed to making the public aware of issues that impact Africans and African-Americans and the oppressed of the world. We invite you to contact us and let us know the issues that we might not be aware of.  Remember, if one of us is oppressed, we are all oppressed.


Introduction: This is a first of many guests that we will invite to contribute to our ARC Blogs.  Brother Amon-Ra is currently in the Alabama state prison system doing time.  He also makes cultural key chains in prison that you can purchase on our ARC Black Inventors page.   Amon-Ra personally benefits from the sale of the key chains. The next ARC Blog will be out in August.  So stay tuned!


Life in the Alabama State Prison System

By: Brother Amon-Ra

Imagine a place where manhood is displaced and human beings are treated inhumanely: assaulted, denied medical care and food, and warehoused under leaky roofs that drip onto them and their meager belongings.  Money that these people are able to acquire is extorted from them.  Their labor is exploited for the personal benefit of those hired by the state and visiting relatives undergo verbal, physical, and sexual harassment from employees.

It sounds unreal, but this place is no figment of the imagination.  Perhaps you are wondering which dehumanizing and uncivilized third world country I speak of.   I refer not to Asia, the Middle East or even Africa.  Upon viewing the Southeastern portion of any map of the United States, you will easily locate what some call “The Heart of Dixie”.  I call it a third world country. Welcome to the Alabama prison system. 

Upon entering prison, it is wise to become acquainted with the “prison code”, a set of rules beyond official rules that are created by prisoners to establish and maintain conduct conducive to mutual respect and protection against abuse from employees.  Alabama is void of such inmate discipline.  There is no “prison code”.  Most don’t even bother to read the official department rules (if available), nor prisoner rights manuals.  Educational opportunities are shunned, books are undervalued, personal standards and expectations are low.  Justification is explained by stating “this is prison.”  Every excuse that can be thought of is offered in defense of people that appear to be men, yet refuse to act like men.

 As a consequence, extreme overcrowdedness goes legally unchallenged, inmate mail is stolen by correctional staff and employees.  Haircut, shoe shines, and other personal services are illegally performed free of charge.  Inmates die of heart attacks and strokes due to denial of medical attention and proper nutrition.  Clean clothes and linen are not provided to everyone, a situation which contributes to the rise and spread of staph infections.

I recently read the case of Pugh vs Lock that was filed several years ago.   Within this class action suit, Alabama inmates addressed various issues including but not limited to overcrowding, abuse, and prison conditions, etc.  One important lesson we can learn from Pugh vs Lock and the prison rights movement throughout the US is that we are not powerless.  We need to revitalize this case, for the Alabama Department of Corrections is in violation of the judgment awarded in favor of the inmate population.  Civil action is not the only available avenue.  Criminal charges shall be filed to address the felonious behavior of the state employee in addition to complaints to federal & state agencies. 

Prisoners, these human beings, must come together, never compromising their dignity, and put forth an effort to improve our condition and put aside fear and ignorance.  We need more men and fewer boys, more time in the law library and less time on the basketball court, more time reading an educational book and less time watching T.V.  In short: more work and less play is what we need to reclaim our humanity and ensure our future health and welfare.




Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Robert Mugabe a Hero for Black Nationalism

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By: Jon Adkins


Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, is one of the few strong, Black, world-wide leaders that Black people have to look up to.  Remember, Mugabe is one of the few distinguishing African leaders to defeat the white British colonizers who raided, enslaved and colonized Zimbabwe.  Mugabe, along with Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba are  distinguishing revolutionary leaders who help free Kenya, Ghana, and the Congo from the white European colonizers.  Nelson Mandela started out as one of those distinguished revolutionary leaders but has now seemed to identify lately with the White European Neo-Colonialists’ agenda for South Africa.  If Nelson Mandela were not identifying with the Neo-colonialist agenda, he would be voicing strong support for Mugabe.  South African whites stole the land from Black South Africans and murdered millions of Black South Africans in the process.  Nelson Mandela should support Mugabe's agenda.  So what is the agenda of Mugabe?  In order to have a clear understanding of the present and an intelligent insight into the future, you must have a clear understanding of what happened in the past.  

For thousands of years Zimbabwe was autonomous and prosperous under Black ruler ship. The Empire of Great Zimbabwe or Monomotapa was a mighty kingdom between the mid-13th century and the early-17th century.  It was a highly advanced civilization that built an extensive and sophisticated network of monuments made of granite stone without using mortar (The same building process that our ancient ancestors used to build the Great pyramids of Giza in Kemet now called Egypt).  Great Zimbabwe became a dominant power in the region, in large part due to the lucrative gold trade with the Arab world.  However, European settlers (mainly the Portuguese) destroyed the trade and began a series of wars which left the Empire near collapse in the 17th century.  In the 1800s, the British arrived with Cecil John Rhodes and the British South Africa Company.  Between 1871-1891, Cecil John Rhodes murdered over 50 million Black Africans in Southern Africa and changed it's name from Monomotapa to Rhodesia.    Why would anyone of Black African descent with knowledge of Cecil John Rhodes accept a Rhodes scholarship?  Would a Jew accept a scholarship with Hitler’s name on it, praising Hitler?  I don’t think so.  Why then would someone of Black African descent accept a Rhodes scholarship?  The land originally called Monomotapa was changed to Rhodesia in honor of Cecil Rhodes.  Europeans, led by the British colonized Monomotapa.  They controlled and ruled it for over 100 years.  During this period of time, African farmers who competed head-to-head with the white terrorist farmers who invaded Zimbabwe were forced to move to non-fertile lands to farm. 

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born in 1924 and educated in missionary schools.  He received the first of his seven degrees from South Africa's Fort Hare University.   Upon completing his schooling, he returned to Rhodesia in 1960 and he joined Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) but left three years later to form the rival Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).   Mugabe was jailed from 1964 to 1974 without a trial for opposing the minority white ruler ship in Rhodesia.  He left Rhodesia for neighboring Mozambique in 1974 and led the largest of the guerrilla forces fighting a protracted and bloody war against the British Government and the Ian Smith led government.  After years of fighting, the British Government withdrew from Rhodesia.  Ian Smith’s Government took over when the British withdrew in 1978.  In 1979, a peace agreement (Lancaster House Agreement) was signed. In 1980, Rhodesia’s name was changed to Zimbabwe and Mugabe became prime minister of a coalition government.  In 1987, Mugabe became president of Zimbabwe.  Mugabe took over an European-structured government that been in existence for over 100 years.  This European-structured government was established by white terrorists/colonialists: the British government.  Once elected president, Mugabe had to work within the European-structured system to help his people and country become stronger.  He made it known that one of his goals was to take the farms away from white farmers and give them back to Black Zimbabweans.  However, the Lancaster House Agreement barred the new Zimbabwe government from taking farm land from whites for the first 10 years of his administration.  As president of Zimbabwe, Mugabe established Zimbabwe as one of the most powerful Black African countries.   In his first two years, he built schools, clinics and roads.  He established free education for all Zimbabweans.   By the 1990's, Zimbabwe had the highest literacy rates in Africa and it remains high at 89% of the adult population.  He established Zimbabwe as the best educational system within Africa.  As recently as in 1994, Britain awarded him a knighthood.  Also during this period of time, attempts toward transferring the farm land back to Black Zimbabweans in a peaceful or structured way failed. 

In the year 2000, four thousand five-hundred white farmers still controlled 70% of the prime farm lands in Zimbabwe.  In keeping with his promise he made to Black Zimbabweans concerning the re-distribution of land and resources, Mugabe ordered all white farmers to leave their farms in 2002.  Once Mugabe started implementing this law and forcing white farmers, who refused to obey the law, to relinquish their farms, the British Government and the White European international community started to complain and impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.  This action of sanctions and criticism from the international white community started before the most recent elections.  The international white community or global white supremacists started implementing sanctions and the propaganda machine on Zimbabwe.   The international white community (specifically the US and Britain) backed the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, the man who challenged Mugabe for his seat as president.   The only reason that you can safely conclude that Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai was supported by the international white community is because he ran to the Dutch embassy when he thought his life was endangered during the election re-count in Zimbabwe.  The Dutch Embassy?  The Dutch were one of the original colonizers of Monomotapa, now called Zimbabwe!  Morgan Tsvangirai and his organization MDC are backed by the white neo-colonialists which include the Dutch, Britain, Portugal and the United States.   I am sure Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai is a man with a good heart and good intentions; however, he and his organization MDC, are being manipulated by white neo-colonialist backers (specifically Britain) who are using MDC to deceitfully return Zimbabwe to an Apartheid form of government.  Divide-and-conquer is still being used by the global white supremacists (international white community) as an effective tool to divide and conquer the Black people of Zimbabwe. To shed more light on the MDC, I want to reference the interview thatFinal Call staff writers Nisa Muhammad and Saeed Shabazz did with the current Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Tobia Mapuranga.  Ambassador, Mapuranga said the following in his interview:  

“From the moment we launched the land reform program, they used their money to engineer the formation of an organization party they call MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) which is funded through the Westminster Foundation and the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust. These are two British bodies that are sustaining the opposition. It’s not a secret. If you want to visit their websites, they will tell you:  We have sent so much money.”
 “And as for the United States, this is all for public consumption. If you look at the Department of State’s annual report—look at the annual report for 2007, look up the section that deals with Zimbabwe—you will read everything there:  That we (the U.S.) are supporting, we spent so much money—we are funding the opposition, and NGOs that are opposed to the government.”  That explains the reason why the people of Zimbabwe had to fight 14 years of a liberation war. I think your war of independence was only about three years. We had to fight 14 years against the British to get Zimbabwe free. We had to change the colonial heritage. And the moment we tried to do that, we were earmarked for “regime change.” That is the phrase used by President Bush and Tony Blair, the last prime minister of Britain.” 

In addition, another leader within the MDC, Professor Arthur Mutambara has revealed that the United States is directly behind MDC head Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai.  In a paper titled "The Inconvenient Truths About the West and Zimbabwe", Prof Mutambara confirmed the government's assertions that Mr. Tsvangirai was taking instructions from the US representative Jendayi Frazer, the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.  "We seriously hope that incoming US president Barack Obama and his new team will depart from this ignorant, ruinous and ineffective foreign policy that effectively undermines its intended beneficiaries, strengthens the targeted villains, while blighting the US standing in the world."  In addition, at a prior Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit meeting, Mugabe presented a report which alleges that MDC militias are being trained in Botswana by Britain, to be deployed to Zimbabwe early in 2009 to foment a civil war.   

So who are the ones asking Mugabe to step down?  The European nations who colonized Zimbabwe in the first place and continue through neo-colonialism are the first.   All other entities asking Mugabe to step down are puppets who represent the white colonialist powers, one being Condoleezza Rice.  This Black woman is definitely confused when it comes to race identity issues.  A lack of self-identity leads to foolish thoughts and actions.   This is the same woman who said (and I paraphrase), “Dr. Martin Luther King had the wrong approach or strategy.  He should have waited for the “good” white people to correct the wrongs of segregation, instead of forcing white people to accept us through the strategy of protest.”  You can find the exact quote in the Washington Post newspaper article that was written sometime in the early 2000's.  I could not find it while writing this blog: therefore, I had to paraphrase.  I was shocked when I first read it.  Condoleezza Rice may be knowledgeable and skilled on foreign policy issues; however, when it comes to Black consciousness or knowledge of self, she is confused to a high degree.   She is not totally to blame for her slave state of mind.   What we as a people went through in terms of slavery in this country no other group of people has ever gone through.  No African-American is immune to the slave mentality that was forced on us and still is perpetuated today.  Every African-American including myself has a certain level or degree of slave mentality.  Some suffer from this mental illness more than others.  The ones who suffer the most or have a high degree of slave mentality are the ones who are in denial that this mentality exists in their minds.  I don't care if you went to college and became a doctor, lawyer or an engineer you have to some degree a level of slave mentality.   Condoleezza Rice has a high degree of slave mentality.  She is only a mouth-piece of the slave master or white supremacy.  That also answers the question posed earlier in this blog on why would an African American or anyone of African descent accept a Rhodes scholarship.  It’s because of the mental illness called slave mentality.  We African-Americans experienced slavery in America and Africans in Africa experienced colonialism.  Slavery in America and colonialism in Africa produced the same effect on Black peoples’ mentality world-wide.  To a degree, we as Black people have been taught by both systems to love white people and hate ourselves.     

To add insult to injury on the unjust white hostile attack on Mugabe, a US-based group of Physicians for Human Rights wrote a 45-page report and called for Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to be charged with crimes against humanity over human rights abuses and the collapse of the nation's health system.  You got to be kidding me!  Crimes against humanity?  Historically, U.S. white health-based organizations have been experimenting on Blacks for years for the sole purpose of killing us.  The well-documented Tuskegee experiment that occurred between 1932-1972 is one example.  The U.S. Public Health Service began a study in 1932 of 400 poor Black men with syphilis from Macon County, Alabama.  The 400 Black men intentionally were never told by the U.S. Public Health Service that they had syphilis, nor were they ever treated for it although they thought that they were being treated for their illnesses.  Not only did a lot of the Black men die from this genocidal action by the U.S. Public Health Service, but many of their wives and children became infected also.  Harriet A. Washington documents the Tuskegee experiment and many others experiments conducted on Black people in her book called “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present".  So the U.S. based group of physicians need not to travel all the way to Zimbabwe to find "Crimes against humanity" ….  They can just look in their own backyard.   I know why you don't write a 45-page report of the medical atrocities inflicted on Black people in the United States!  It’s because you become conveniently blind towards white medical abuses past and present against Black people.  

Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, the brilliant Historian and Egyptologist, documents in his book, The Black Man of the Nile, a quote by Sir Godfrey Higgins, Premier and Minister of Native Affairs in Rhodesia. On July 12, 1934, addressing the Colonial Overseas League in London, England, Sir Godfrey Higgins stated:  

“It is time for the people of England to realize that the white man in Africa is not prepared and never will be prepared to accept the African as an equal, socially and politically”   

Additionally Dr. Ben points out in his book, The Blackman of the Nile, “Sir Godfrey Higgins’ position of the early 1900’s still expresses the general feelings common among the white man in Africa, and to a great extent in the United States of America, to date.” That supports the position of the late great analytical social scientist Dr. Bobby E. Wright which he states in his book, The Psychopathic Racial Personality, concerning the relationship between Blacks and Whites:   “In their relationship with the Black race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history.  The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups.  He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others.”     

Black Nationalism is the only solution to fight white supremacy and to re-build the Black family structure that was significantly damaged in the United States doing almost 400 years of physical slavery and the current constant attack by the system of white supremacy.  Colonialism and neo-colonialism keeps much of Africa unstable and dependant on European countries.  Robert Mugabe is trying to re-establish a black free state that’s not totally dependent on white nationalism or any white European neo-colonialist country.  Zimbabwe is an African country rich in natural resources that should be able to be self-sufficient.  However, white European neo-colonialist countries are trying to keep Zimbabwe and all the other African countries dependent on them so they can continue to suck the blood of Black African people to maintain global white supremacy.  All whites are guilty whether they participate or sit on the sidelines and remain silent watching the international/global/white European countries impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.  These sanctions are suffocating the Black people of Zimbabwe.  How hypocritical are these European countries/international white community who, as I remember, when the system of Apartheid was in place in South Africa in the 1990s before South Africa gained it’s “independence”, the international white community did not want to impose sanctions on South Africa because it would hurt the people of South Africa.  Therefore, they did not impose any significant sanctions against South Africa to speak of.  How come the European countries did not use that same logic for the Black-run government of Zimbabwe?  Of course, we know the answer to that question. These decisions are made based on race and culture.  Therefore, Mugabe is not responsible for what's currently happening in Zimbabwe.  Whites are.  From the white farmers who refuse to leave and give back what they stole from Black African people, to the white European colonial powers of Britain, Portugal, United States and the Dutch who participated in colonialism and now neo-colonialism, to all countries who currently impose sanctions on Zimbabwe, and to the US-based group of physicians who wrote an unjust report.  All are guilty and should take the blame for what's currently happening in Zimbabwe.  Justice must and will be done.  We as Black people must support Robert Mugabe morally and if possible financially.  Stand up Black man in America, Britain, the Caribbean and the whole of Africa and support Robert Mugabe through this crisis in Zimbabwe.  Mugabe is one of the last true revolutionary African heroes that we MUST support. 

The more you look at what’s happening with how whites and hand-picked Black puppets are reacting towards the situation in Zimbabwe, the more you have to agree with Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s analysis of White people in general.   If this unjust attack by whites on Mugabe and the Black African people of Zimbabwe continues, then Mugabe may need to take action against white people within and external to Zimbabwe.  If I were to send Robert Mugabe an Open Letter, I would say:  

Consider taking a page out of the history book of Idi Amin Dada, the former president of Uganda, by kicking all white people out of Zimbabwe and not allowing any whites to enter Zimbabwe.  Most, if not all, white European nations already imposing sanctions on your country and are killing and suffocating the Black people of Zimbabwe, what do you have to lose?  We need to establish a network of trade between Africans in Africa and Africans abroad and stop depending on European anything for our survival.  “I’d rather be dead in the grave than to continue to be a slave”, has to continue to be your theme Mugabe.  Jesus said, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it”. What Jesus was talking about is for those who decide to take the righteous and unpopular path will preserve the soul and save their lives.  Those who follow the unrighteous path will surely die.  Mugabe, my prayers are with you and the Black people of Zimbabwe.  Continue to be strong fighting the wicked. Death before dishonor has to continue to be your position and stance on this situation.          

This madness of killing Black African people has to stop.  Imposing sanctions and continuing to do so while Zimbabwe was and is going through a heath crisis is nothing but genocide imposed by the international white community.   We must fight for our rights and not allow whites to continue to manipulate, exploit, and kill Black Africans in order to preserve the white race.  We must preserve our own race at all costs.  The ancient God of our ancestors is with us and is on our side helping us fight for justice.  Self-preservation is the first law of nature.  Let's be real here:  If we as Black people can't govern our own land in Africa and in particular Zimbabwe, how are we going to be free globally?  How are we going to be free in the United States?  I know many African Americans are recovering from drinking that Kool-Aide during the inauguration of our 44th president.  I'm still recovering from the Kool-Aide I drank on January 20, 2009.  Don't get me wrong, it's great that we now have a Black president.  However, we need to make sure he is accountable and that our people get justice.   A threat to Black African freedom in Zimbabwe is a threat to Black freedom globally.  Whites still control over 86% of the land in South Africa.  Do you think when Nelson Mandela is ready to start taking land from the white South Africans they are going let him without a fight?  Zimbabwe is the prerequisite to what will eventually happen in South Africa.  South African whites and the rest of the white European international community already have a plan based on hypocrisy to continue to maintain control and exploit the Black South African people.  Black Africans at home and abroad, wake up because we must stand up and support Mugabe.  A threat to freedom and independence for Black Africans in Zimbabwe is a threat to freedom and independence for Black Africans any and everywhere including in the United States. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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The "Prison Industrial Complex" Slavery in the 21st Century: The Black Holocaust

  By: Yasir Khalid

First let me say that I'm happy to write after my extended sabbatical.  I thank you for your patience, for reading the blogs that were previously posted and for looking at the ARC site in general.  The staff writers at ARC have committed to writing one blog every other month.  We will do our level best to honor this commitment: however, we need your feed-back.  It's important to us to know your position on our blogs, and we welcome any comments or criticism.  Again thanks for your patience.  I'm happy to be "write" with you, and since I have the "write" of way, let's get started.

Although African-Americans represent only 13% of the US population and 13% of the drug users in this country, African-Americans make up 38% of those arrested for drug offenses and 59% of those convicted for drug offenses according to the Drug Policy Alliance, an independent non-profit organization that monitors racial disparities in the "criminal justice" system.  These alarming statistics have led critics of racial policy as it relates to the war on drugs to coin the phrase the "New Jim Crow".  This observation lends credence to the reality that racial policies and the results of their implementation in this country have created a "21st Century Black Holocaust".  The higher arrest rates of African-Americans does not reflect a higher abuse rate, it only reflects a racial disparity in the "criminal justice system" in America.  African-Americans in general are four times more likely to be arrested than Euro-Americans. Once arrested, African-Americans are less likely to post bail, and more likely to be sentenced for a much longer time than Euro-Americans.

Recently, I had the unpleasant experience of accompanying a young African-American brother to a bond hearing.  This brother had an outstanding warrant that he sensed was floating, however when he did several searches it did'nt show up, according to him.  The charge was possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.  His apartment was searched in his absence.  Let me say this before I go any further:  I do not endorse any criminal activity.  What I'm expressing here is how the deck is stacked against African-Americans when they enter into the "criminal justice system".  This brother was alerted by his roommate that the apartment had been searched, and that he (the roommate) had been charged. Later the roommate's case was thrown out of court.  The brother that I accompanied hired a lawyer, and the lawyer was able to locate the warrant, and the lawyer advised the brother to turn himself in which he did the very next day. After securing a bondsman, we were told to meet some detective at the courthouse and he had the warrant.  The next step was to go before a commissioner so the amount of the bond could be set.  This young brother had no prior arrests.  I had a talk with the bondsman who gave me his opinion on related cases and what he estimated that the bond would be; he said he couldn't see the bond exceeding $10,000.  He was way off, for the bond was set for this young brother at $150,000.  The commissioner, a white woman, was overheard saying "he thinks he's going home, but he better think again" and she had a smirk on her face.  Thank God we were able to post bail (In case you don't know, a bail bondsman's fee is 10% of the bond).  How many people can raise $15,000?  The amount of his bond was more than that of some people who have been charged with double homicides.  This is the US "criminal justice system".

The best known example of inequality in sentencing is the disparity between crack cocaine (the cheap drug that was dumped into the African-American community for genocidal purposes, I suspect by Whites representing the US government) and powdered cocaine, the drug of choice for the rich. Crack cocaine and powdered cocaine have the same active ingredients, however crack is cheap and is primarily marketed in the lower income communities, better known as the "ghetto".  A five gram sale of crack cocaine receives a five-year mandatory sentence.  This is the same sentence one would receive for the sale of 500 grams of powdered cocaine.  This is half-way justice.  It's really telling me that Whites (who represent most of the rich) get special privileges, and Blacks (who represent most of the poor have no value in America and can be treated today like the slaves in the 1800s were treated.  Will it be the return of the rope?  America "the land of the free" whose policies the world in the name of justice and democracy, has as a matter of policy put a system in place that renders flagrant injustice to her 21st century slaves who are descendants of her 19th century slaves who built America with their blood, sweat, and tears.  Will the shackles ever be removed? The "Prison Industrial Complex" is closely connected to institutionalized racism. Malcolm X said "Capitalism is racism," and I truly believe that statement to be true.  When we look at who controls the resources and how they use them to make sure the poor and the uneducated never get an opportunity in this country.  When you have a situation where the same people continue to perpetuate "White Supremacy", then I have no choice but to agree with Malcolm.

Dr. Martin Luther King warned America about three things that she should pay close attention to:

* Materialism
* Militarism
* Racism

These three institutions have caused and continue to cause undue grief in this country. The culture in America has become a "culture of greed", and "survival of the slickest".  In 1986 before the federal enactment of mandatory sentencing for crack cocaine, the average federal drug sentencing for African-Americans was 11% higher than for whites.  Four years later, the average federal drug sentence for African-Americans was 49% higher, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.  The reason I'm giving information relative to the incarceration of African-Americans for drug offenses is because that's the leading cause for arrests of African-Americans, especially African-American males.  It has been reported in the media that one in nine African-American males between the ages of 20-34 is in prison, compared to one in thirty of white Americans.  If this is not 21st century slavery and a Black American Holocaust, please inform me as to what it is. These statistics are alarming to me.  The question must be asked, are our black youth and black men becoming an endangered population?  Let's not forget that our future lies in our youth.  Our brothers at these ages should be in college, starting families, and making contributions to their respective communities and to society in general.  Instead they are being cordoned off and warehoused in the penal institutions and are being made 21st century slaves.

Before I elaborate on exactly how our brothers and sisters are exploited behind bars, I want to mention a phrase that has been coined by some white"intellectual" that has tried to subtly suggest that the incarceration of Black youth is inevitable. The phrase is the "dumbing" down of America's youth.  The powers that be, the policy makers, the lobbyists for private prisons, try to justify their policy of enslavement by showing a relationship between a lack of education and crime. And since Black youth are the least educated they supposedly have a higher propensity for crime.  My position is this: if an educational system or any system that deals with the welfare and plight of human beings is put in place that excludes their ethics values, norms, folklore, their culture in general, how can this system adequately address the needs and aspirations of its intended group?

If one tries to rationalize the idea that there's a direct relationship between a lack of education and crime, then half of the damn country would be criminal suspects. Mis-education is as American as racism.  The idea of using one's "lack of education" as a justification for targeting African-Americans to become inhabitants of the "prison industrial complex" is incomprehensible and should be repudiated.  We must ask ourselves who are the real criminals?  We as African-Americans wouldn't be here if some White criminals had not kidnapped us from mother Africa and brought us here.  Remember Africa is the cradle of civilization and where education started.  The real criminals are those who engaged in the slave trade, the real criminals are those who used the whip or the rope on a slave if he or she was caught trying to read or write.  The educational system as we know it today has failed in terms of reaching Black youth.  The curriculum that our youth have had to settle for has been developed primarily by Euro-Americans who could care less if the Black student is educated or not.  In many classrooms across this nation, Black kids are made to feel inferior, useless, and ineducable, and these are the major reasons our youth drop out of school at an alarming rate.

What makes the "Prison Industrial Complex" 21st Century Slavery: The Black Holocaust?  Inmates within the "prison industrial complex" produce items or services for almost every major industry.  They sew clothes, fight fires, build furniture, and do a myriad of other tasks, basically for free.  Michael Vick the ex-Atlanta Falcon quarterback who signed over a $100,000,000 dollar contract, who was later convicted on charges stemming from dog fighting and animal cruelty is within the "prison industrial complex" working for 12 cents an hour. In Oregon, inmates aren't paid at all.  I know you might say they shouldn't be paid, they must pay their debt to society, this perhaps is true; however, there's no justification for inmates being enslaved, while major corporations earn significant profits from their sweat.  Corporations that appear to be far removed from the business of punishment are intimately involved with the structural development and expansion of the "prison industrial complex".  These corporations remind me of little old white ladies dressed in bonnets during the "Jim Crow" era, who appeared harmless and god-fearing.  If you didn't know any better you would think that they were the keepers of the heavenly gates on earth, however these same women cheered on their murderous and ruthless husbands, brothers, uncles, and cousins, as they watched them hang a NIGGER.  These corporations exhibit the same behavior: they're nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing.

We as black people must realize that everything is not necessarily what it appears to be.  Racism and injustice have put on new faces in America or should I say they have put on new clothing.  The once avowed in-your-face racists have traded in their white sheets and have donned blue pin striped suits.  Some have chosen black robes; however, they remain firmly committed to white supremacy.  A classic example of 21st century racism and injustice at its best was the fairly recent verdict rendered in the Sean Bell case.  Sean Bell, a young African-American, was gunned down in New York by three undercover police officers early in the morning on the day his weeding was supposed to take place.  He was shot several times by these undercover police officers who had been drinking.  They fired some 51 shots into the car of Sean and his friends, killing Sean and severely wounding one of his friends in an unprovoked incident.  No weapon was ever found on any of the victims.  The case eventually was presented in front of a judge, not a jury of the young man's peers (In New York the accused has the option to waive a jury trial and be tried by a judge).  A judge, a white judge, in a black robe tried this case and once again the killers were set free.  Blacks go to jail, while those who murder us remain free.  I guess in some cases it's easier and less expensive to kill Black youth than to enslave them in the "prison industrial complex".  Lately these seem like the only two options our "uneducated" black youth have.

I know that I've deviated a degree from my subject, so it would appear.  However, I would be remiss in my duty as a conveyor of truth if I neglected to mention the flagrant miscarriage of justice in the Sean Bell case.  Readers, please do not miss the point, that there is an inseparable relationship between racism, capitalism, white supremacy, and the "prison industrial complex".  The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.  We must understand we are at war.  We have been victims and casualties of this war for over 400 years. This war is basically designed to render the Blackman totally impotent when it comes to being a leader in his family and the society in general.  The racialists have tagged Black men as being social misfits and threats to national security.

Barack Hussein Obama was elected the first Black president of the US; he has defied all odds.  This is an accomplishment no other African-American has ever made in this country.  I congratulate him, and wish him all the success in the world.  However, his agenda has nothing to do with those who want to continue the Black holocaust.  The end game has not changed. The war against the Black male is still being waged: the weapon of mass destruction is ignorance.  We must remember why we were brought to America as a people in the first place.  Has our mission been completed?  Several years ago a book was written by Sydney Wilheim entitled "Who Needs the Negro", he stated in his book something to the effect of the declining significance of the Negro.  Think about it. When something is no longer useful, what do you do with it?  Usually you find a way to dispose of that thing, whether it's a newspaper, a car, a clothing item etc. What is a way to dispose of a people no longer considered of value to the general society?  You entrap them in the "prison industrial complex".

The war we are faced with as Black Americans is not like any other war. It's a war that's being conducted against us right in the country we help to build. The strategy is different from what's going on in Iraq, because the people are different. They don't really know the Iraqi people, but they know a "nigger" because they made him.  The main objective of the slave master is total control and domination over his slave.  One of the main players in the war is the media, the TV.  How much television do African-Americans watch?  Dr. King warned us about the big three: materialism, militarism, and racism.  I'm going to use my own discretion and add one more, and that is "mediaism".  The greatest force that reaches the greatest amounts of people, and have the most influence in shaping the way people think is the media.  In America millions of people start and end their day watching ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,FOX, etc.  The owners of these media conglomerates want to think for you instead of allowing you to think for yourselves.  They want you to have their world-view instead of your own.  The programming that these media outlets have, in my opinion, contributes to the "prison industrial complex".  After watching episodes of prime time TV, where violence is the order of the day, it's no wonder crime is on the rise.
Have you ever seen the documentary entitled the "War on Black America"?  Have you ever heard of COINTELPRO?   These strategies were devised by the US government and its agencies, mainly the FBI, for the sole purpose of eliminating any group or individual that was considered to be a threat to white supremacy.  The goal was to lock up Black leaders or any leader that wouldn't sell out.  They would either lock them up or kill them.  They killed Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more unsung heroes and sheroes.  They set up H. Rap Brown, locked him up on trumped up charges, and gave him life without parole.  Wake up brothers and sisters!  The war is not over: genocide on the African-American is still on the agenda.

Have you asked yourself why so many prisons are being built instead of schools?
Prisons are being built so that people can get locked up.  And who gets locked up the most?  US!  Genocide can be carried out in so many ways. The first steps are to trick the masses of the people through mis-information or propaganda: gain the support of the masses of the people in order to justify the actions without an outcry.  The next step is usually to camouflage the scheme, the government re-enforces propaganda and psychological warfare to accomplish this goal.  Black youth are presented as thieves, robbers, gangs, dope dealers, rapists, murderers, and menaces to society.  Once the myth is sold, they can move on the Black youth without any close scrutiny.  They can introduce legislation that will justify racial profiling, that will justify the three-strike rule, that will justify longer prison sentences; that will justify locking Black youth up in general without probable cause.  Our youth have been tagged as being a burden to society and a threat to national security.  The overwhelming majority of the over one million Americans locked up in federal and state prisons are Black.  In Washington DC over 50% of Black males between the ages of 18-35 are either in prison, awaiting trail, out on parole, or on the run.
Who are some of the beneficiaries of the "prison industrial complex"?

1. Wackenhut Corrections Corporation, which manages or owns 37 prisons in the US, 18 in the UK and Australia(I guess they're going after our Aborigine brothers and sisters trying to really put them "down under"). And they have one in South Africa, Wackenhut recently tried to convert a former slave plantation in North Carolina into a maximum security prison to warehouse mostly Black prisoners from the nation's capitol, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.

2. Prison construction bonds were one of the many sources of profitable investments for financiers such as Merrill Lynch.

3. Norstorm sells a line of denim manufactured in an Oregon prison called "prison blues".
Some other companies that benefit from 21st century slaves held captive inside the "prison industrial complex" are:

1. 3 COM
2. Boeing
3. Compaq
4. Dell
5. Eddie Bauer
6. Honeywell
7. IBM
8. Jostens
9. Kaiser
10. Mc Donald's
11. Microsoft
12. Nortel
13. Pierre Cardin
14. Revelon
15. Texas Instruments
16. UNICOR (federal prison industries)
17. Victoria's Secret


Sunday, August 10, 2008

ARC Blogs

ARC_8.jpgObama: President or Puppet?

       By: Jon Adkins 

There are many African-Americans who think that electing a Black President will significantly change the conditions of African-American people.  I, on the contrary, don’t think so.  Obama is running for president of the United States.  The position/job he is applying for is to work for and represent the American people, who are majority White.  Obama did not campaign like Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton did when they ran for president.  Jessie and Al could not hide their love and support for Black people during their campaign for presidency.  Obama, unlike Jessie and Al, took a neutral or non-existent stance on Black issues during the Democratic campaign, remaining neutral on Black issues throughout the democratic primaries.  He did, however, make a speech about his experiences that touched on the communications between Black and White people.  However, that was not a penetrating speech about the social issues within the Black community.  After the democratic primaries, he spoke on Father’s Day about Black fathers which I will talk about in greater detail later in this blog.   I think Obama will defeat McCain in the general election in November because Whites like him and are not afraid of him.  Whites overwhelmingly supported Obama during the democratic primaries in states like Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Maine, and Vermont.  These are states that make up 80-95% White population.  Check out the following numbers from Yahoo Election 2008 Political Dashboard:

State Obama % Votes Blacks % Population White % Population
























North Dakota













So what is it about Obama that White Americans like so much?  There are three possible reasons that will explain why Obama is overwhelmingly supported by White America.  The first reason:  White men do not want a White female to become president.  The White male would pick anyone over the White female.  That’s just the reality of the history of this country.  The White man has oppressed the White woman from day one and will continue to do so.

The second reason is the theme of Obama’s campaign, which is change:  "Change, yes, we can".   However, the change that I am talking about is from a universal standpoint.  The stars and planets are aligned in a certain way that indicates it’s time for the Black Nation to rise again.  Rise again like our ancient ancestors from Kemet better known as Egypt, who ruled the world along with the ancient West African great empires like the Mali and Songhai.  White people can’t stop the natural cyclical process of the sun rising and setting and giving way to the darkness during a daily 24-hour cycle.  The 24-hour daily cycle is a microcosm reflection of a macrocosm perspective of time.  From the macrocosm perspective, it’s time for the Blackman to rise again.  The Whiteman is in his eleventh hour of rule.  His time is up.  This universal change is constant and applies regardless of which of the three reasons plays out to be true.


The third reason is potentially the most dangerous one and is likely to have a negative impact on our people.  White Americans support Obama because he can easily be manipulated and controlled by the White power structure.  If this is the case, what is it that Whites have planned for us?  It can’t be good.  What is it that Obama is promising Whites behind closed doors that warrants their overwhelming White support?  Don’t tell me the overwhelming White support from states like Idaho, North Dakota, and Maine is because Whites are changing their attitude towards Blacks.  You can’t convince me that the IdahoNebraska, and Wyoming tobacco chewing cracker all of a sudden had a change in heart towards Black people!  For those of you who think that, let me remind you that while White Americans were overwhelming voting for Obama in these primaries, we (Black Americans) were still experiencing the following on our jobs and in the society as a whole:

  • Still mistreated by Whites
  • Still last hired first fired
  • Still not being hired
  • Still not given credit for our good work at the job
  • Still given the most difficult assignments on the job
  • Still getting shot by police officers an unjustifiable number of times

The current conditions on our jobs has gotten worse not better.  We are still catching “Hell” on the corporate plantation.  Historically, Whites have always been enemies of Blacks in this country.  They mistreated us by kidnapping us from our beloved country Alkebulan (currently called Africa).  They enslaved us for close to 400 years of physical slavery.  There are numerous documented lynchings that they planned and implemented on us.  Today, the current generation of White Americans are implementing the “High Tech Lynching” plan on Black people.  Unlike Blacks, Whites’ knowledge or information-flow has been continuous and uninterrupted from one generation to the next.  They have been able to pass their knowledge from one generation to the next generation without any interruptions.  Our knowledge and information-flow on the other hand has been interrupted for over 400 years by White Americans.  Not only was it interrupted, it has been corrupted or replaced by false knowledge or knowledge not based on our true culture.  Americans Whites forced us to accept this false knowledge of ourselves during slavery.  The knowledge of self-hatred was forced on us by the American Whiteman.  Today majority of African-Americans operate and function with that slave mind.  The slave mentality that exist in most African-Americans today are maintained and re-enforce by White Americans through the system of  “White Supremacy”.   It’s so severe that most Blacks do not realize they are functioning with the slave mind.  The analogy that best describes what we as Black people experienced and continue to experience under this “mental slave” state of mind is depicted by the following analogy:


A lion is pursued in its natural habitat by its captures.  Once the lion is caught, he is chained up and locked up in a cell.  The lion is considered by its captors to be “wild”.  Over a period of time the lion is trained to do tricks.  The more the lion is conditioned and trained, the more the lion can be let loose somewhat to perform tricks in the circus.   However, when the lion decides he wants to go back to his natural habitat and tries to break loose, he is shot dead.  That is the current condition of Black people in this country.  Just like the lion, we were pursued and taken away from our natural habitat.  We were captured, chained, and caged on the plantation.  For about 400 years we were trained to love everything White and hate everything Black.  We were trained to please and be servants of Whites.  Like the lion, once we were well trained we were “let free” to perform tricks for the American Whiteman.  Currently, African-Americans are performing in a circus, doing tricks for this Whiteman.  Once we decide or try to free ourselves from this slave mentality within the circus, we are shot down in this country like the freedom fighters or our ancestors of the past. 


Based on this interruption and corruption of our knowledge, White Americans know more about our history than we do.  I can’t understand why we (Blacks) continue to accept Whites’ lame excuse of  “It was not me who put you in slavery:  it was my ancestors, I had nothing to do with it.”  The current generation of White Americans knows how the circus was established and they currently maintain it.  They are just as guilty as their ancestors who kidnapped us from our natural habitat.  They are the ones who are ready to pull the trigger and shoot down and kill a Blackman.  Specifically, the Blackman who is trying to free himself from this slave mentality that exists within the circus.  Another name for the circus is “White Supremacy”.  Another name for the slave mentality that exist among most African-Americans today is called the "Willie Lynch Syndrome".  Every generation of White Americans has practiced and continues to practice and implement genocide on Black people. That’s why it’s very important to re-educate ourselves on our own history.  There are many strong independent-thinking Black scholars to learn from that imparts information crucial to our existence.  Lectures by these Black scholars like, Dr. Yoself Ben-Jochannon (better known as Dr. Ben), Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Khaild Muhammad, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Neely Fuller Jr., Dr. Rosalind Jeffries, Dr. Naim Akbar, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Molefi Asante and Dr. John Jackson can be purchased on our web site.  Check out the large selection of Black scholar lectures on our web site Alkebulan Reference Center (   


So why do Whites feel so comfortable in supporting Obama for president?  The answer lies in corporate White America.  Having a Black president running a large “White” corporation is not a new phenomenon in corporate White America.  As a matter of fact, according to the magazine Black Enterprise (BE), there were 12 Black presidents running large White corporations in 1993.  In 2005, there was a 300% increase in Black presidents running large White corporations (from the 1988 list composed by Black Enterprise).   In this article, the publisher Earl G. Graves Sr. was asked whether progress has been made and his answer was "Well, yes and no.  While it is true that the corporate elite identified in our 2005 list represent a 300% increase over our 1988 list, it is also true that African Americans still hold less than 1% of the tens of thousands of senior-level, corporate posts at America's 1,000 largest public corporations."  Based on my experience working in corporate America, Whites tend to hire Blacks as presidents or upper managers who are easily manipulated and controlled by them.  They tend to hire Blacks who are not connected or who don’t identify with the struggles of other Black people.  These Blacks are used to make decisions to push the White agenda.  Most of their decisions are usually detrimental to Black people within the company.  As a matter of fact, if it were a White president or an upper manager making these same decisions they would be immediately labeled racist by the Black employees working at that company.  In many cases Black presidents or upper managers are used as a shield to push the White agenda forward. 


When Obama released his anger on Black males about not being responsible fathers and calling us little boys on Father’s Day (the only day we get a little love), you wonder what his motives were.  The hurt ran deep within me and I am a responsible Black father.  Throughout the democratic campaign he remained neutral on all Black social issues.  Why would he come out and address Black issues now when he had already won the democratic election?  I am sick and tried of people within our race making unbalanced and damaging remarks about our people without addressing the causes.  Blame only the victims for all of the problems or social ills that exist within the Black community.  You can’t talk about the lack of responsibility of the Blackman and not talk about the lack of responsibility of the American Whiteman who enslaved us and continues to do so.  Let me remind those who support Obama one-sided statement that on the plantation the White slave master rewarded those slaves who could re-produce more babies to work on his plantation.  The definition of Black manhood was re-defined by the White slave masters.  Black manhood on the plantation was defined as, "the more babies you can make (without having to take care of them) the more man you were" or I should say "are" because that slave mentality exists among the majority of Black males today.  This mental conditioning of us, Black males, occurred for over 400 years to the present day.  After we were “set free”, American Whites continue to re-enforce that mentality among Black males.  The welfare system was used by Whites for a long time to re-enforce that thinking in the Black male.  The welfare system has currently been reformed and a significant amount of money was cut or taken away that supported Black families.  There was no money towards retraining or reprogramming Black males out of that mental slave state of mind.  These one-sided actions of reform by White Americans only result in the genocide of the Black race.  Obama you can’t talk about the social ills of Black people without talking about White Americans who caused that condition.  What’s scary about the speech is, the next day he was endorsed by Al Gore and John Edwards.  That leads me to a question for Obama:  "Are you going to be a president or a puppet?  Are you going to be another Clarence Thomas?"  Must we talk about Clarence Thomas who is on record to have voted on numerous laws against Black people unlike his predecessor, Thurgood Marshall who served as one of the greatest Supreme Court justices to ever occupy the bench.  Not only did Thurgood Marshall represent the American people but he also represented Black people.  He was connected to his people.  He voted on laws that had a profound impact on all Americans, particularly Black Americans.             


I must point out the positive example of leadership that I experienced while working at the Department of Commerce (DOC) under Ron Brown.  Ron Brown was head of the DOC when I worked there.  He was a leader who stayed connected to his people.  While at the DOC, he initiated a Commerce-wide diversity program that was designed to hire more Blacks and other minorities in upper management positions or Senior Executive Service (SES).  I remember the electrifying speech that he gave introducing the diversity initiative.   He specifically said he wanted SES management within DOC to reflect the percentage of the American population.  He specifically stated in his speech that instead of Black SES management reflecting less than 1%, he wanted to bring that level up to 12%.  Twelve percent would be proportion to the Black population within America.  Ron Brown would be a good example for Obama to follow.  Ron Brown stayed connected to his people while running DOC for all people.  If Obama can follow Ron Brown’s example, I think he would be a great president, representing all people fairly.  Clearly White Americans view Obama as a puppet to be manipulated for the benefit of Whites and the detriment of Blacks.  So what will Obama do when he becomes president?  Will he be another Ron Brown or another Clarence Thomas?  Will he be a president or a puppet?


Thursday, June 21, 2007

ARC Blogs

ARC_8.jpgRacism is Alive in America 

  By Yasir Khalid 

I would like to welcome you to our site, Alkebulan Reference Center (ARC).  I hope that the information provided in this article will be of value to those who read it.  Truth and honesty is what I intend to express in my BLOGs.  This is the first of many ARC BLOGS to come.  I hope this specific article will excite, inspire, and ultimately motivate you to take a stand and become a thorn in the side of racism/white supremacy in this country and world wide. 

I personally feel compelled to fight racism on all levels, as well as expose and confront those who practice racism.  Racism has many shades of colors like “Red Neck” and it tends to hide itself in obscure places like Corporate America and educational institutions.  The affects of racism can determine whether you live or die. 

I feel that I have a social, moral, and ethical obligation to do all that is in my power to dismantle racism.  It’s my duty to confront an evil or an injustice whenever and wherever I see it.  If I can’t change it with my hands, at least I can speak out against racism. I would like the readers to join me in this endeavor.  I feel I owe a debt to my African brothers and sisters who came before me and stood up for justice against seemingly impossible odds.  Those sisters and brothers who took a stand died for us.  They stood in the face of the slave master, the KKK, Jim and Jane Crowism.  Many of our people were imprisoned and died for a just cause.  What are we doing today?  Are we under an illusion that racism does not exist?  Are we under an illusion that we are free? 

Many African-Americans today who are living in their comfort zones will tell you that we live in a colorless society.  These confused African-Americans will tell you it’s not about race it’s about class.  These are the Negroes that think they have arrived.  These are the newly arrived bourgeois of the world.  Many of these confused African-Americans have an agenda synonymous to the gatekeepers of Neo-Colonialism or in a word or two they have become the hand picked overseers for their slave masters.  They suffer from “Plantation Psychosis” or 21st Century Slavery.  They love to be next to the slave master.  H. Rap Brown said “Slavery systematically verifies itself anytime a slave imitates his master to prove that he’s free”. 

We must understand that racism is the illegitimate child of slavery.  The two pathologies are interconnected.  The psychological effects of slavery are still prevalent today.  I must inform you that the effect of an act does not necessarily come immediately after the act itself.  After nearly 400 years of slavery, it would be unreasonable to conclude that the Blackman and woman in America are totally free.   

Slavery was and is the most inhumane act that can be meted out against a people.  We as Africans here in America were not only kidnapped and brought here forcibly, but we were robbed of our Culture, Language, and Religion.  Our traditionally strong family structure was also broken up and was significantly weakened.  This was just our introduction to “Civilization”.  It is estimated that over a 150 million Africans died on their way through the “Middle Passage” on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to shores of North America.  

A few days after arriving here and being introduced to “Civilization” we were auctioned off to different slave masters at various plantations.  We were forced to work on the plantation without any pay for over 350 years.  Racism was the culprit then and still is used to justify the barbaric acts that we as Africans in America continue to be victims of today.  We have been lynched, castrated, hung, burned at the stake, and all of this was done by "good" Christian white folks.  

Today we are being lynched legally.  We are victims of Mental Slavery and Psychological Racism.  What then is racism?  Racism is a polymorphous agent of death, premature births, shortened lives, starving children, debilitating theft, abusive larceny, and degrading insults.  The following statistics are a result of the negative impacts of racism/white supremacy on the African-American community: 

  • 67% increase of Black infant mortality rates between 1950 and 2000
  • The Infant mortality rate of Black Americans is 2.5 times higher than White Americans
  • Life expectancy for African-American men is 66.1 years, compared to the national average of 73.6 years
  • 44% of all prisoners in the US are Black and we only represent approximately 13% of the population
  • Black men of all ages are incarcerated more than seven times the rate of white men according to the Department of Justice (Injustice)
  • Prison population of African-Americans increased from 98,000 in 1954 to 910,000 in 2007
  • African-Americans suffer from chronic health problems at an alarming rate
  • 63% of African-Americans who are at the poverty level reported that they had one of four chronic diseases: Hypertension, Heart disease, Diabetes and Asthma
  • Out of 1 million HIV suffers 47% are African-Americans
  • According to the Center for Disease Control 56% of newly diagnosed HIV cases in 2005 were African-Americans
When we examine these disparities we can readily see that some people are more privileged than others, and some have more assess to capital than others.  We can see an infrastructure designed by Euro-Americans for the maintenance of other Euro-Americans.   I am a strong lobbyist in terms of doing for self.  However, after over 350 years of slavery, blood shed, sweat, and tears, we must hold this country and the Whites who live here accountable.  I maintained that America, lead by Whites, is a striving sturdy racist and hypocritical society.  As an African people, we should not let injustice prevail and bury our heads in the sand like a white Ostrich.  The powers that be will never willingly relinquish their reign of domestic and global control.  We as an African people must fight racism on all fronts.  We must fight institutional racism, psychological racism, and cultural racism.     

The final point of this article, I recently read where there is a movement afoot with the plan to bury the “N” word.  In case your mind is in a state of “cognitive unconsciousness” the “N” word means Nigger, something I’ve heard all my life, and that’s another article.  I want someone to give me that date for the funeral of racism and white supremacy.  Maybe we can have one big grave side gathering and bury racism and the “N” word in the same hole. Just a reminder, get conscious or continue to raise your consciousness by purchasing the latest Black Conscious lectures and music from our web site  Death to Racism/White Supremacy!