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Alkebulan Reference Center has been off the Air for a few years. ARC is slowly rising up again to provide the most intellectual Black lectures from the past to the present that addresses our true problems living in the United States. Each week we will add to our web site. Eventually ARC will be at full capacity. Read the latest ARC Blog "The Survival of the Smartest" dated July 14, 2016. Enjoy!

ARC is Rising with the Sun

African Countries

The rising of the sun is synynimous to the mental rising or the ackwakening of Black African people living in North America. We at Alkebulan Reference Center (ARC) is helping to assist in the awarkening of our rise.  ARC has not been selling lectures on our web site in the past few years because the United States covert government agencies put pressure on Pay Pal to stop us from selling lectures through the internet.  Our goal at ARC still is to make Lectures, Research, and Conferences of African/Black Scholars nationally and internationally available primarily to African/Black people worldwide.   
At ARC we still pride ourselves on giving majority of the sales from lectures by African/Black Scholars back to the Black Scholar or to the organization that hosted the lecture.  We are still focused on becoming the #1 Black Conscious Centered Site on the World Wide Web for lectures,   Community News, Research, and specialized African Products for the sole purpose to break the chains of mental slavery that affects majority of African-Americans living in the United States.

Let's help to break the chains of mental slavery! 

Thutmose III
In the tomb of Thutmose III is a detail description of the 12 hours of darkness with the beginning of the text located in the West(where the sun sets) and its end in the East (where the sun appears again).  The detailed description of the 12 Hours of darkness follows an ideal rectangle, with hours 1-4 in the West, 5 and 6 in the South, 7 and 8 in the North, and 9-12 in the East walls of King Thutmose III tomb. The 12 hours of darkness represent a detailed description of the macrocosm of the cycle of nature, specially dealing with time.  Obviously there are 24 hours within a day.  There are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness within a day.  The ancient Black African Egyptians understood the cyclical nature of time.  Thutmose III lived through part of the 12 hours of darkness.  Thutmose III was one of the greatest war soldiers of ancient Egypt.  The 12 hours of darkness is really about how to survive through near death from a physical, mental and spiritual state.  We as African-Americans and Black Africans world wide are currently going through another 12 hours of darkness cycle.  If I were to estimate where we are within that cycle, I would say at the 12th hour and approaching the hour of a new beginning.  So it's time to rise once again Great Black African people of the world!                                                                                                                                                                                Brother Jon


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